Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Have you shopped at a Walmart store in the last month?

As RVers, we see a lot of Walmart stores when we’re driving through town after town. Many of you probably stay for a free overnight parking spot, too, if you need a place to stop and sleep.

Another good reason why we think you’ve probably shopped at a Walmart store within the last month is because 90 percent of all Americans live within just 10 miles of one. We’d be curious to hear if anyone has been to the country’s largest Walmart, located in Albany, NY. That two-story Walmart is 260,000 square feet. Wow!

So, tell us. Have you been to Walmart within the last month? Please tell us in the poll below. Thanks, and happy shopping!



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Marion Runcie
2 years ago

We never shop at Walmart (or stay in their parking lots). They have a reputation for not paying employees decent wages.

Barry T
2 years ago
Reply to  Marion Runcie

No one is forcing them to work there!

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago

Shopping at Walmart is akin to shopping online at Amazon. I try to shop the smaller independents

Neal Davis
2 years ago

We have not been inside Walmart for almost a year, but we order groceries and other stuff and pick it all up. Walmart employees put our stuff in the back of the Jeep, we thank them, and head home.

2 years ago

I go only when I have to, my wife goes maybe twice a month for groceries. Store in our town is always filthy, clothes on hangers (and off) laying on the floor, packaged food on the floor, etc. I ask my wife to drive to another store 10 miles away which is always cleaner and she generally does. Floor clerks are the problem, too lazy to bend over to pick things off the floor PLUS store managers don’t give a rip!

Gary Byler
2 years ago

My wife and I have made it a rule not to shop Walmart period for several years. We will shop anywhere instead.

Roy Davis
2 years ago

We generally only go once a month but not to the closest one. Instead we drive to one about 20 miles away but for good reasons. First, unlike the closest one, the store is immaculate and employees are very friendly, but it is in Amish country. Second, some of the grocery items are so much cheaper than the closer one that we save more than twice the cost for the extra gas.

Last edited 2 years ago by Roy Davis
2 years ago

I answered “yes, a few times” but have only done it using curbside pickup. I have not been inside a Walmart or any other grocery store in over a year.

Thomas D
2 years ago

Yes. Just yesterday. Do I want to. No. But mama didn’t raise no fool. Some things are just So much cheaper or they have what grocery stores dont have. So crowded,obnoxious people, check out lanes non existent if you don’t do it yourself. shelves bare.
A good model on how not to run a business but nevertheless very busy. And why does. it take 2 people to shop or better yet bring the whole family. Crowd the aisle even more. Ask a friend to take care of the rugrats for an hour.
My kids never saw the inside of a grocery store until they were old enough to drive themselves.

Gregory Giese
2 years ago
Reply to  Thomas D

I tried to involve my kids in as much adult activity as possible. When they became adults, they knew how to ACT like adults.

2 years ago

They have the best prices on motor oil.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gary

Costco’s new branded synthetic tested as good as or better than Mobil1 half the price.

Jeff Craig
2 years ago

I do not go to Walmart, unless I’m boondocking in their parking lot (and then I will spend a max of $10). I grew up in Oklahoma, and I’ve seen first hand what their voracious hunger for profits have done to small business and small towns – and the ruin it has visited on a once vibrant middle class. There was once a relationship between business owners and employees, and while it may be a bit idolized, it was fairer than it is today. That relationship has become as toxic as it was 130 years ago.

The alternatives to stores like Walmart, Target or Amazon are small retailers. Unfortunately, they are forced to use the ‘Amazon fulfillment’ model for most of their orders, as e-commerce has taken over. We likely have traded one master of ‘low prices’ for another, all for convenience. I can only wonder, how much will those ‘low prices’ ultimately cost us?

Gregory Giese
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

On the other hand, for us full-time RV’ers Walmart stayed open and the folks that have worked thru COVID kept us fed. The young ones will be the last to get vaccine. They were pretty essential for us.

2 years ago

AT a walmart…no. i have ordered from them online…products that are either way less expensive than buying in person or available only onllne.

Diane M
2 years ago

In our rural area, Walmart is really our only choice. There are no nearby grocery stores, clothing stores, places to buy household goods, toys, etc., within 30 miles.

Ron Lane
2 years ago

We order on-line and then drive to the store. Without getting out of our vehicle, a store employee has gathered up everything on our on-line list and brings it out to our car. He/she then loads everything into our trunk and says thank you for shopping at Walmart. So, yes we do shop “at” Walmart about once a week. However, we do not shop “in” Walmart at all.

2 years ago

I avoid WALMAT with a passion. They have destroyed local businesses and their treatment of employees is abhorrent. I’d rather pay double at a mom and pop than shop at WALMART. I support local…not the billionaires. We would never stay overnight at one.

kim V
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim

Jim, I totally agree with everything you said plus they are financing ways to get rid of public schools.I never shop there.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jim

I assume you must be really upset with the politics in some States that destroyed (and still are today) many small businesses during Covid. Do you use Amazon??

2 years ago

We have been using the curbside service at Walmart for about 5 months, when the covid-19 positivity rate went way up in our county. We will probably continue to use it, because we really kind of like it, Covid or no covid!

2 years ago

We use Walmart as our pharmacy as we travel. Over a year ago when covid took over our lives we started using their online grocery shopping. In and out of the parking lot in ten minutes and we don’t buy those impulse items anymore. Why waste an hour plus roaming a big store. Their service has been great and we will keep right on doing it as long as politics and social media stirs up the covid controversy on shots and masks. If we are lucky we have 10 years left on the road and we both have had both of our shots.

2 years ago

I actually haven’t been in one for a long time. However, the local WalMart is a nice one and their curbside pickup service is incomparable.

Dave J
2 years ago

55 miles to the closest Wallymart. And its a mini one.

Joe Allen
2 years ago

Walmart and Amazon for two, have been the demise of the small Mom & Pop stores and alas, I have contributed to that demise! Of course, shutting down America sure didn’t help!

Gary S
2 years ago

We make an effort to shop at Walmart whenever we stay overnight at one. I always fill out the customer satisfaction survey on the back of the receipt and use the comments section to thank them for letting us stay.

J Hamm
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary S

I never even looked at back. I will have to start doing that.

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