Do you have a dash camera on your RV or tow vehicle?


Dash cams have become fairly popular among RV owners. Sure, you can capture what are sometimes insane wrecks on the road in front of you, but they can also come in handy if you yourself get into a wreck. You have proof for the insurance company if the accident wasn’t your fault. A dash cam is worth having just for that!

Do you have a dash cam on your RV or in your tow vehicle? Are you glad you have it? If you’re thinking about buying one, Amazon has tons of options here.

Please tell us in the poll below. If you have one and like or dislike it, please leave a comment too so you can help other RVers.

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Richard Hughes
3 months ago

I have dash cameras in all our vehicles and in addition to the rear, tow bar camera, I installed another camera in the rear window of my RV and the 7 inch monitor screen over the totally useless rear view mirror. It allows me to see all lanes and know when the towed vehicle has cleared. It has also allowed me to see emergency vehicles approach and pull over as traffic clears.

3 months ago

Not yet still deciding best one to buy.

Michael DuFrene
3 months ago

A cheap one. It’s my just in case insurance.

3 months ago

If you have one and like it (or it is a piece of junk) please let those of us who are still wondering if it is worth it. I would appreciate it. I am subscribed so I will know if you answer

Vanessa Simmons
3 months ago
Reply to  Chuck

I got tired of the multiple devices cluttering my dash so I got two (one for each vehicle) Garmins that combine the GPS with the dashcam. Takes great video and I can even snap pictures with it and shows me the way.

Bob Weinfurt
3 months ago

Got one. Just have to install it.

Wayne Caldwell
3 months ago

Not yet, but in the near future.

Neal Davis
3 months ago

My finger is too fat! 🙁 My effort to vote “yes” failed and was recorded as a “no.” We use a NuCam with a 64 gig memory card. It is relatively inexpensive, but out of stock on Amazon. It saves the video if there is a rapid deceleration detected by the camera. Otherwise it creates several small videos (1-5 minutes, depending on your setting) and records continuously, overwriting older files as needed. I saved our entire drive on the Cassiar Highway by downloading each day’s drive after we settled in for the night. My current settings include the highest resolution the camera supports and I can record 7.5 hours without overwriting any of the files.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
3 months ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Sorry, Neal. The option to change vote wasn’t turned on. I’ve updated it. Take care. 🙂 —Diane at

Steve Barnes, Kamloops, BC
3 months ago

Garmin GPS Cam running constantly. I better learn how to save an incident after it happens and before it records over the incident.

Vanessa Simmons
3 months ago

I have this also and I believe it saves automatically if there is a rapid deceleration or bump. Plus it writes over the old stuff so if you immediately pull the memory card and transfer to your computer after something happens you will definitely have it. I keep a spare card in the vehicles (one in car and truck) so I can pull the one to download and still be able to record. I like that it took one item off my dash. Now if I could get my TPMS to read out on it I’ll clear another one. That reminds me I need to bring them in to update the maps. I do that at least every 4 months.

Gene Bjerke
3 months ago

I tried one, but the one I chose had software issues (or maybe I couldn’t get the software to do what I wanted). If I could make it work I might try it again, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

3 months ago

We have had a dash cam since they first became readily available. Two weeks after we got it my husband broad sided an suv and fipped it with our little fiat. The police at the scene concluded my husband was going at a high rate of speed through a neighborhood. The dash cam showed my husband was driving at just below the speed limit, the suv had run the stop sign. Our insurance company used the footage to show the other guys company who was at fault. Two weeks after that parked in a downtown Seattle space the car next to us was broken into and our new car showed evidence of an attempted break in. Did the thieves see the dash cam, which was off, and wonder if it would show their faces? After that all of our loved ones got dash cams for Christmas. In the past six years we have only had two. I cannot say I like dealing with it but really it is just as essential to us as WAYS

3 months ago

No not yet it’s on my Christmas list!

Mary Masters
3 months ago

I call mine my “Crash cam”! I drive a dump truck and had 3 accidents in NYC and nearby North Jersey when in each instance a car came up on my right side and cut in front of me when they shouldn’t have. I couldn’t even see them! I am glad that I had video of each so I could prove to the police and my employer that it wasn’t my fault.
After the second accident my employer bought a camera for each of the trucks in the fleet! I had been using my personal one.

Last edited 3 months ago by Mary Masters
Jeff Arthur
3 months ago

Currently on camera number 4 . Some don’t last more than a couple days. Currently using a Blackweb Walmart model $25 . I won’t pay a lot as even the expensive ones fail. And warranty is worthless.

3 months ago

Had to answer No to his question. I want to get one for truck and trailer and we have been looking at the features of different models but have not pulled the trigger. One day soon I hope to be among those who say Yes to the question. Who knows, maybe Christ mas.

3 months ago

Not only a dash cam, my rear observation camera records everything behind us also.

Kenneth Johnston
3 months ago

Was told by a Arizona state trooper, anyone over 65 years of age should have a dashcam. There is an assumption of blame for older drivers. We have 2, one in the truck and one on the back of the fifth wheel.

John M
3 months ago

I have one but it is pretty much a pain in the butt to use. Got it but the instructions are not very good and it won’t stay on very long.
Need to get some recommendations on a new one.

Gary Smith
3 months ago
Reply to  John M

Models and manufacturers come and go. Most of them you see on Amazon will vanish in a year. My first one had lots of nice features and worked well for a year. Then my phone did an update and the camera app became incompatible. There as no way to update it and my emails and phone calls to the manufacturer went unanswered. I replaced it with a Garmin and have been happy that I did.

Joe Eafrati
3 months ago

I have one in my MH and my tow. Needed it once already. Don’t go without one

Phil Atterbery
3 months ago

I have noticed driving a DPMH, there are some drivers that cannot accurately judge distance & time in traffic. I have had several near misses. The dashcam is just another bit of peace of mind.

Tommy Molnar
3 months ago

We had to take to the shoulder on a a sweeping uphill when a WIDE load was coming downhill going way too fast and in our lane well over the double yellow. Luckily I spotted the problem in time to get all the way onto the (luckily) full sized shoulder and avoid a disaster. All caught on our dash cam.