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Do you currently rent a storage locker?

If you’re a full-timer, we’re guessing there’s a good chance that you rent a monthly storage locker for your belongings that were once in your sticks-and-bricks home. But perhaps our guess is wrong. If you’ve been a full-timer long enough, maybe there’s no need for a storage locker.

Maybe you own a house, an RV and still rent a storage locker. Hey, there are some pretty neat gizmos and gadgets and toys out there these days… we wouldn’t blame ya for having so much stuff.

If you’re willing to share, we’d love to know how much you pay per month for a storage locker and what state it’s located in. Leave a comment. Thanks!


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Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

My problem is that I have too much stuff. I keep some of it in storage instead of throwing it away because I might need it some day.
I’m sure there are a lot of people that think that way.

1 year ago

If it doesn’t fit in my 20 foot travel trailer or the back of my truck then I don’t have it. My truck is my storage unit.

1 year ago

Just got rid of the storage unit a few weeks ago. We put a 26×10 shed next to our tiny house. All we need these days. Really enjoy not having so many material things in our lives.

1 year ago

$115 a month for a 10′ by 20′ climate controlled storage locker.

1 year ago

Full timers. 10×15. California. $280 but very safe. Most of the stuff we won’t get rid off – memories, our children’s childhoods. The money is worth it.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

Not full timing for another decade or so, and this house is too big for the two of us anyway, so don’t need one.

Norman Worthington
1 year ago

Sold our house in Grass Valley California in 2017. We have 3 storage units 10×30 full of house furniture, 1 for garage stuff and the 3d holds a large pipe organ. We’re paying $640/month for all 3. Was planning to move to Nevada…but found out I have cancer and wanted to stick with Doctors i knew in Grass Valley….

RV Staff
1 year ago

So sorry to hear that, Norman. Good luck! We hope you’re well enough to carry on with your plans soon. Peace and strength in the meantime. 🙂 –Diane

Paul Sansaver
1 year ago

House leased since 2012 when began as full timers. So we have storage options there. Live in 5th wheel full time. Family in CA, TX and MT. Older brother who has passed away that lived in Vero Beach FL.

Peggy Bradley
1 year ago

No way! I’m a true minimalist. Everything I own is in my motorhome. If it isn’t with me to use or see, why have it???

1 year ago

When we made the decision to go full time, we sold the house and everything in it. We do have a 10×10 climate controlled storage unit for $100/mo in north Georgia that contains artwork, photos and photo albums, and a few random items our kids would like later on. The unit turned out to be larger than we needed and is actually only about half full. But the time and effort to move to a bit smaller unit hasn’t been a priority for the little bit of savings we’d see.

1 year ago

I answered yes, except the answer should have been sort of. We have been on the road full time for 5+ years. We had our domicile state as Washington for a variety of reasons and we had a storage unit. This year we are relocating our lives from WA to AZ. POD is holding the contents of our storage unit (packed up in April) and will deliver the container to us in AZ in October when we return from the travel season. At that point we hope to have the “stuff” in use or disposed of. I think I will still have to have a small (5×5) space for a couple of antique furniture pieces that just won’t fit in our life. These will go to the grandkids at some point in the future, but currently the oldest is only 9.

1 year ago

Topeka, Kansas. Inside storage $120/month.

1 year ago

We’re full timers with a storage unit. We just made a change – our previous unit was 10×12 in temperature controlled space in IL. Our price went up to over $200/month so we looked into a different company. Found a space across the state line in MO, also climate controlled, 10×15 on 2nd floor with an elevator available, $115/month.

1 year ago

5 x 10 in semi-rural Oregon, $39 mo. if pay ahead 6 months get 7th month free. However it did flood in ’95 and ’07, Most of contents were in plastic bins so not much damage.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

We briefly had two unfurnished rental apartments several (as in 30) years ago. After consolidating them we rented a storage unit for a several months (~12) until we bought a house. The house had a large unfinished basement and we gradually emptied the storage unit, moving the contents to the basement of our newly purchased house. Eventually we emptied the storage unit and canceled our rental of it. We have had no occasion to rent one since then.

John Harpel
1 year ago

we have a 10×20 foot locker in New Mexico @ $80. per month. It has our bare minimum for when we get off the road permanently. Yeah we could probably rebuy some of the stuff, but you know there is sentiment attached, so there is that.

Kenneth Serr
1 year ago

Yes, I have a 15×30 and it is full, cost $90.00 Per month. We live in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Dennis J Derichs
1 year ago

For what they were charging for a 10’X15′ storage unit for 3-5 years of travel I bought a 25′ fully enclosed trailer. Now when we are done traveling I can haul all of our stored belongings to our new home and sell the trailer!

1 year ago

Do you tow the trailer? Or store it somewhere?

1 year ago

Very small one, 5 FT x 7 Ft, mainly to store summer/winter items. We swap items as the seasons change rather than trying to carry everything in our motorhome.

Ed K
1 year ago

That is what my barn is for. Now if I could get my son’s stuff out, I could use it.

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