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Would you rather camp far from other people or closer like in a public campground?

You might love to boondock, you might hate to boondock. You might love a crowded, urban RV park. You might hate crowded, urban RV parks. You might like a National Park campground where you can hear your neighbor, but you can’t see them… or you might hate that too.

Whatever your preferable RV-neighbor distance is, we’re not judging. We’ve done it all and yep, there are pros and cons to all of the above.

Will you tell us in the poll below if you’d prefer your neighbor to be as far away from you as possible, or if you’d rather them be close? We’re curious to hear what you have to say. And of course, please leave a comment and tell us that way too.


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Rory R
2 years ago

I answered in-betwwen, simply because even when boondocking, it is not my intention to get as far away from others as possible. My intent is to enjoy a natural setting with some privacy. In a RV park setting, I don’t want to be so close that I can hear my neighbor’s conversations, and yes I do appreciate a bit of privacy. I would think that even the most “social being”, who love being in a group setting, would like some privacy…

Ron H.
2 years ago

The poll question just spins every time. However, we tend to lean toward the social side and enjoy meeting and getting to know our neighbors. We don’t like to be so close that awnings touch or we trip over the neighbor’s sewer hose, and we rarely boondock.

Paul S Goldberg
2 years ago

WeI’ve been in campgrounds where our awning almost touches our neighbor. Not for us. WE have boondocked away from everyone, we are fine with it, but not for us for long term. There is a middle ground where we have made friends for life 4 sites over or had a happy hour with several couples we had never met before. I am gregarious and like to meet new people so we like spots where there are neighbors 20 feet or so away, but not 1/2 a mile away. A National Forest Campground often fills the bill for adequate spacing but the ability to meet like minded people.

Dave J
2 years ago

I voted for the not too close, not too far away option as long as it’s a clothing optional camping area. Otherwise I vote for “far away” so I dont upset others. We DO enjoy the sun. That’s why we enjoy the Magic Circle area of LaPosa South LTVA near Quartzsite.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

In general, we do not interact with whatever neighbors we have. Once we are set up, we usually kick back and have a drink in the lounge area in the back of the van. So whether other campers are near or far, makes little difference. It’s not that we are unfriendly, we just aren’t particularly social.

2 years ago

There’s glamping, improved camping (50meters between sites) and boondocking. I prefer the latter two.

David Burton
2 years ago

We travel over 2 months of the year, but we’re spoiled. We like staying at campgrounds with full hookups and access to ATT cell service.

2 years ago

I’m with William and Brenda…the poll doesn’t come up for me either. I’ve cleaned the cache; I’ve waited 10 minutes. I NEVER had this problem before!

Rolling Home RV Rentals
2 years ago

As the owner of Rolling Home RV Rentals in Upstate NY, I deliver RVs to all of the major campgrounds all over the Thousand Islands and Adirondack Park. By far, the most popular campgrounds are the ones with spacious sites, hookups or not, with the nearest neighbors within sight but not packed together like sardines. My customers enjoy access to the campground amenities, picturesque sights, water access and such with light social interaction with other campers. We are fortunate to live and work in such an amazing area with so many camping spots and meet so many great families all looking for time together!

Michael Kahle
Rolling Home RV Rentals
Watertown NY

T&A R.V.
2 years ago

Prefer some distance from neighbors when possible. Have been in great RV parks and enjoyed neighborhood get togethers and planned group activities. Have had great neighbors in all RV parks we have stayed in. However, we really do like the peaceful, quiet solitude of camping in state, or federal parks, especially in the “off season” where we are not in sight or sound of another camper.

2 years ago

For us, it’s not a case of either or. At certain times of the year, we like being by ourselves, especially in remote, beautiful, scenic areas, where we can enjoy the quiet, peaceful nature around us. But when we return to Michigan to see our kids & grandkids each summer, we enjoy a change of pace & being around people for awhile in a campground where we can catch up on relationships.

Michael Converse
2 years ago

We like space between campers. We are the people in the park that camp out in the open while everyone else is in the shade.

William Johnson
2 years ago

For several days now I have not been able to see the poll?

2 years ago

You are not alone. I have found that I have to wait a full ten minutes for the poll to load. I open the newsletter, scroll right to the poll, open it, return to the newsletter and open it in another screen. Around the time I am finished reading the newsletter, the poll appears.

2 years ago

As others have noted, this is usually not a fault in the newsletter. Sometimes just turning your phone or laptop off, counting to 20, then turning it back on lets it reset it’s internal workings and cures many issues. Other times you may have to go to the proper forum and have your device model # and version of your browser available to get help.

2 years ago

We don’t mind going to campgrounds, we like meeting new people but a bit of room or better yet, “no man’s land” between sites is always nice. I stayed at a campground in Ohio once that looked like a used RV lot. The campers were just over a camper width apart. Way too close for a fire ring and way, way too close for dumping and disconnecting sewer hoses. To be fair, it was the cleanest campground I’ve ever stayed in. Seriously, the bathrooms? Spotless! The owner of the campground? Just a great guy, couldn’t do enough for everyone. They even made pizza and delivered it to your site till 9PM. It shows what can be done to maximize a small campground and it was just fine for an overnight stop. I don’t think I’d make it a destination but I might add a day to my trip to stay an extra day there. But at the end of the day? I’d like more room!

Cindy W
2 years ago

I don’t mind seeing other RVs but I want distance, lots of distance.

John R. Wilkins
2 years ago

We generally like to stay where there is plenty of space/distance between sites, especially if we’re staying a few days or more. We like our privacy, and as little smoke as possible. We often find these types of sites in state and county parks.

2 years ago

I generally DON’T Like people anyway these days!
So, quite simply I prefer to be as far away from people as I can get, even in an RV Park!
I Don’t want to hear or smell my neighbors.

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