Monday, June 21, 2021
Monday, June 21, 2021

When was the last time you had a campfire at a campsite?

Ah, sitting around a campfire at night with your RV to your left, a bag of marshmallows to your right, stars hanging above you… Does it get any better?

For some of you, having a campfire may be a rare occurrence. If you spend more time in RV parks than campgrounds, you might not even have a fire ring at your site. But perhaps you boondock most often, and build campfires wherever you stay (safely, of course).

Tell us in the poll below the last time you had a campfire at your campsite. Was it recently? Was it so long ago that you’ve forgotten when it was? Leave a comment too and tell us if you have fires often, or hardly ever.

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Gregory Small
9 months ago

Last trip was in Moab average temperature was in the 100’s so no fire. Trip before that was in Springdale, UT just outside Zion had a fire every night.

Don Nedrow
9 months ago

We were out with family from last Thursday thru Saturday with a fire each night, even in the rain Friday night. we all sat under a pop-up awning and enjoyed the fire.

Gene Bjerke
9 months ago

I haven’t had a campfire since about 1961; and that was because I didn’t have a camp stove. Most of my adult life was spent in sailboats — and no one builds a campfire in the cockpit when on anchor. Consequently, I have never had a campfire while RVing.

9 months ago

I can do without a campfire after 3 major fires in 4 years in our town. The smell of smoke lingers and is not good for lungs.

Janet Herrell
9 months ago

Was in Red River Gorge with grand babies last week. No way we weren’t having smores! Love campfires

9 months ago

April 2020 with friends.Been in the camper for the past two weeks on this trip and no desire for a fire.

9 months ago

For many years I was a Scout Master and of course we had many many campfires. The Scouts had to lite them without matches or using an accelerant. Now that I am older, I can’t stand the smoke and having smokey clothes stinking up the MH. However I do miss the Dutch oven cooking, cooking all types of food over an open fire especially cooking corn while still in the husk, also my favorite was making donuts in hot oil using the Dutch oven.

Lynn Morgan
9 months ago

I lucked out last week, there was a widow maker hanging in a dead tree over my truck. I pointed out the problem to a state park maintenance worker and he called in the reserves. They cut down the dead tree and cut up the whole mess into firewood.

Bob Veith
9 months ago

I guess we’re lucky here in New England we have a fire every time we go. I look forward to a fire as much as going camping.

9 months ago

in New Mexico, usually burn bans in most areas, but last time out (mid-July) it rained heavily for 2 days and the burn ban was lifted. Found some wood and had our first fire in years.

Ken Gerding
9 months ago

Ours was a propane fire pit, not a wood campfire! We use it all the time.

Michael DuFrene
9 months ago

My wife and I were at Lake Poinsett in S. Dakota. A campfire is de reguer for Darlene. Soon it was roaring and cooking. Hamburger and bacon was browned. Celery, carrots, onions and sweet potatoes were added. The result was dinner for two nights.

9 months ago

We have a campfire every night when camping unless it is raining or is too hot. We have a gas fireplace in our rig for late Fall camping. It’s a gathering place.

9 months ago

We had a campfire just about a month ago, first one in many, many years. In our State Parks you are only allowed to burn wood purchased in the Parks. Expensive, might just as well burn $10.00 bills!

Ron L
9 months ago

Last one we had was at least 15 years ago when we still had our 25′ travel trailer and would spend a week or so up at Mammoth Lakes in California.

9 months ago

Once again, the poll wouldn’t load but I have to put my 2 cents in. I have copd so it is a no-no to campfires and to campfire smoke…but that doesn’t stop me from going to a distant neighbor’s and enjoying theirs for awhile. I also can’t have smoke coming in my windows at night. I guess it’s a case of “love ’em, can’t be near ’em”.

9 months ago

The lot we were in Montana was furnished with couches and a huge gas fire pit and we turned it on each night and had Mountain View’s, it was so peaceful. We do travel with a small propane one also. I have asthma, so we can’t do the open flame ones.

9 months ago

We just love having a campfire most every night, but not a wood one. We have found that we are quite happy with our little gas fireplace. Instant on, instant off and no smoke. Plus it’s legal to use most of the time even with a fire ban is in place. No, it’s not quite the same as a wood fire, but close enough, and as I pointed out, has some great advantages.

9 months ago

We don’t like smoke so we use a propane fire ring. Roasts marshmallows just fine!

9 months ago

I do like a campfire. But we were amused by the weekend campers who had a fire when the temps at night were in the high 90’s. Lake Mead, AZ in July. Guess as some said its not camping without a fire!

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