Saturday, July 24, 2021
Saturday, July 24, 2021

How good of a cook are you?

How good of a cook are you? Do you whip up homemade meals every night? Perhaps your go-to are meals like linguine with clams or yellow Thai curry or rack of lamb with a cherry glaze? Or, perhaps your meals simply involve being heated up in a microwave… Stouffer’s lasagna, anyone? Or, maybe you just stick to cereal…

After you’ve voted in the poll below, please leave a comment explaining your answer. And if you like to cook, tell us what your favorite thing to make is. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it… Thanks!

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Robert L Snideman
1 month ago

My wife is the cook. I have not lacked for sustenance in 55 years. I dabble. Mousakka is my favorite.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Don’t really cook, just heat or reheat things normally. Grill burgers and steaks, but barely passable with chicken breasts.

Kelvin Best
1 month ago

I would have died a long time ago if my wife wasn’t a good cook.

1 month ago

Me? I can cook enough to survive. Maybe not as wholesome or nutritious as it could be. Spouse is an excellent cook! So, I drive and maintain, she cooks! And I eat quite well!

Stan W
1 month ago

Cooking is like driving, everyone thinks they are better then they really are. Me included.

Garry Hammond
1 month ago

I love cooking, and have mastered most cooking methods. I make most meals using fresh ingredients daily, cooking outdoors as much as possible. Outdoor cooked food just tastes better!

Roy Davis
1 month ago

I had to chuckle over how many replied they were a pretty good cook. I chuckled because I know a lot of people who think that way but their friends and family have a different opinion. I can get by but my wife is an excellent cook. However I can make pies, cakes, and cookies with some of the best.

Matt C
1 month ago

The months I was away from home because I followed a job, I got by. I had to plan and be careful to have what I needed. But my wife? She can look in the pantry that I just thought has nothing of interest and start a good to great meal.

1 month ago

I was married to a chef for 10 years. Live with a man who LOVES to cook. When were young, I managed but have lost all interest at this point. We do use online meal plans sometimes. My go to is hot dogs, beans, sloppy joes and peanut butter. I know, I know but just being truthful.

1 month ago

You would not want to eat anything I cooked

1 month ago

I think I’m a great cook, my wife doesn’t share that opinion. 😊

Ron Lane
1 month ago

Hey, hot cereal I can master, but beyond that I gotta have written and very clear instructions that a 3rd grader can follow.

1 month ago

If you like hot water – come on over for dinner! Well, if I have a microwave and a can of Progresso soup – I can survive a week or two. (Lucky – my wife is a great cook).

1 month ago

When I first looked at the poll question, I read, “How good of a Crook are you?”
Now that would be interesting.

George B
1 month ago

For the first 25 years of our marriage, my wife somehow managed to work full-time and yet have dinner on the table by 6pm everyday …. and it was good. Once retired, I took over the cooking duties to repay her, plus she was still working. Now many years later, I still cook all the meals, although never to her quality. She loves it.

Michael Morris
1 month ago

I boil a mean pork chop

Teresa Simons
1 month ago

I love to cook and I can bake cakes and whip up omelets and casseroles plus I do crepes and soufflés. I like to cook a variety of international cuisines. Last night I made a stir fry, tonight it will be Coq Au Vin. But I also do chicken fried steak and country gravy and beef stew and soups.

1 month ago

3 egg omelettes with everything, bread of many varieties, buttermilk waffles or pancakes, Mexican dishes, (none of those preformed shells), pasta dishes, desserts, and of course, BBQ and steaks cooked to order.

MN Anon
1 month ago

My husband makes us a delicious dinner every night and a great breakfast on Sunday morning. Lucky me!

My cooking skills are limited, but I can follow a recipe. My saving grace is I’m a very good baker.

Deborah Mason
1 month ago

When I tell my husband I’m not sure yet what’s for dinner because I’m not through making it he is eager to try it. My favorite thing to cook? Something that is made up fresh on the spot.

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