Friday, October 22, 2021


What’s more important to you at an RV park: lots of space between sites or good Wi-Fi?

In last Sunday’s newsletter, we asked you to pick one or two amenities you’d like to see at an RV park. We received 55 comments on the post from many of you and, surprisingly, most of them said they didn’t want any of those amenities. So what did those 55 comments say?

“I would like to see larger and more shaded spots.” —Rich Staley

“How about WiFi that actually works reliably?” —Steven Sims

“I would prefer more SPACE at each campsite. A minimum of 75 ft. between each site would be nice.” —Richard Davidson

“Spacious, shaded sites.” —Chuck Bonelli

So, now we’re asking: What’s more important to you at an RV park? Is it lots of shade between sites or good Wi-Fi? Maybe it’s both or maybe it’s neither, but please try and pick just one (if you haaaaad to).



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Michael Butts
1 month ago

Campgrounds do not know how to properly manage a network so it gets quickly overrun with traffic. Until that’s fixed, I’ll continue using my cellular connection.

Carson Axtell
1 month ago

Open space is key to camping. It used to be that people went camping to “get away from it all,” but nowadays too many people think “camping” means bringing everything with them including, of course, the kitchen sink… Getting back to nature shouldn’t include keeping your nose glued to the internet for entertainment, IMO.

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Mike Sherman
1 month ago

Don’t hold your breath for lots of space between rigs. For the campground owner, “stacking” is where the profit is.

Bob p
1 month ago
Reply to  Mike Sherman

Now there’s an idea, just as they have parking garages for cars they could have parking campgrounds for RVs. They could have bright floodlights that come on at sunrise and go off at sunset, artificial trees for shade from the floodlights, artificial grass inconsiderate campers could let the dogs crap in and leave it someone to step in. They could build it like skyscrapers and have it 1000’ tall, it’s no telling how many RVs it could hold in a relatively small amount of ground space. Lol

Darlene Kolinski
1 month ago

I’m full-timing. Surroundings way over wifi. Garner State Park in Texas is a beautiful, huge park and campground area with 1700′ peaks to climb. If you climb, you get reception! 😅 It is totally off grid because of the hills and is one of the most popular parks in the state. Nobody was looking at their phone because there was no connection for miles around. Everyone outdoors enjoying the surroundings, the crystal clear Frio River and the peak. I’m camping to be out in nature. My Verizon phone is the only connection I use or I stop in the parking lot of libraries when I need to get on Wi-Fi with my computer. It works. Happy camping 👍

1 month ago

Price is #1

2 months ago

Have my own hot spot from FMCA. Sprint truly unlimited mifi for $50/mo. Don’t want to open my door and have it hit the neighbors awning! That happened last week at a KOA!

2 months ago

More space.

Roy Davis
2 months ago

We’ve all become accustomed to lousy WiFi and most of us who RV a lot have hotspots. I noticed a few years ago that some parks were “redesigning” their parks to get more sites. They did that by shrinking the width and removing buffers (trees) from between sites. RV Parks are becoming RV parking lots.

Lisa Adcox
2 months ago

I have been in one park in over 3 years fulltime with Good WiFi, (actually it was the best I have Seen). It allowed everyone to stream and no slow down. All advertise WiFi but most do not work.
It was Tengo Internet. From what I heard expensive but was great. I workamped at park that my Verizon phone service did not work . Was glad to have good Wi-Fi. It was in Junction,TX. I called it the Middle of Nowhere TX.

3 months ago

16 yrs FT. Have found TWO campgrounds having GOOD Wifi. That which allows you to view videos- not stream movies, and uninterrupted email use.
This is why we carry satellite internet and two Verizon unlimited phones. Used to have a mifi but it became redundant and unused with the phones.

H AL Gotelli
3 months ago

Carry Verizon hotspot do not need wf; sure would like more space

Bob Palin
3 months ago

Anybody that really cares about internet connectivity has already taken care of the issue some way because campground wifi is so bad most of the time.

Jeff Craig
3 months ago

I put neither, but only because I have 100G of hotspot data between my phones. As for space, I’m not worried about it as long as I can’t look into my neighbors windows and their dogs aren’t all over our site. I’ve been in plenty of state parks where rigs sit 20 feet apart, but there are tall, thin evergreen trees dividing them.

3 months ago

I can’t remember the last time I tried to log on to an RV park wifi. Verizon unlimited data plan works for me. I do have a cell booster mounted in the motorhome.

Gene Bjerke
3 months ago

Space is good. I don’t even use the wifi at campgrounds; I use the hot-spot on my phone.

3 months ago

we don’t use park WiFi so space between sites is our choice.

3 months ago

We prefer space, fresh air, and Not someone’s cigarette smoke around us;
Campfire smoke is fine; when at home, we usually have a fire going to repel bugs.

Being connected is a plus, either by cell or Wi-Fi. Been at a place that had issues with both.
Hard to get a reservation if you cannot connect. That was the only time we had to connect.

Been to one park that told us up front about connection issues. That was fine.
That park had excellent TV reception! Doesn’t figure (we were near High Tension wires, could have been why).

No one wants to be cramped in a slot where you cannot stretch out with chairs and a table.

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Gordy B
2 months ago
Reply to  Bill

Not sure what you are trying to say by referencing the carbon monoxide poisoning of three individuals at the “Faster Horses Concert” at MIS Speedway. The incident happened when one of the five young men 18 & 19 yrs borrowed a generator from a grandfather, they were told how to place it for safety and in stead put it in front of their tent. All suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, unfortunately three of them passed and the other two were hospitalized.

Paul Cecil
3 months ago

Like others have said, I bring my own WiFi with me through cellular. The majority of campground WiFi is open public accessible by anyone, and I would not trust it.

Steve S
3 months ago

I want more space between sites. In addition, I would like some type of hedges that separate sites. We are full timers and I dislike sitting outside eating dinner and having to look at my neighbors sewer connection. As far as WiFi goes. We use mobile hot spot so we don’t have to depend on the campground WiFi

3 months ago

We have never used an RV parks wifi. If we cannot get what we are looking for on our phones, so be it. Being “connected” is overrated.