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Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets?

Are we alone in this universe? It seems nearly impossible when you stop to think that there are several hundred billion stars in our galaxy and hundreds of billions of galaxies in our universe… (Do you feel small yet?) Oh, and on top of all that, the universe, as least as far as scientists can tell, stretches 93 billion light years across, so we’re pretty sure an alien (or two or three or four billion) has bought real estate somewhere there…

What do you think? Do you think we’re all alone here on planet Earth? Or do you think we have fellow living creatures out there somewhere?

Tell us in the comments below. But before you do that, please vote in the poll. Thanks!

“I’m sure the universe is full of intelligent life. It’s just been too intelligent to come here.” ―Arthur C. Clarke


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2 years ago

Interesting that commenters seem more prepared to believe in an invisible man that lives in the sky, but won’t beleive there could possibly be intelligent life somewhere in the vast unlimted expanse of space.

Robert Lea
2 years ago

Why should there be? There is none on earth.

2 years ago

While I believe there may be intelligent life on other planets, sometimes I’m not so sure about our own planet.

Rory R
2 years ago

I think it would be ridiculous to think that we are the only form of intelligent life in the entire universe.

Retired Firefighter Tom
2 years ago

I hope so. With the recent election there doesn’t seem to be much intelligent life around here.

Retired Firefighter Tom
2 years ago

I should have read the other comments first before saying my thoughts.

Vanessa Simmons
2 years ago

However, I don’t believe there is intelligent life on this planet.

John Crawford
2 years ago

There is no evidence that there is intelligent life on other planets but there is evidence that there is not. God’s word says on day one, that means the beginning, that he made the heavens and the earth. That’s all the evidence we have. Anything else is speculation.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

I suspect that there is intelligent life elsewhere but we won’t know about it because any intelligent life that discovers us would most likely stay far away.

Pablo Flaifel
2 years ago

Infinite universe means infinite places for life to thrive. Illogical and selfish to think it’s all for just us.

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

Definitely. The only thing separating us is the vast distance.

Gary Byler
2 years ago

I don’t think there’s intelligent life on our planet.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gary Byler

Now that’s funny!

Steve Minor
2 years ago
Reply to  Gary Byler

Amen Gary, I agree with you 100%, and almost every election proves it!!!

2 years ago

Perhaps the question should read, “…in the universe.”

2 years ago

After watching the US election results (we live in Canada), wonder about intelligent life on this planet. (sic!)

Captn John
2 years ago

As the level of intelligence has declined here nothing can survive long.

2 years ago

We had our photo taken with them in Roswell.

2 years ago

That question really begs a bigger question. Where is the intelligent life on this planet? Can you imagine what would happen if the “renters” of your personal property treated it the way we are treating this planet? Just as concerning, is they way we treat each other as well! Makes me sad about what we are becoming as a whole.

Any way, intelligence can mean many things and come in many different forms so yes I do believe intelligence exists elsewhere in the universe and right about now I’d say it’s more intelligent than the two legged species occupying this planet.

Not everyone is as bad as I make it sound of course but it appears to be the exception to treat our home and each other with respect.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

I agree with Julie. Since the ‘all that is’ seems to go on into infinity, I too think it’s pretty arrogant to believe that we are the only intelligent life (all jokes aside – ahem) anywhere. Space goes on and on, way beyond where the mighty Hubble can see, and I think an open mind begs the belief that there are thinking beings somewhere out there. Think infinity.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Too infinity and beyond. Yahoo

Harvey Finders
2 years ago

Nothing in God’s word mentions aliens.

2 years ago
Reply to  Harvey Finders

Doesn’t mention Polar Bears, either.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago
Reply to  Marvin

God’s word doesn’t mention salamanders either, but God’s word doesn’t delve into the minutiae such as that. But something as profound as another race of intelligent beings on another planet, I think would be included. Luke 8:17 says…”For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.”

2 years ago

The size of the universe being what it is has always made me think we’d be pretty arrogant and naive to believe we’re its only living inhabitants. It’s not been good to share that, though, as it often prompts comments like ‘where’s the proof’ or ‘you’re obviously not Christian’.  😏

Last edited 2 years ago by Julie
2 years ago

I have believed this for years!

Actually, I think Earth is a “HUGE POPULAR SITCOM” in outer space! The real intelligent life in the outer universe probably “TUNE IN” on a regular basis to get a Good Laugh at our Silly antics here on earth!

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