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Do you have a portable propane fire pit?

With all the devastating wildfires burning the past few summers, there’s a good chance you’ve camped in an area with a burn ban. If so, and you wished you could have a fire, you’ve probably looked over at your neighbor’s propane fire pit longingly. “Honey, we should get one of those fire pits so we can always have a fire no matter what.” Has the idea crossed your mind?

Do you have a propane fire pit? If so, do you use it often and/or bring it on your travels? Would you like to get one? Or do you not want one at all?

Please tell us in the poll below. Thanks!


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J. Brandon
2 years ago

I’ve been using a portable propane campfire for at least 15 years. Love it. Can’t remember the last time I built a wood fire.

Rory R
2 years ago

Yes I have a propane firepit, I bought it to use in places where wood-burning fires were not allowed. It has come in handy and it doesn’t take up much space. I must say I still prefer a wood fire burning dry hardwood, which produces very little smoke. But there are CG’s that require you to buy firewood from their stock and it isn’t always hardwood.

2 years ago

I can’t light it, and roast a marshmallow because i don’t have one–propane pit, not the marshmallow.

2 years ago

After I “burned out” my Camp Chef Fire Pit burner. due to lots of use, I used remaining parts to build my own. Not that hard. Got a Pot Propane burner off Amazon Like this

GasOne 50250+2109 Gas ONE High Pressure Cast-Iron Burner Head with Brass Fitting Orifice

Got a Colander at Good Will, you know the thing you drain spaghetti with, should be stainless steel , cut hole in the side to put the burner “throat” through and piled volcanic rock on top. Be careful lightning it. In fact forget this whole thing. Just because I did it and it works great and it’s cheap and easy doesn’t mean it would work for you.

Lisa/Annette Konz/Cleveland
2 years ago

People with Asthma or compromised lung issues enjoy a fire but can’t handle wood fires. So, propane due outs are enjoyed.

Denny Wagaman
2 years ago

We have had a lot of enjoyable evenings with friends and family sitting Around our propane fire pit. No smoke to bother neighbors or ourselves, no wood to chop or carry around either. On those cool evenings and early mornings it is a great way to enhance your stay where ever you may be.

Tom B
2 years ago

I have one at home, but not in the RV.

2 years ago

Bought an Outland Max fire pit made in Canada. Built much better than a different pit I owned. What I most like about it is there is no gas hiss—very quiet. Another nice feature is I will start it on High for about 10 minutes and then turn it down to Low, you will see less flame but the heat output remains strong. I suggest buying an extra bag of stones they sell for about $15.00. It will allow for a larger stone pile for a nicer effect and more heat.

Vanessa Simmons
2 years ago

i bought one for when I camp in the forest with family. My son is a wildfire fighter and living in MT, WA and OR with all the wild fires I don’t want to risk starting one. But the time we all went camping was at a lake and he wanted real fires every night so we didn’t use it. I’ve thought about taking it out but decided to keep it in the RV and I’ll use it one day.

Brian Burry
2 years ago

Love our Home Depot $49 screen covered portable fire pit with grill to also barbecue:
Hampton BayAshcraft 30 in. Steel Round Fire Pit

  • Durable steel construction for long-lasting durability
  • Antique bronze finish for an elegant look
  • Includes mesh cover and poker

It keeps sparks in, provides a fire or cooking, fits very easily in RV Some of us do like a fire, and with domed screen prevents flying sparks to boot!

Marie Dalzell
2 years ago

We love ours. No wood to buy, no smoke to deal with. For us, it’s a big plus.

2 years ago

Yes, wouldn’t be without it.

2 years ago

Yes, we have a Camp Chef Redwood. Well built and they give you high quality weeny forks along with it. I use a smaller 2 1/2 gallon tank with it- which is a lot easier to lift and carry around. On a medium flame setting the tank lasts about 4 hours or so.

Mary Bentley
2 years ago

Bought one on sale and will not leave home without it. In the west are a lot of campfire bans but these are allowed. Try sitting around at night without a campfire. The nice thing about them is on a rainy day we can put it under our trailer awning , light it and still sit outside. The heat dissipates fast as it rises so no danger to the awning and no smoke. Yes, I would recommend one.

Kaeleen Buckingham
2 years ago

Here in Colorado with the current fire ban, even the propane fire pits are banned so they wouldn’t help anyway.

2 years ago

I’ve never understood the desire for any kind of campfire used to provide ambience rather than for cooking. I agree that propane is less of a nuisance to neighbors than a wood fire.

2 years ago

Here in Wyoming the grass cures in the late summer and becomes very flammable. This year is exceptionally dry. We get put on no burn rules quite often, but still like to have a campfire. This allows us to do so. I highly recommendgetting one.

Dottie Ness
2 years ago

We have one and love it. With all the wildfires and many of the State and Federal Parks in CA and AZ do not allow any fires in the pits. Second best choice.

Mike Chesnutt
2 years ago

We use it whenever there is a fire ban and can use it on the deck at the campground or at home.

2 years ago

I’m an early riser and sit next to mine on low with my coffee every morning when in the desert for the winter.

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