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How many burners are there on your RV’s kitchen stove?

Some of us may have an RV that has a small stove, two burners or maybe even just one. Others of us might have full stove tops with four burners. And some others of us may not have a stove at all – hey, those camping stoves do the trick just fine!

How many burners are there on your RV’s kitchen stove? Do you use them all? Do you wish you had fewer burners and more counter space? Do you wish you had more burners? Feel free to answer those questions in the comments. We’d be curious to know.

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Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.


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Dave J
2 years ago

Three common propane burners + the oven. Boondock so no microwave or other ” amp-eaters”.

Rory R
2 years ago

I have two Induction burners and a microwave/convection oven. My SO has fallen in love with the convection oven. Before her complaints were the LP oven cooked unevenly (have no idea what she meant). The old microwave didn’t brown anything, but now she wants a convection oven in the old sticks/bricks, and that is based on results she got from the microwave/convection oven in the rig…

Colin Grant
2 years ago
Reply to  Rory R

I agree with her and have been using one in my apartment since 1988. The first one a Sharp lasted 27 years and was replaced with a Panasonic.Get a large sized one so you can cook a turkey, the combination cooking does a beautiful job.

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

My old motorhome has four but I’ve never used more than two at a time, diagonally across. The oven rarely gets used. I use a stovetop percolator but prefer to cook outside on a charcoal grill, even to cook eggs and pancakes. My griddle sure does come in handy for a lot of things.

2 years ago

Three burners on the stove and there really is not room enough to use all three. Oven works OK and use a pizza stone or it will burn the bottom of everything. Our coffee pot is a Corning Ware electric percand is about 50 years old. Back up for the coffee pot when we do not have power is a steel stove top perc.

Bob Schilling
2 years ago

Our beast came with a two position induction stovetop. That plus the convection microwave are all we’ve needed in the last 5 years since we upgraded to a class A.

D Haley
2 years ago

Three burners. Reading those below of never used or only a couple of times must mean few coffee drinkers or everyone uses keriugs. Nothing like the smell of coffee perking and far better tasting coffee then off the stove. Plus more earth friendly.

Nancy M Lamoreaux
2 years ago

Hello rvers. I have 3 burners and being I’m a loner it generally is more than enough.

2 years ago

I have two burners, which I use primarily for making coffee and occasionally a one pan meal. (No oven or microwave) When it is at all possible, I cook outdoors on my two burner coleman stove. We’ve added a Honda generator to our equipment (mostly boondock) and added a 3 quart instant pot to the mix. An omnia stove/fire top oven is great for biscuits, cornbread, muffins, bread, casseroles and take up one burner only – anything you can bake in an oven you can bake in an Omnai!
I love to cook and have fun creating with whatever is available.
Would be interested in trying out a Sun Oven of some sort.

2 years ago

Our little van came with a two-burner propane stovetop built in. It works well, but doesn’t make much sense! During cold weather, providing enough ventilation to burn gas makes the living space uncomfortable. During good weather, we want to cook outdoors! So there are very few days when using the stovetop feels like the best choice.

I would like to replace the gas stovetop with an induction cooktop. Recommendations are appreciated.

Vanessa Simmons
2 years ago
Reply to  M.Q.

Use a one burner induction cooktop on the counter and with the lid to the stove down have a convection oven on it. Great since I am usually in a park with power. Have occasionally used the stove top when not connected and wanted to boil water to make coffee but never used the oven in the three years I’ve had it.

Judy Castle
2 years ago

We have three. They are too close together to actually use three. I use the oven all the time, but it is a pain to light. Just bought an air fryer that I hope will help with that, but where do people actually store all these appliances? I feel we have lots of storage, but come spring I will be hard pressed to find a handy home for my air fryer.

Keron Weisbart
2 years ago

The cook top and oven take up same room as old trailer with 4 burners. Why the change. Dometic brand. I use all, as I did with 4. Wish RV manufactures had women designers for the kitchens and bathrooms.

D Haley
2 years ago
Reply to  Keron Weisbart

I can’t agree more unless they are male chefs for the kitchen we don’t fair well in bathroom set-ups or really any other room as far as that goes and not all men but a vast majority in set-ups.

2 years ago

Stove with 3 burners on the oven. Use them all. Cooked a 14 pound turkey last Thanksgiving and it came out great!! Cook breakfast inside and dinner on the BBQ.

2 years ago

Two induction burners, we carry a free standing induction burner to use outside (for fish and anything that we know will splatter a lot).

2 years ago
Reply to  Goldie

Just a footnote after reading through the comments – I cannot believe all the people who do not use their stoves! We use ours often, use the convection oven frequently (took some getting used to but now I can bake without issues). I also have the extra induction burner, an air fryer, toaster oven, Instant Pot, slow cooker and a gas grill – all get used. We travel for 4+ months a year…maybe eat out once a week pre-Covid, rarely now.

2 years ago

We have an induction cook top with only 2 burners

Lee Ann B.
2 years ago

We have a induction stovetop with 2 circles and a convection/microwave so I chose other.

Terry Duran
2 years ago

We had a 3 burner counter top stove, a convection/microwave, which I absolutely don’t like, changed our top burner for a stove with oven. It is still a 3 burner and the burners r just too close to each other. Found this problem with all stoves we looked at that would fit in designated area. We use smaller pans when cooking in order to use more than one burner at time. Takes planning and timing.

Brenda G.
2 years ago

I have 3 burners & an oven…and have NEVER used them!! Propane scares the 💩 out of me! Glad the burners have a flat metal covering, so I do get to enjoy the additional “counter” space. And the oven is used to store larger bowls, etc. If my InstantPot, Breville counter convection oven, Cuisinart electric burner, cast-iron Dutch oven with tripod over outdoor fire, and/or taken directly from the refrig, it doesn’t interest me!

Cheryl Bacon
2 years ago
Reply to  Brenda G.

I’m with you on that. I hate the propane appliances. Propane does not scare me but, it gets too hot in the rv even with the maxx air fan running. The convection oven is the worst and it boggles my mind how many love theirs. Our next rv will be all electric.

C Maxson
2 years ago

We use the three burner cooktop, but use the oven as a “root cellar” to store potatoes, onions and the like. I built a sliding shelf into a cabinet for a Braville oven that works great.

2 years ago

It’s Monday right? My first thought was 3. Our previous campers all had 4. Then I got to thinking, is it 3 or 4. Pulled up a picture when we first bought it. Yep 3 burners. We’ve never used more than 2 burners at the same time, and we’ve used the oven once.
Stay safe, Joe

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago

I use my propane cooktop all the time, especially when I’m not grillin’, but I wish I had two burners instead of three. With the typical configuration ( 2 in back, 1 in front ) there is no way you can use all three at the same time! Too close together.

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