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When you “camp” at Walmart, do you ask the store for permission?

You’re supposed to ask a manager or employee if you can camp at Walmart overnight in their parking lot, but many people don’t, and it’s not always enforced.

If you ever stay overnight in a Walmart parking lot, do you usually ask for permission to stay, or do you just stay without asking? Your answer may be different under different circumstances, like if you see a bunch of other RVers parked there for the night too, but answer the poll below just generally speaking.

Recently, Walmart has changed its tune about overnight camping, so it might be a good idea to ask if you’re allowed to stay or not.


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Jan Kuester
1 year ago

We always call ahead then stop at the customer service desk with our purchases in hand to thank the staff for the privilege of staying the night. Without exception we have been warmly thanked for our stopping by to express our appreciation.

1 year ago

We think it is a bother to the manager, who surely has more important things to do. We check local statutes and parking lot signs, and the internet to know which area is preferred by that Walmart for overnight stays.

Rory R
1 year ago

If Walmart starts charging for overnight stays there would be questions re: liability….

Morgan Borrowman
1 year ago

Always ask at Walmart. Had one tell us we won’t stop you but we don’t advise it! After being there for about half an hour it was obvious that it would not be safe.

P. D. Johnston
1 year ago

Walmart camping is great. Just pull up close and unplug the pop machine then plug in. Run your waste water down the storm sewer. Let the kids have shopping cart races. Relax on the lawn furniture display. (just kidding of course)

1 year ago

It might be nice if we could see the numbers to the right

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  R K

Hi, R K. If you’ve voted, you can hover your cursor over a line, or tap the line, and it will change the selection to the number of people who voted for that choice. 🙂 —Diane at

1 year ago

Mostly If there are others there it is acceptable for me to join in.

Andrea Perini
1 year ago

FYI, Recently traveling through Pidgeon Forge/Severville, TN, we asked Walmart in Pidgeon Forge if we could stay. They said no problem but alerted us the police would tell us to leave and if we didn’t, most likely they would tow us away. They said they really didn’t know anywhere we could park in the area without being towed. We left that county/town to stay in a 24 hr. Walmart Supercenter in Newport, TN
We asked permission there as well; Which they kindly said yes. They also said the police have the perrogative to ask you to leave but most likely would not. The police never knocked on our door there and we spent the night. So beware RVers!

Last edited 1 year ago by Andrea Perini
1 year ago
Reply to  Andrea Perini

The campgrounds in Sevier County got together years ago and had an ordinance passed to keep people from overnighting at Walmart.

Joann Phelps
1 year ago
Reply to  Andrea Perini

Absolutely! It’s their property!

1 year ago

we don’t anymore but when we did we always asked permission.

James O'Briant
1 year ago

It is my belief that Walmart will never open RV Parks or charge for RV Parking in their parking lots. Either of these would make that Walmart subject to all the local zoning regulations that apply to RV Parks. If RVers continue abusing the OvernightRVParking Privilege, the only thing that will change is that more and more Walmart Managers will stop allowing it at their stores.

1 year ago

The problems I see at Walmart’s everywhere is the trailers who you see there for weeks yes weeks at a time. And on the west slope of Colorado I see tons of weekenders. You see them park the RV in the parking lot all weekend and treat it as a free RV park while they go site seeing. This behavior will just make Walmart stop all RV access and all of us that just use Walmart as part of our night stays while traveling from Campgrounds/RV parks that we stay at 1 month at a time. I just to get who thinks that Walmart will keep the parking lot open to RV stays if they end up with 20+ every weekend and at least 4-6 full timers I call them because they stay for weeks. One time I saw one stay for over a month!

1 year ago
Reply to  Rvafterlife

I saw this a lot when there were bike weeks, etc in the Myrtle Beach area, they set right up, slides and awnings out etc for a week

1 year ago

And if we see the manager while shopping (which we most times do), we always thank him/her for allowing us to stay the night.

1 year ago

Regarding Pest Reject, I researched the product and this is typical of the reviews I found over and over. Tried to post on seller’s comment section and keep getting a “server is busy” message.
Didn’t work. Returned and didn’t get a refund.

  • By David G., Ohio, Nov 24, 2019 Verified Reviewer

Overall Experience:
I purchased 4 Pest Rejects and used them in various places in my house over 4 weeks. I returned them in the original box as requested and was never sent a refund. They claimed to have sent it but I never received it. I call them weekly asking for a refund but they don’t have a supervisor and won’t connect me to billing.
Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

1 year ago

Once we stopped at a Walmart. It’s 2am and we were on a long trip. Parked way out near the highway by some Semi’s. Slept for 3 hours and got back on the road. We did not ask and I doubt if they knew we were there.

Joe Allen
1 year ago

When we stop, we go into the store and we are always making a purchase. In doing so, ask to speak with the manager on duty and let them know we are out there and if that is a good place to park, won’t leave a mess and we don’t have jacks to hurt the asphalt. 99% of the time, they appreciate our asking and welcome our purchases and short stay!

Jack Betts
1 year ago

We don’t often stay at WalMart, but on two or three occasions when we were running behind (and once got away late from a repair shop) the WalMart State Park has been a godsend. We ALWAYS go in to ask if it’s ok, and we ALWAYS buy some food items. I don’t take WalMart for granted, and I appreciate their letting us stay. We’re usually gone by dawn, and we try to make sure we’re not complicating things for the store.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

The only time we’ve ever stayed in a Walmart lot was over ten years ago. We had an early morning appointment at Les Schwab for our truck. Schwab said we could spend the night in their lot. Unfortunately, they didn’t know the town was paving the street they were on and we couldn’t get in. Wally was right down the street. We saw two other RV’ers parked in the lot, so we just pulled in and parked – as far from the store as possible. We were gone by 7am.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

I have wondered why Walmart doesn’t open a minimal campground behind their stores. Ten cents per foot in length, includes TV and Toad.

1 year ago

Make it too cheap and you will have full-timers living in them. Now me and my wife do 1 month stays at parks to save money. But 10 cents a foot would be so cheap travelers like me and my wife who use Walmart only for quick night stays while traveling would never have access to them.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rvafterlife

In Central Florida several countries have passed regulations that will not allow overnight parking in the Walmart parking lots. A friend, that is a semi driver, told me that even if they are delivering to the store the trailer can stay but not the cab.

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