Wednesday, February 8, 2023


How organized are you?

Would you consider yourself to be an organized person or not so much? Is your bookcase organized by color or author? Is your desk organized in neat piles? Or is your bookcase a mess, your desk a disaster, and your brain scattered? Hey, no judgment, we’re just wondering…

Please tell us in the poll below if you’re organized or not. We’re curious…


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1 year ago

I have been told I am very organized, even the most organized person people have met, until they see my desk or sewing/craft areas. Even in the apparent disarray there is order.

1 year ago

I have to be organized in self defense. My husband is a use-it and-drop-it…hey , have-you-seen-“it”? type of person.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

My wife says I leave a trail. Nuff said.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Lol! Tell her, the good thing about that is, if she needs you, she can find you!

Ron T.
1 year ago

I had to choose somewhat organized despite my working career as Collections Manager/Curator of Collections where I set up my own database to catalog and track location of artifacts and created and organized the storage areas themselves. Problem is there’s always more stuff coming in to be catalogued and organized and always a backlog. The same at home never quite enough time to get completely organized so I can empathize with those living with clutter.

Mike Albert
1 year ago

Let’s see. My tackle box is very organized. My shooting bag is very organized. The motorhome storage lockers and my clothes drawers are very organized. The boat is very organized, my dive bag and camera bags are very organized. My office WAS very organized when I was an appraiser. My rescue and firefighting equipment and gear are very organized. NOW, where are the pens?????? Oh, that’s her department!

Jesse Crouse
1 year ago

For work- very organized. Self employed. Around the house the Domestic Engineer, also known as the Boss is completely the other way. Have given up that ever changing.

1 year ago

Quite organized. Office with proper files. Pictures just so on the walls. Shop with many shelves, drawers, pegboard on walls, and everything in its place. RV the same. HOWEVER – horizontal surfaces are my enemy. If there is a flat surface there is something on it waiting to become organized. Grrrr

Bob p
1 year ago

I was always organized at work, every tool had its place and was always where I expected it to be, not so much at home. It seems like I’m always in a hurry and tend to lay things down when I finish using them and then I forget them until the next time I need it, then the search is on. Lol

1 year ago

My SO claims I am too organized. I like organization but for some reason I all of a sudden am unable to stay with it. Then the process starts over. That’s always the goal though.

Sharon B
1 year ago

I strive to have everything put away in its place but I still have too much sh##.
I sold my house, gave away tons of stuff and moved into my 16′ TT. Where do I hang my art, put my Lenox china, my silver, my daughter’s old baby toys?? OK… I give up. It’s time to get serious. Give the toys to a kid in need, sell the Lenox and silver. Now what do I do with this huge framed watercolor 5’x4’in the middle of my walkway. Hmmm…
Here’s to life in a small TT.

1 year ago

I have Excel spread sheets for all storage in our fulltime 5th wheel. The spreadsheets tell me where anything I need is, whether in numbered containers in the basement storage or in the cabinets inside. It’s especially helpful for those items that I don’t need very often, like backup parts for appliances or repairs to the rv, because it verifies if I have a backup part or not. And I can originally store it in any little space that’s handy, because the spreadsheet will tell me exactly where it is when I need it. So I don’t have to store all like items together, like all bolts or all parts for one particular appliance. The spreadsheet tells me location(main container & sub container), class of item, & detailed description. Of course, for this to work, you have to immediately return items to that same location or remove it from the list if you’re not returning it. It’s worked fantastic for me for 12 years of fulltiming.

Bob p
1 year ago
Reply to  Fred

Do you carry enough parts to build a new motorhome if needed?

1 year ago

As a secretary with 42 years on the job, I like lists and alphabetical files, labeled files in a file cabinet, even all my computer files are sorted into like items. It’s just way easier to go back and find what you need. HOWEVER, I also have a pile of papers on my desk that I have yet to file in their appropriate place. And, yes, I also expect everything in my trailer to be where I put it. Some things may not be in a logical place since storage in a trailer is limited, but I do know where I put it and where to find it.

1 year ago

During my working life and military career – I was highly organized almost to the point of being *nal about it! However, along came retirement, relaxation and no time to get anything done – especially organizing and filing things! So, it seems I have a difficult time finding the top of my desk for the clutter of paper. However, when it comes to our motorhome, I am highly organized, cleaning, fixing, dusting – straightening pillows – and on and on!!! Go figure! Priorities? Hmmm. Compulsive?

David Onder
1 year ago
Reply to  DW/ND

Like you, I keep my trailer organized but my work desk (I’m not a full-timer) is a bunch of piles. I do, however, usually know where most things are in a flash. I need to reset the piles since returning from the pandemic. Maybe I just need to burn the old piles. 🙂

1 year ago

If I get any more in organized, it would still be YESTERDAY

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I’m somewhat organized. There’s a pile for everything and everything goes in the pile. Now I know where everything is. Seems like every time I neaten things up, I can’t find half of what I’m looking for.
As for my motorhome, that’s pretty well organized so I know where everything is.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob Weinfurt
Gary G
1 year ago

I’m not color coded, or left to right, but I do have sections and piles. If those count.
Of course I have a 3 car garage I can’t park a car in, working on that. Made a a nice shop.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

My desk has a single pile on it. My bookshelves are organized by topic but the books are slowly growing in number while shelf space is not. There is a growing pile of papers to file, but that is my wife’s job of choice. 🙂

Deborah Mason
1 year ago

I have great ideas for organization, but suck at follow through.

Wayne Braxton
1 year ago

Being forgetful does not help one to be organized! Try as I might it just doesn’t help.

1 year ago

I like lists and the ability to check items off gives me a sense of accomplishment. Now where did I put that list?

David Onder
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeb

It’s in the pile on the desk. 😉

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