Sunday, March 26, 2023


Have you ever shopped for groceries online for home or RV delivery?

Ever since we began quarantine months and months ago, more people have begun ordering their groceries online to be delivered straight to their door (whether that’s their house door or RV door). This option has been around much longer, of course, but with people wanting to stay out of stores, the grocery delivery business is booming. Heck, shopping for groceries online doesn’t seem like such a bad idea…

Who wants to go to the store anyway when your chips and salsa can come straight to you?

Have you ever shopped for groceries online? If you answer yes, is this something you’ve always done or have just started doing recently because of the pandemic? Please leave a comment telling us about your experience(s).


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John Koenig
2 years ago

Mostly for Gluten Free food items when I’m in an area where local markets carry little or no Gluren Free foods.

2 years ago

If you don’t count non-food orders from Amazon, then my vote still stays at “No”. I, too, am a “vulnerable person” (I have copd) but if I don’t go to the store, the post office, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and my local hardware store, I’d go nutz and sit in this chair playing on my phone all day. Besides, the fresh air is good for you!

2 years ago

History Lesson,
When I was in HS & College(1948-54) I worked at the Greenwood (RI) Market and took grocery orders from customers over the phone, collected the items from the shelves etc, packed them in boxes and then posted the charges to the customers credit account. Later in the day I loaded them into the delivery truck and and took off delivering. No extra charge and now that I think about it I don’t ever recall getting a tip either. Also had to ask customers who were behind on paying their old balance if they could make a payment now, some did and some didn’t but I was to leave the orders regardless. It was a wonderful job and learning experience.

2 years ago

Sam’s Club online is very easy to use for non-perishable items. The website has user friendly features to make lists and keeps a history or your recent purchases. (Vitamins, detergent, fabric softner, nuts, trash bags, hygiene items.)
I started using shipping to my home due to no availability of common items at my store 20 miles away. No cost for shipping for Advantage members at this time, but don’t know how long the free shipping will be available. I used curbside pickup only once, but it is an inconvenience to me due to having to arrive very, very early on Tues and Thur morning (seniors day) just to get in line in the parking lot for quick service.

Chris N
2 years ago

Never. Dont care to have anyone else select groceries or anything else for me.

Cheryl Bacon
2 years ago

We have been ordering online, doing curbside and home delivery for our groceries (and many other things) long before covid. Some stores are better than others and we stick with them. Geographical area is more an issue though than the name of the store. We will miss not having fees once covid is not the reason they were not charged.

Diane Mc
2 years ago

First, I am not a shopper, don’t enjoy….clothes, food, whatever. Well, except looking at new cars :-). Never would have considered groceries online because of liking to pick my own fresh food. However, because of Covid (more the hassle at the store, than getting it) started using Safeway’s online. For the most part it has been very good. Even the few fresh items I order. The fee is $3.95 for a 4 hour window. Reasonable to me. For meats and some produce (that isn’t for a family of 50…lol), we physically go to Costco. Buy enough meat to freeze, so only go every 4 to 6 weeks. For staples/paper products use Walmart. Usually delivers in 2 to 4 days. I keep a running list of things I buy from all 3, adding to it as needed. So much easier than shopping in person. I might still do this when Covid is over, except go to Safeway for produce. We also have a local store and a Trader Joe’s, both less than a mile away. So if we really need something in between we use them.

2 years ago

Nope. I have 3 adult children all within an hours drive or less. They got the cards I set up in a Stand alone account. I text them a list, they shop and deliver. Works out great during this pandemic. Before I shopped myself and hope to soon. Shop for food on line never know who is squeezing your melons.

2 years ago

I shop online for order pickup since the Covid mess started. Rarely do I have to shop in a store, usually for something the other store did not have. I’ve gotten quite used to it now.

2 years ago

I did it once, and never again. I wanted bananas and had to go through a list of about 200 items with the word “banana” in their name or contents. I stopped shopping before my next item, apples.

2 years ago

No Need, I’m retired and have all the time in the world to shop … not to mention it gives us something to do.

2 years ago

Yes, but no fruit and vegetables. Kept having really poor selections delivered. Inedible potatoes, bananas just about over ripe. In fact, most vegetables were just at the tipping point, where a day later, they were over ripe. That said, all other grocery items have been fine.

2 years ago

once just to see how it worked. not well. also did a curbside pickup. didn’t like that either.

Ronald Duncan
2 years ago

Not for Human food only cat stuff from chewy

Bob Palin
2 years ago

I answered ‘many times’ which is true, but it’s been 20 years since I did it. Webvan was a fantastic service and apparently way ahead of its time.

Neal Davis
2 years ago

While living in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, we had groceries delivered at our home for several months. However, they got our order a bit wrong one too many times and we stopped using the service. We moved to rural east Tennessee 3 1/2 years ago and no one offers that service to our present address. Thus, we last had groceries delivered about 10 years ago. Currently, we have no plans to resume grocery delivery, should it become available.

Brenda G
2 years ago

I joined Walmart’s “Unlimited Delivery” service for $99 annual fee which allows unlimited free delivery with a $35 min order. I am a vegetarian and have fruits/vegetables delivered weekly without any problems. I’ve also had cleaning products, TP, paper towels, bicycle tires/tubes, etc delivered. Plus, the service “travels” with me….as long as I am within a 10-mile radius of a Walmart which hasn’t been an issue yet.

Deborah Mason
2 years ago

We live outside a “town” so small it isn’t even really a town. The nearest supermarket is about 20 miles away & does not offer delivery or curbside pickup. For meat or produce I’d never trust someone else to pick out the right stuff. These days the trip to the market & “Sunday drives” are about the only reasons we go out.

Ellen L
2 years ago
Reply to  Deborah Mason

Oh, I remember Sunday drives as a kid. I guess I never appreciated it back then because I was in the back seat reading the Sunday comics. I am going to try the WalMart pickup for groceries. I will run into the store for milk, meat and produce but it will be a shortened time. I also don’t trust what someone will choose for me.

David S
2 years ago

Never had groceries delivered to the rig, but frequently shop Walmart groceries online with curbside pickup. It’s great! Pull up, the app knows you’re there. Open your trunk, they’ll load you up and close the trunk and you drive away.

2 years ago
Reply to  David S

I also shop my local store for Walmart groceries online with curbside pickup. GREAT service. The home delivery from is good too, but as someone mentioned SKIP the substitutions. For some reason thats a failure. And make sure you know and will keep the items, returning means going total contact you wont like.

Tim Lowe
2 years ago

Our dog food, cat food, paper products, wine, and about everything except fresh veggies are ordered online.

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