Sunday, January 23, 2022


Do you plan to head south for the winter season with your RV?

We are so sincerely sorry to bring up the w word. The w word is a word we all dread to hear, so please forgive us. We hope it doesn’t ruin your day…

If you’re wondering what that unspeakable w word is we’re talking about, it’s, shhh… winter.

This upcoming winter (sorryyyyyy) do you plan to head south or will you stay where you are (in other words, not south)? If you are going south, will you leave a comment and tell us where you’re going? We want to know! We’ll be down in Quartzite for a bit so maybe we’ll see you there…


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4 months ago

Responding a little late as I left home in Alaska on Wed Sep 8 and arrived Washington last night (11th). (Unfortunately my Verizon was very inconsistent in Canada.) Was a beautiful drive so far and heading to AZ in a couple weeks!

4 months ago

We will spend November through February at Butterfield RV Resort in Benson, Arizona. It will be our 4th year. We’re full-timers. The rest of the year will be spent traveling to tick off more items from our bucket list.

Gerry Evon
4 months ago

I’ll be in Quartzsite starting November 1st thru April ??? Depends on the hot temps as to when I head north.

Bob Weinfurt
4 months ago

I put my MH up for the winter after Thanksgiving. I kind of enjoy watching it snow outside my windows in northeast NY. It’s great not having to go to work in it anymore.

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Jeff Craig
4 months ago

I recently retired (for the second time) and have been doing a LOT of camping here in WA State. But, the wife is still working and I’m getting a bit bored. Wasn’t planning on retiring for another decade, but everything just reached the breaking point… So I may go back to a new job or do volunteer work. That said, I’m not going to snowbird until the ‘conservative’ mindshift changes about vaccinations and masking up. I’m not going to get sick because some folks want their ‘free-dumb’ over their communities (and kids!!) needs.

4 months ago

An option that wasn’t offered was, “I’m going to spend the winter in a warmer place, but not in my RV.”

4 months ago

We summered in South Dakota and will be going to Arizona for the winter months. Finishing our first work camping experience which was fabulous and have a second one coming up in Arizona this November through March. Can’t wait.

Gene Bjerke
4 months ago

We visit relatives in Florida every winter, so I suppose we’ll go; but we have been plagued with delays for our summer travel, (haven’t left yet) so we will have to see how it plays out.

Ron Lane
4 months ago

We spend our summers at an rv resort on the Oregon coast when temps at home (Sou Cal Mojave desert) starts to climb into the 90’s. Oregon coast stays pretty much in the 60’s all summer and when the temps at home get back down to the 80’s we’ll head back there for the winter. Isn’t retirement great!!

Tom H.
4 months ago

We’ll leave Kentucky after Christmas. Head southwest and see some sights for January. Stay in the Phoenix area for February through April. Then take our time getting back home to Kentucky.

Paul S Goldberg
4 months ago

We will head to our winter home base at Jojoba hills SKP Resort near Temecula CA from Rochester NY. We will leave mid Oct with stops along the way probably getting there early December.

Diane Mc
4 months ago

Yes, hopefully, for our annual 2+ months trip, from the frozen barren land that is California😂. Arrive end of January, play golf, eat good food (especially fish/shellfish & PAGANO’S New Jersey Plum tomato pizza). Then 10 days dry camping at DIS for Speed Weeks ending in the Daytona 500. Then off to the Florida Keys after 6 yrs waiting for RV park to be rebuilt after hurricane wiped them out.

4 months ago

Already south. Planning on attending Quartzsite for the first time. Excited!

4 months ago

We are “Sunbirds” so YES, we will be heading back to our home in Florida for the winter.

Neal Davis
4 months ago

We live in the South (SE Tennessee), but we may visit friends in Florida or Texas at some point during the upcoming winter. However, winter is also a great time to work around our farm because the snakes are hibernating. That aspect of winter makes us tend to stay home and work rather than travel.

4 months ago

unfortunately, no.

4 months ago

Any further South, and I’ll need a boat.

Bob p
4 months ago

We have reservations at a campground south of Tampa in January. In the past 4 years we’ve made or I should say our daughter has made 5-6 month reservations in campgrounds with us. After 3-4 weeks we’ve seen and done everything the area has to offer and become transient residents. This year we are only staying 1 month at a time anywhere, we hope! It worked 5 years ago, we have a deposit in Avon Park that’s been on hold for 2 years so we will try to get in there also. To me staying in one place months on end is not camping, and you never get to see this great country parked on one place months on end. My original plans for retirement was to full time and drive into an area that was interesting, park, see the things of interest and then move on if not for more than a few hundred miles and do it all over again. Of course that all got shot down when my late wife said NO. Now my new wife loves to travel but we’re limited by our ages as we tire soon and have to rest more often. Lol

4 months ago

Yes Indio, CA from CO.

Malcolm Benson-Dyke
4 months ago

Yes, we will be going south to Mesa Arizona. That is, if the US opens the border to Canadians. Right now it is closed until September 21st!