Friday, July 30, 2021
Friday, July 30, 2021

What cell phone provider do you have?

What cell phone provider do you have? Verizon? T-Mobile (who recently bought out Sprint)? AT&T? Metro? Another one?

According to Wikipedia, AT&T is the largest cell phone provider with 176.7 million members, followed by Verizon (120.32 million), and T-Mobile (102.06 million). However, with T-Mobile recently buying Sprint, as well as having most of the 5G coverage across the country, we’d expect their numbers to beat out AT&T and Verizon fairly soon.

After you’ve voted in the below poll, will you leave a comment saying which provider you have and if you’re pleased with their service or not? Thanks!


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Jf myers
10 days ago

We use AT&T.

David Lange
11 days ago

US Cellular

Victor Short
11 days ago

I use straight talk. So far does everything I need

Anne Oelke
12 days ago

We are on USCellular because that’s the only provider that gives us decent service where we live.

Joel Lonborg
12 days ago

We just switched from AT&T to Consumer Cellular and cut my bill in half and we are still on the AT&T towers. Hope it turns out to be the right decision.

Tom Janzen
7 days ago
Reply to  Joel Lonborg

Same here. There are MVNO’s for each carrier. I’ve also had good luck with US Mobile to get either Verizon or T-Mobile service.

Carol A Forrest
13 days ago

Consumer Cellular

Chuck Greco
13 days ago

I use Republic Wireless. $20/month (1 GB data), hard to beat (but not impossible). Use Sprint and TMobile towers.

Nancy M.
13 days ago

Consumer Cellular. I believe they use AT&T and T-Mobile towers. For some reason we were set up with one phone on AT&T and one on T-Mobile. We had to switch off the T-Mobile towers and have had no issues in over 4 years.

Ed D
13 days ago

Republic Wireless, which is based on T-Mobile/Sprint. I am very satisfied.

13 days ago

We use Consumer Cellular. Inexpensive and great service!

14 days ago

My Family Mobile, Great service for a great rate.

David Plummer
14 days ago

I use Spectrum and have found it to be a great value!

14 days ago

I have Pure Talk, found it through AMAC.. AT&T is the provider but the price is much better. I bought a Samsung A11 and it works as well as my wifes S9.
My wife has Verizon so between the two services we almost always have cell service.

John Koenig
14 days ago

My PRIMARY cellphone is with T-Mobile. I got said number as a NYNEX landline number back in 1980 and ported it for the first time in 2011 (I SORELY miss the reliability and quality of POTS over copper wires). My SECONDARY cellphone is with Verizon. I have a third cellphone with Visible (a Verizon MVNO). The ONLY place (so far) that I could NOT get a signal was a few yeras ago while crossing middle of nowhere” WY. I’m a Full Time RVer so, I also have a 5G T-Mobile and a 4G Verizon “hotspots”. I easily use over 100 GBs of data each month and so far, the above mentioned gears satisfies my needs.

Tamara Fox
14 days ago

We have ATT and Verizon for when we are in areas that don’t have one or the other. Most of the time works great. We do use a booster when needed.

14 days ago

Consumer Cellular is what we use . Have had it 8 months, very pleased with the service

Neal Davis
14 days ago

We started with Verizon when they were Mid-Atlantic Bell and we were living just outside of DC in the early 90s. Just prior to making a 4-month pilgrimage to Alaska my wife switched to AT&T because they are the more robust carrier in Alaska. We plan to keep both carriers in the future to enhance our chances of always having good coverage when we travel.

Last edited 14 days ago by Neal Davis
Mark Nelsen
14 days ago

Spectrum Mobile

David Onder
14 days ago
Reply to  Mark Nelsen

How long have you had this? How do you find their service? How do you find their pricing?

15 days ago

T-mobile military magenta plan 100 month unlimited everything with no caps. Have apps to make all shared data look like phone only data so unlimited tv on my TV or to my comp for 100 a month for 2 lines.

David Onder
14 days ago
Reply to  Rvafterlife

What apps allow you to use shared data like phone data?

Theodore Farmer
15 days ago

T-Mobile/Sprint Hotspot through FMCA, Tracfone for cell

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