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Have you ever needed aid with a slideout stuck in the out position?

We are crossing all of our fingers and toes that you’ve never needed aid for a slideout that’s stuck in the out position, or, in simpler terms, a broken slideout. Have you?

Occasionally, this does happen to slideouts. And it’s not fun when it does. It can be a tough problem to solve if you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

Has this ever happened to the slideouts on your rig? If so, has it happened more than once (we’re really crossing our fingers on that answer…).

Please tell us in the poll below, and leave a comment saying how you resolved the problem. Thanks!

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 700+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Joel L (@guest_99341)
3 years ago

On our 2017 Dutchmen Apex I’m assuming it some how got out of alignment, I went to both corners and lifted up and pushed in at the same time, that did the trick and have had no problems with it since. Ours has the tracks on both top and bottom on the sides of the slide. Fortunately I was prepping it for winter and not on a trip, no doubt a bit of panic would have set in.

Deb Clingerman (@guest_98213)
3 years ago

Maiden voyage in our brand new 2008 Forest River Signature Ultra Lite 5th wheel. Big slide went one side out other in and stuck there. Youngster from Forest River kept telling us to drive it to nearest RV dealer. Duh???. Got very hostile with me trying to explain to him that was not a choice. Finally found a local dealer to come fix problem (to be recalled) still had to pay service call $150.00. By the way …young punk didn’t last long .

DeWayne Johnston (@guest_97391)
3 years ago

A hidden breaker behind the battery box was the culprit.

Terri carlson (@guest_97173)
3 years ago

Enjoy your space. It may not look like a lot. There is so much you can do…find a new hobby. That does not take up much space. I’ve learn how to cross stitch. It’s slow going. For the most part fun.

John (@guest_96986)
3 years ago

2021 Palomino 186RBS – 2nd time out ever with it, less than 2 weeks old. Slide would not go in. Funny thing is I asked the dealer about this when I took delivery. The guy doing the walk through said there are two styles of slide mechanisms. One has a manual crank option but the style this unit has does not. “You have to shover HARD”. It took 8 people, and this is a small slide. VERY hard to manually shove it in. When I got home and looked – one of the wires had fallen off the control box. It looked like it had been wired by a high school boy installing a car stereo in his first car. – Terrible crimp on connectors from one of those cheap yellow, blue and red crimp connector kits. I don’t know what we would have done if we had been by ourselves. At least I know what to look for now – but there is no way to access that control box when the slide is out all the way.

Louis and Tonia (@guest_96713)
3 years ago

Our 2015 Jayco fifth wheel has a double wide kitchen slide that has been repaired eight times. Twice in one month. The manufacturer has repaired it six times and our home dealer that we bought it from ( Layzee Acres RV in Selwin Ontario Canada fixed it twice and then said they could not do anything else to it anymore and we would have to go elsewhere. This unit which cost $92.000.00 out the door has been a night mare.

SDW (@guest_96458)
3 years ago

Never had it happen in 12 years of RVing.
But our rig came with a crank handle wrench in case it did.
If people would just read they’re owner’s manuals on the parts installed in the rigs they be more prepared for problems. If they don’t have the manuals then contact the dealer or manufacturer and request them.
After 7 years of research (we weren’t ready to purchase and RV yet) we bought an Americana 37 foot 5th wheel. They gave us all the manuals and documents for everything in and on our rig. I put them all in a briefcase that stays in the rig.
These younger people should first decide what they really want to do in an RV. And then research all the pros and cons of the type of rig they think they want before buying.

Bill (@guest_96428)
3 years ago

I own two RVs. A camper trailer and a class A motor home. Both have slide outs. The trailers slide out got stuck many times. I had to go under it with a socket wrench and manually crank it closed. I later solved the problem by aligning the worm drive since the manufacturer installed it off set. Them my 1999 class A had very stiff operating slide outs. I sprayed silicon spray on the tracks and oiled the gear assembly. This worked. Also children leave toys and cardboard on the floor. If you don’t see it when you close up it can get under the slide and jam it. Be sure to check for loose throw rugs and any thing that can jam the slide.

John wiebe (@guest_96421)
3 years ago

But we were camping last weekend and I told my wife that if the slide didn’t work it wouldn’t be funny .
I have the wrench to do it manually but can’t figure out how to do it or where the tool goes on. We have a 2008 prowler Fleetwood model 28F if someone can tell me , great.

