Thursday, October 6, 2022


Does your RV have a built-in outdoor kitchen? 

Does your RV have a built-in outdoor kitchen? If so, do you use it? Outdoor kitchens can be a big selling point for certain families when it comes to buying an RV, but other people never use theirs.

Most newer RV models (even tiny towables!) come with outdoor kitchens nowadays. If your RV doesn’t currently have one, do you want one?

Please tell us in the poll below if your RV has one, and leave a comment telling us if you have one and use it often, or have one but never use it. We’d like to know if you put these kitchens to use or not! Thanks!


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Sarah Jensen
2 years ago

We love the convenience of our outdoor kitchen. Many of our food items are stored in the indoor refirigerator, but almost all condiments (mustard, ketchup, pickles, etc.) and drinks are stored in the outdoor kitchen fridge. We do not camp in the winter, so all of our meals are eaten outdoors. In fact, I’ve never used the stove inside and our TT is 5 years old.

2 years ago

Spent too many years in a Pop Up to want to cook outside anymore. Kids are gone on and have kids of their own.

Karen S.
2 years ago

Everybody to their own, but we love our outdoor kitchen. We cook most meals outdoors. We replaced the grill that came with RV with a Blackstone. We also have an induction burner. I will bring out the slow cooker or the Instant Pot to cook outside also. We have slide out counter shelves and drawer space, and a dorm size refrigerator. Only cook inside when the weather is not agreeable.

2 years ago

We have owned our TT for 3 years and have never used our indoor stove. All meals are prepared in our outdoor kitchen. And I insisted on an oven at purchase, which is now used for storage!

Chris Watson
2 years ago

We have owned our trailer for a year now and every time we go the outside kitchen is the one that gets used most. We keep heat and splatter on the outside.

Vanessa Simmons
2 years ago

Should be a couple of other options:
Yes, but I wish it didn’t.
Yes, and I use it often/daily.
No, but I wish it did.
No but I created my own with a table, grill, instapot, toaster, etc.

2 years ago

We had a nice little outdoor kitchen on our travel trailer, with cook burner, fridge and sink, that we used frequently. When we moved up to our 5th wheel, it’s ‘outdoor kitchen’ consists of a fridge and poorly placed grill top, no sink, so it gets little use other than keeping extra beverages in the fridge. Would really love to have our first kitchen on our current rig.

Ken Neubecker
2 years ago

Our R-Pod does, but I’ve removed it to add more storage. We also carry a camp stove and small gas grill.

2 years ago

Our’s doesn’t but I wish it did. That would make cooking outside a lot easier. I see people using them from time to time- it looks great. With my mobility problems it would make life easier. It’s another maint. item but I don’t think I’d mind. Our rv was built a few years before they started to show up- I can see the reason people like them.

2 years ago

We use our outdoor kitchen most every meal. Keeps heat out of camper and cooking odors.

2 years ago

Nor do I want one. 😀

Don Biancone
2 years ago

Have sink, fridge, and a hook-on propane grill which is still in the box after 6 years. Use the cabinets and drawers for tools and miscellaneous storage. Have used the fridge a few times for overstock. However it is just me and dog full-timing, snow-birding (2020 exception due to Covid).

2 years ago

Nope. We have one at the house and don’t need one on the road. We do have a large built in fridge down below. Since we vacation in ours we eat out 99% of the time. I have never seen one in a class A before?

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

Yes, its called a BBQ grill. I even throw a griddle on it so I can make eggs and pancakes for breakfast.

The lazy Q
2 years ago

Yes, glad I have it and I use it every camping trip. Last night bratwurst and hotdogs tonight steak. Keep water and soda in the outdoor fridge.

Last edited 2 years ago by The lazy Q
Deborah Mason
2 years ago

If we want to cook outside we have a Cobb grill. One kitchen, indoors, is right for us.

2 years ago

no and we don’t need or want one.

Seann Fox
2 years ago

No and I don’t want one

Randy B
2 years ago

Love my outdoor kitchen. Use it every day. Took refregritator out, put it in the basement of my 5th wheel, and now the counter space, I have an Ice Maker, toster oven and my Margaritetta maker. Still make the coffee inside. The toster oven we use for just about everything. Does not heat up the camper inside. The oven in our 8 year old camper has never been used.

Rick Usowski
2 years ago

One thing to remember with an outdoor kitchen. Open the kitchen door and check to be sure the faucet is turned off. I guess I left mine on and had the drain plug in. After turning the water on and getting busy with other things ended up flooding almost the entire inside of our 2020 Forest River TE 29. Now all the tan panels have water stains on the bottoms.