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What cell phone provider do you have?

What cell phone provider do you have? Verizon? T-Mobile (who recently bought out Sprint)? AT&T? Metro? Another one?

According to Wikipedia, AT&T is the largest cell phone provider with 176.7 million members, followed by Verizon (120.32 million), and T-Mobile (102.06 million). However, with T-Mobile recently buying Sprint, as well as having most of the 5G coverage across the country, we’d expect their numbers to beat out AT&T and Verizon fairly soon.

After you’ve voted in the below poll, will you leave a comment saying which provider you have and if you’re pleased with their service or not? Thanks!

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Diane K (@guest_200089)
1 year ago

Visible which is a subsidiary of Verizon.

Andy (@guest_164053)
1 year ago

Consumer Cellular for phones (AT&T & T-MO towers); Verizon for dedicated MiFi. Love having the redundancy.

jillie (@guest_163858)
1 year ago

We had ATT years ago until they screwed us while in Canada. Unknown to us they charged us international rates while in Canada. I ended up calling them and after a battle royale with them they removed the charges but it left a bad taste with us. Thats when we went Verizon. Love them. No problems no glitches although we are getting dropped calls every now and then but their customer service is very well done. Wish they would bring the internet to Michigan as they did to PA. Comcast was charging my one relative over 200 a month. Verizon saved him over 70 a month. At his age he still likes comcast but is OK with Verizon internet and television. We are also leaving comcast since I can find a lot of what I want on Paramont and comcast wants you to have their internet service to view anything. We ditched comcast internet for ATT internet because they offered us 65 a month for life. Go figure. So for now we have comcast television. Good luck. Comcast is nothing but a money machine.

Jesse Crouse (@guest_163831)
1 year ago

T Mobile for 2 main phones and $30.00 a month backup ATT for emergency calls in bad service areas. I am a plumber trying to do right by my customers. Stupid me for trying to honor my word to customers.

Ron Walsworth (@guest_157416)
1 year ago

We have Consumer Cellular since 2016…we tried many others and started out with ATT. So far, Consumer is the BEST IMHO!!

Ray (@guest_157337)
1 year ago

Wish I could say I’m happy with Verizon but I cannot. How can “opt in” be the default? Some independent researcher ought to investigate how wide spread this practice is in the industry. I used to think my phone was safe because I opted out. Since they can apparently legally change that preference with every new rewards program.

Micheal Whelan (@guest_157267)
1 year ago

We use Spectrum. At first I was a bit skeptical due to traveling all over the U.S. Over the past three years it has never failed. Cost is low at $28 for two phones limited data. When we hit the road I bump the service to unlimited data for $54.00 then go back to limited when we return home for the summer. Been happy with both customer service and phone service.

Mike Johnson (@guest_157249)
1 year ago

We use Total Wireless which uses Verizon towers. Our monthly cost is half that of Verizon and we literally have 10 times the data.

Jf myers (@guest_134594)
2 years ago

We use AT&T.

David Lange (@guest_134586)
2 years ago

US Cellular

Victor Short (@guest_134539)
2 years ago

I use straight talk. So far does everything I need

Anne Oelke (@guest_134486)
2 years ago

We are on USCellular because that’s the only provider that gives us decent service where we live.

Joel Lonborg (@guest_134397)
2 years ago

We just switched from AT&T to Consumer Cellular and cut my bill in half and we are still on the AT&T towers. Hope it turns out to be the right decision.

Tom Janzen (@guest_134994)
2 years ago
Reply to  Joel Lonborg

Same here. There are MVNO’s for each carrier. I’ve also had good luck with US Mobile to get either Verizon or T-Mobile service.

Carol A Forrest (@guest_134324)
2 years ago

Consumer Cellular

Chuck Greco (@guest_134315)
2 years ago

I use Republic Wireless. $20/month (1 GB data), hard to beat (but not impossible). Use Sprint and TMobile towers.

Nancy M. (@guest_134303)
2 years ago

Consumer Cellular. I believe they use AT&T and T-Mobile towers. For some reason we were set up with one phone on AT&T and one on T-Mobile. We had to switch off the T-Mobile towers and have had no issues in over 4 years.

Ed D (@guest_134258)
2 years ago

Republic Wireless, which is based on T-Mobile/Sprint. I am very satisfied.

Tina (@guest_134139)
2 years ago

We use Consumer Cellular. Inexpensive and great service!

Darrell (@guest_134120)
2 years ago

My Family Mobile, Great service for a great rate.

David Plummer (@guest_134110)
2 years ago

I use Spectrum and have found it to be a great value!

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