Rick Barnlund (@guest_99172)
3 years ago
Reply to  John wiebe

Had a 2004 Fleetwood pace arrow 37a.electric slide. Underneath, middle of slide was the motor. Small leaver by the motor which switched it from electric to manual. 3/4” bolt to put a socket on. Never had to do it but that’s what I was told. Also the electric connections (about a six wire long plugx2) were under the hood, in a black box beside the battery. No one could find them until I found an old Fleetwood mechanic who told me. One plug was slightly loose, would work occasionally. Pushed the plug back in and the occasional problem was solved

Paul S Goldberg (@guest_96420)
3 years ago

Once on 2004 Southwind. Motor burned out. We were in Walmart in Fort Stockton TX. Located a tech who hand cranked it in by removing the motor to get at the socket. Drove to las Cruces NM where dealer replaced motor.

Kima Burkman (@guest_97385)
3 years ago

I know exactly where you were at. I have stayed at that halfway point (through the widest part of Texas) several times. But this slide out topic has been my biggest fear. The slide out is first and the motorized awning is second. I have been lucky so far. Fingers crossed.

Douglas (@guest_96417)
3 years ago

Sorry, my first post here. Read your owners manual. My slide out would not open at the beginning of the camping season this year. All I had to do was use a 3/4 inch wrench. You put it on the end of the ball screw and turn it. Mine only needed to be “broken” lose to get it to work by the power motor. Hope this helps, and enjoy your camper.

mike owen (@guest_96415)
3 years ago

Had it happen 2 years ago in New Brunswick.Had 1 guy push each side as we pushed in the slide button .It took 20 minutes and a lot of effort.

rich wellington (@guest_96414)
3 years ago

Considering purchasing another RV, had a class C years ago without a slide, but have always worried about this issue and thus have been holding off, and looking for a unit without slides knowing now days it limits options as well as space.

Denny (@guest_96410)
3 years ago

Location was downtown New Orleans CG and on the eve of the Saints football game the next day. The first repairman said he couldn’t do it. The second fellow said he could but not until the next day late. I had him call the managers of the campground because they were full for the game luckily they had a cancelation so the people that were coming into my spot did have a place to stay for the game.

Geoffrey S Schrader (@guest_96409)
3 years ago

On the coast of Maine. Right at the beginning of a four day weekend. It took five days to get a mobile repairman. Turned out to be electrical. I have hydraulic pump that runs the slides.

dawn (@guest_96408)
3 years ago

pried up on the interior floor to bring in.

Craig Contofalsky (@guest_96407)
3 years ago

Had a slide out stick When our Class C levelers didn’t work properly. We had two strong guys help push from outside and got it moving and closed.

Norm W (@guest_96405)
3 years ago

We have a 2017 (LEMON) Redwood 5th….(however, the fireplace still works!) On a few slidout problems since new….the bed slide quit while trying to retract it. Fortunately, out far enough I could totally tear down the bed, wood frame pesistile and get to the electric motor (cable drive) and reattach the wires to the motor. Then the hydraulic slides one at a time needed the cylinder replaced due to blowing the seal out the end of it….got those fixed and now the slides jump a tooth or two on the gear box that keeps them going in and out evenly. Constantly adjusting the slides. The gear boxes don’t have a way to grease them, so the brass bushings wear out creating a sloppy gear box….i guess I operate the slides too often….silly Me, thought they were made for going in and out.

Richard (@guest_96402)
3 years ago

I didn’t need professional help. Just figured out that the bolt broke ( it’s supposed to if in a bind) , replaced it with the same hardness and works fine…

Dreama (@guest_96419)
3 years ago
Reply to  Richard

Hey Richard your a Poet + Dont know it…=_)

Don Brown (@guest_96400)
3 years ago

In order to prevent this ensure that the RV is as level as possible when you park and set up. Secondly, ensure wheels are blocked and RV ARE AS LEVEL as possible BEFORE trying to put slides in. This also means no hooking up truck until slides are in!! Also, find and learn how to hand crank your slides in if there is an issue! Don’t buy unless unit has backup hand cranks.
Hope this helps, enjoy the outdoors!!

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