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How many miles would you estimate you’ve traveled with an RV in your adult life?

In all your RVing days, alllll the way back from when you first started RVing as an adult, how many miles do you think you’ve traveled with an RV in your adult life?

Less than 10,000? 50,000? 200,000? 500,000? If, by some chance, you know the exact number, please (pretty please) leave a comment with that number. We are curious! Tell us in the comments, too, at what age you started RVing and how many months or years it’s taken you to get to the mileage you’re at now. Thanks!

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Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles (@guest_136967)
2 years ago

10,000 to 50,000 miles. In 2016 at age 66 I picked up a new 17 ft fiberglass all-electric Lil Snoozy trailer at the factory in SC. That winter I camped a few times at my kids/grandkids places in Georgia and NC for about a week each time, and at the local airbase recreational areas. That June we drove S FL to Newfoundland and back- 1 month. We’ve visited our children and camped in their backyards several times, but 2019 was the first time we had the time to leisurely explore the Blue Ridge Parkway, until our van broke down. I’m hoping we can go back to Canada and also do some explorer type trips looking for a summertime alternative to S Fl.

Neal Davis (@guest_136830)
2 years ago

We have done 40,000 miles in 4 years and expect to get past 200,000 before getting off the road, but ask me again in 5 years.

Jeff Craig (@guest_136794)
2 years ago

Approaching 61k miles on the only RV we’ve owned (our class A).

ken bentz. Me (@guest_136735)
2 years ago


KellyR (@guest_136732)
2 years ago

Wow! after reading this news letter for years, I thot I was a small RVer. We’ve done about 200,000 miles. A close estimate as we usually take a 3 week vacation each year and do a minimum of 4,000 miles each trip – some 6,000 some just 3,000. One 3 week summer we left central FL to Key West, got hot, bored and sand flea bitten and had 2 weeks left and didn’t know what to do so decided that we had been to the southern most so we should go to the northern most and drove the coast to the tip of Main – actually turned around in Canada. Also hit the eastern most on the USA, as well. Oh, 1963 VW Westfalia was our rig. 36 HP pushed us all the way up and back. Gosh, I wish I was still that young and “stupid” (read that adventurous). I’ve got an out west story too, in that old “63.

John Koenig (@guest_136729)
2 years ago

100,000+ miles to date!

In 2010, I bought a new 17′ Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer. It was a WONDERFUL way to get started in the RV lifestyle without having to spend a fortune. Over the next four years, I put over 50,000 miles on that little “fiberglass egg” criss-crossing the country several times. In 2014, after attending the “ECR” (East Coast Rally ~ for Heavy Duty Trucks) where I got a GREAT education re HDTs. In April, 2014 I ordered a 2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB TRUE Super-C diesel PULLER HDT motorhome on which I’ve logged another 50,000+ miles (which would have been LOTS more if COVID19 had not exploded) so, I’m just “isolating in place” in a nice RV park until I feel it’s safe enough to get back on the road. I hope that, in the near future, I’ll be able to SAFELY get back to explore all that this great country offers.

Nick Vagle (@guest_136728)
2 years ago

I was 55 when we first purchased our TrailManor in 2001, and we kept a diary of the places we went and the miles. We retired in 2006 and traveled full-time into 2009. We circled the US 3 times, and visited and did something memorable in all or the lower 48 states. Since 2009 we have taken several 2 and 3 month trips. We now have traveled 81,000 plus miles.

MrDisaster (@guest_136720)
2 years ago

Best estimate for my adult lifetime would be around 200,000 miles.

Henry S Bunting (@guest_136710)
2 years ago

I have logged 103654 miles towing my 16-ft Scamp Standard with a Nissan Frontier.
I’m on my third Scamp and fifth Frontier. Sold the two Scamps while on the road at a price I could not refuse. Love RVing the US of A. Lots to see and do.

Bill (@guest_136702)
2 years ago

In your adult life! When did that start.
With or without plumbing.

We had station wagons, vans, tents and trailers.

Two wheel and four wheel vehicles.

Now they are RV’s – with all the comforts of a home.

Being outdoors was always fun, and traveling every weekend.

We look back at the memories and glad we have been there to enjoy the travels.

And all those folks we met along the way.

It would be nice to go back to 5 cent coffee and 35 cents for lunch meal.

When I grow up I will add up all those miles if I become an adult.

Happy Travels

Diane Mc (@guest_136701)
2 years ago

215K on our current motorhome. 75k on previous units. Keep detailed spreadsheet for each trip with mileage info between stops, where we stop, fuel stops (w/price, gals, MPG) and another sheet with what we spent for various categories. And notes. Fun to look back or find the name of places we visited/stayed/ate. Oh…and cry over the low fuel prices…lol.

Dan (@guest_136694)
2 years ago

Since 1972, in many different RVs. More than 100k, less than 500k. Best guess.

Wayne (@guest_136692)
2 years ago

My answer is a total guess. But this year I am keeping better records.

patti panuccio (@guest_136690)
2 years ago

17 RV’s and fifty years I’ve lost track.

Ross Boyer (@guest_136678)
2 years ago

In excess of 600,000 miles since 1964.

dave (@guest_136673)
2 years ago

100,000+ on our last 2 RVs and 20,000 on this one so far. Full-time 16 years+.

Fred (@guest_136672)
2 years ago

Around 200K miles so far in our current 12 years of fulltiming, & about 50K miles of part time travel prior to that, including over 6K miles on our one month honeymoon in a 17ft hybrid trailer, & have been to Alaska twice while fulltiming.

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