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Have you ever had to remove a tick from your body?

Eeeeewwwww. Just thinking about ticks makes us cringe. But, ’tis the season for those pesky blood-suckers (seriously, we’re cringing). Or, as one of our writers, Kate Doherty, wrote, “‘Tis the season for tick talk.” Read her article to learn all you need to know about these “vampiric pests.”

Have you ever had to remove a tick from your body? If you own pets, we’re guessing there’s a good chance you’ve had to remove a tick from their body, but that’s not what we’re asking in today’s poll. If it’s happened to you more than once, leave a comment and tell us what has happened.

Oh, and if you don’t have a Tick Twister, we suggest you keep one in your RV at all times.


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1 year ago

We decided to try this new park north of our home. Sad to say when we got back to the car the dogs had at 3 ticks on them and I found one on me. I used a hot match to remove one from the dogs and they were not happy campers with that idea. I did go out an buy a tic tweezer removal thing. Luckily have not seen a tic yet. O and yes they were taking their tic flea pills but that does work instantly.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

We live in the country (driveway is ~1/2 mile long) on 120 acres in east Tennessee and work outside year-round. In the last 2 months we have removed almost a dozen ticks between the two of us. More will certainly follow. Thankfully no poisonous snake sightings so far and just 5 or 6 non-poisonous snakes.

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Sylvia Dyke
1 year ago

Grew up in Arkansas. Ticks are everywhere, daily checks were part of growing up. Now if I get one it’s because my husband brings it in and we miss it in our check and it travels to me at night. Bleach baths work for ticks and chiggers

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I live in semi-rural northeastern NY. Because I do spend a lot of time outdoors, there have been times I’ve had several get on me. Time is of the essence. I just got them all off the same day and have never had anything bad happen as of yet.

1 year ago

I had a tick embedded between my toes while on safari in Kenya in the 1980s. Got high fever, nausea, vomiting and ended up in the hospital in Nairobi for 2 nights for IV fluids and antibiotics. I was there visiting to meet up with my US Navy submariner husband. Submarine port call got cancelled so I went on safari to Masai Mara. ( I had no charge for the hospital stay other than my food!)

Wayne Braxton
1 year ago

Being an outdoors type person from youth the answer is definitely yes. As I aged I got smarter and took precautions. Fortunately no I’ll effects.

1 year ago

Picked them off when I was a kid and still picking them off now. If just on the finger nails work. If starting to bury in tweezers. Do a fair amount of hunting and fishing, camping. I have picked up ticks in late November northeast coast in New England. Have not caught lime disease. You need to check your whole body each time out. Spray clothes with DEET once back to the house (maybe RV) toss in dryer on high heat this will kill the ticks. I toss mine in a plastic bag to pull out and spray again. Don’t use DEET while hunting for obvious reasons.

Montgomery Bonner
1 year ago

My sister the registered nurse, say to flood tick with dawn dishwashing liquid, it will try to back out and get away from soap. I have not tried this, but I use eucalyptus oil bug repellent and I have not had one since. Seems to me, we can treat dogs and cats with pill, why not humans?

Mike Albert
1 year ago

Our northern summer S&B home is in Bucks County, PA. We live in 4 acres of woods with at least two different herds of white tail deer and other animals. Ticks are a daily nuisance. So too is the tick check after walking through the grassed area around the house. My wife had the typical “bull’s eye” rash on her arm and went to her doctor for a test and started antibiotics. She tested positive for Lyme and has no lingering effects.
I have had ticks on me, but felt them before they embedded and removed them successfully.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

The nightly “tick check” is a lot more fun if couples check each other … 💑 

Deanna C
1 year ago

I went for a walk yesterday at our local lake and last night I found a small tick just below my neck. It had just bit me and I reached up to scratch when I saw it.

1 year ago

I was reading that using a twisting motion when removing ticks can cause their mouth parts to break off. On Amazon there was a kit with tick removers for simply lifting them. Also came with a case and tick ID card.

Diane M
1 year ago

Living on a farm in Tennessee, as I have done all my life, means ticks are everywhere. The worst are the tiny seed ticks – no bigger than the head of a pin. They’re hard to see and even harder to pull off.

1 year ago

Yes and I have also had Lyme disease. I would not wish that on anyone.

James Lagasse
1 year ago

You can’t spend time in the woods and not pick up a few ticks and other parasites

1 year ago

Watch out for the “Lone Star Tick,” a very small black tick with a white spot on it’s back. Territory pretty much covers the Southeastern US. It will change your body. Wife was bitten by one, As a result, she is highly allergic to many foods. Permanent “Fin and Feather”, no hoofed products ever. Emergency rooms are not fun.

1 year ago

No, but I’ve removed a few from my dog!

Larry Lee
1 year ago

As a retired physician I feel compelled to inform readers that removing ticks by applying some form of heat to their rear end dramatically increases the risk of developing Lyme disease with its complications. The heat causes the tick to squirt its contents into your bloodstream before it releases and backs out. There are excellent tick removal kits now available which avoid this problem by pulling on the tick at skin level.
Also do not use tweezers to grasp the tick as that technique also squeezes the tick and injects fluid into your bloodstream which transmits the Lyme disease bacteria.
If you do suspect you have been exposed to a tick with Lyme disease, see a doctor promptly since antibiotics can be very effective at the early stages of the disease.

John Macatee
1 year ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

I heated up a butter knife, a metal rod, a screw driver, used a cigarette, and more and they worked on me and my son every time. Now the dogs are difficult to hold and heat em out.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

Thank you for this very important information, Dr. Lee! It could save some of our readers from contracting Lyme disease. Have a great day! 😀 —Diane

1 year ago

Recently, after a hike, I removed several ticks off my pants, then later checked my skin as much as possible. The next day, while walking around the campground, it seemed there was one moving on my back…an impossible place for me to reach. A family was walking towards me, I asked the woman to check my back. She agreed, I pulled off my shirt and stood in just my bra, with arms outstretched…this was not a time for modesty. No tick was seen. The next day I noticed one imbedded on the back part of my hip, ie buttock. Again, impossible place to reach. I grabbed tweezers and went to the office. The only one there was an elderly man who cuts the grass. Yet, he was more than willing to help me. Again, no time for modesty…I wanted that critter out of my skin.
Campers, and camp workers, are so aware that we are all in this together, and are wonderfully helpful!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Catherine

What a heartwarming story, Catherine, in spite of the cause for it. Thank you. And thank goodness you didn’t suffer any ill effects from that elusive tick! Take care. 😀 —Diane

1 year ago

Our house was within 20 feet of dense woods when we bought it a few years ago. We learned early on to spray, spray, spray ourselves with Off. It works. Since then we have cleared out some of the woods to make our back yard bigger, but we still spray, spray, spray. If not, we’ll be pickin’ ticks.

Bob P
1 year ago

In my younger years when i did a lot of hiking I would usually pick up a tick or two. Most of the time I would find them before they found a good dining spot. Back then I was a smoker and I found they don’t like the heat of a lit cigarette on their butt and would back out in just a few seconds allowing easy removal. I’m not recommending a person start smoking just to remove ticks, now 41 years later and many places where arthritis has settled in I don’t venture into the wild where the ticks live.

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