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How do you feel about paying $50 a night for an overnight stay in an RV park?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a site costing you $50 a night? Is it, “Are they crazy?! That’s way too much money!” Or perhaps you’re willing to pay that if the location or views are nice: “It’s more than we usually pay, Honey, but look at that view!” Or, no matter the location, view, amenities or anything else, you find yourself saying, “I’m ready for a nap and a beer. Let’s park here for the night – the cost doesn’t matter!”

Well, which is it? Tell us in the poll below. And, if you’d like to leave a comment, please tell us how much you’d spend per night on an RV site. We’d like to know. Thank you!


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Paul S Goldberg
1 year ago

In the middle of the country we often have found $20 and $30 a night, especially on overnight stays. We use Passport America HH, BDW and Daysenddirectory to find low to no cost stopping places. Its not that we cannot afford $50 but why spend it if it is not necessary for our purpose. High option locations – coastal views, mountain location near large cities all need to get more money. If they charged less they might very well be inclined to sell to a developer for the greater return. Prime land can generate far more income than operating an RV park unless the prices are raised. I watched one favorite campground close and rip out the infrastructure to sell to a developer – unfortunately for them (and us) they ran into 2008 and the land continues to sit empty. There is another park next door that we stay at that is being let rundown, but they haven’t put the price up. If a developer came along that park would also be gone.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
1 year ago

I’ve been paying at least $50 per night at most private campgrounds.
One particular campground in Chincoteague Virginia wants a little over $100 per night. I told them after all the years I have been staying in your campground, you have finally priced me right out the gate. And I have been camping there since the mid-80’s.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

Most commercial parks I’ve seen are more expensive than that, even with a military discount. That’s why we use military famcamps and state parks as much as possible.

1 year ago

Unfortunately in Florida (except state parks) the norm is much higher than $50.

Tom Kuhn
1 year ago

What happened to $20.00 per night for a clean well maintained RV park it may not have special amenities but for a one or two night stay it was wonderful.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Kuhn

I don’t know how long you’ve been RVing Tom, But we haven’t seen $20 a night for 20 years.
We don’t stay in RV parks anymore than we have to.

1 year ago

A few years ago $50 a night would be out of my comfort zone. Then it seemed $50 got you a site in a nice tourist area. Now $50 seems to be the bargain rate. We use membership campgrounds, PA and military campgrounds to keep the average low and save the pricey parks for the few tourist areas we have on our bucket list and those really great must sees.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

$50/night with hook-ups is going to seem like a bargain starting this year.

1 year ago

One of the many benefits of serving ones country (37 years) is unlimited access to every military Famcamp (RV park) across the lower 48 plus HI/AK. Most we stay in are on base with a flat rate of about $23 a night for full hook up and separate restrooms, showers and laundry. Having grown up in our military family and experiencing the commitment first hand, all four of our kids are proudly serving on active duty today and purchasing their own RVs and using the FamCamps as well.

Grant Graves
1 year ago

Location, location, location. On the Pacific Ocean $50 would be very unlikely. On the Nevada Utah border, no problem to below $50.

Cheryl Bacon
1 year ago

If we are just stopping for one night, we usually just find one of our Passport America sites. We do not travel in our rv to travel cheaply, we travel with our rv to enjoy ourselves, see the country and have the comfort of having our “home” with us and not having to unload the car of luggage. We very rarely have all day drives either. We are not in a hurry so we usually spend 2-3 nights. As long as we have a good cell signal, we can work anywhere.

Brian Burry
1 year ago

Try Passport America, over 1800 RV Parks all 50% off, it is not everywhere but check and you may save a lot. We have been so pleased and paid for itself the first weekend we used it.

Jennifer Willner
1 year ago

I agree with many of the comments, $50/night seems a thing of the past. At least on the West Coast.

1 year ago

We used to stay at a RV casino park in MN a number of times during the summer. Would cost about $30 a night. Now prices are $120, $180, $200+ for 3 nights, even higher without a player’s card and more yet for a weekend. One night on schedule in September it is $240 a night! They no longer provide shuttle service (and with the distance and if bad weather, it is needed), no buffet, no grill at former decent prices, poor quality quantity and cold food, no place to eat the food, no live bands or dancing anymore. (Some understandable with covid). So for those new prices, you get to sit under your awning. Greed, Greed, Greed. What this place doesn’t understand is how many people are mad and WILL NEVER come back in the future. Lots of new reviews of people disgusted. Not to mention slots are so tight, you go through $20.00 with no extra spins in less than 6 minutes. Hopefully, this will come back to bite them in the future.

1 year ago

Where I live in CA that is the norm for most places with hookups, its the $75 or more per night that gets me.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

I opted for the first response — no problem paying $50/night, but we are actually between this response and the next one. It is not so much the campground as it is where it is located. If we are just passing through, then we are less willing to pay $50/night. It also depends on where we have been — that is, with or without utilities, especially sewer.

1 year ago

In 11 years of fulltiming in a 34 ft 5th wheel to every state, including Alaska, the most we’ve paid was $35, & that was very rare. We boondock quite a bit, & when we do stay in a park, we currently pay $20-25 for short term stays, with the help of memberships like Passport America, Escapees, the Federal Golden Age Passport, etc.. Just 11 years ago we were typically paying $10-15, & as low as $5 in some National Forest campgrounds. Others’ comments about East & West coast prices is why we avoid those areas now. We’ve travelled the Pacific & Atlantic coast states in the past, but no more. Currently, our yearly campsite fees average around $2,500/year, & 80% of that is for the 4 months we spend at a private campground in Michigan each summer to see all of our kids/grandkids.

Ian C
1 year ago

I live in Taxifornia.
$50.00 here is cheap,
Cava Robles in Paso Robles, $90.00 to $134.00
There is one park just north of Santa Cruz that is charging as much as $195.00 for a holiday weekend site.
Emerald Desert is over $100.00 a nite.
Price Pacific Shores just north of Newport Oregon, $170.00 for a ocean view site.
$50.00 is a thing of the past for a nice park, at least on the west coast.

Sink Jaxon
1 year ago
Reply to  Ian C

This is why I refuse to visit CA…the CA Gov. won’t get a penny from me nor will the state of NY.

John Macatee
1 year ago

Long Beach CA. Golden Shores RV park @ $70 per night for 5 nights. 4th time here. Dockweiler beach is the same with LAX as you neighbors

1 year ago
Reply to  John Macatee

We stayed at Golden Shores. Nice small gated park, quiet for being near shipping terminal and road way/ bridge. Nice walkway to the park at Long Beach.

1 year ago

A few times when there is no state, COE, County or Nat’l park on route. Usually for one night.

1 year ago
Reply to  Edd


1 year ago

We have paid that a few times but only in special places. I think that may become a norm very soon.

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