Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Have you ever written a letter to a printed newspaper that was published?

We realize this question may be a little bit dated (do people still write in to printed newspapers anymore?) but we still want to know: Have you ever written a letter to a printed newspaper that was published? If so, will you share with us what it was about? Did you keep the clipping?

Oh, and if you’d ever like to write a letter to us, we welcome it! Please do so by emailing editor@rvtravel.com. If it’s interesting, thought-provoking, educational, heck, even if it’s just funny, there’s a good chance we’ll publish it. Now is your time to shine!


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Sink Jaxon
13 days ago

Yeah back in the 70’s to the Albuquerqe Journal…a complaint about the freeways …

13 days ago

No. It’s kind of a door I never wanted to open. The other doors are Facebook, tic tok and others that I’d rather not open either.

14 days ago

Lots! Two I can remember. One was to the San Diego Union complaining about a columnist who complained about famous women who were raising children without a man: two had adopted and the third was a young widow (Katie Couric). The second letter was lambasting a local racist politician. Both were published.

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Lil John
14 days ago

What people say in the comments section of a newspaper is important to the community. I have written dozens of times, and almost always see them published. As long as you have positive, important things to say, good or bad, it’s a great way to express your feelings. Ahhh.

14 days ago

I have written many ‘letters to the editor’ most if which were printed. I have also had full length articles written about me in major newspapers. I have not written any letters for several years.

14 days ago

Yes, I have. Comment on digital news, OregonLive.

14 days ago

I am one those hanger on types that enjoy the newspaper, my dog in my lap and that first cup of coffee. Best way to start the day with TV off. I have written several response to articles as well as a couple original pieces. None published that I know of.

Steve S
14 days ago


jim R
14 days ago

Did once have a letter printed in a boating magazine.

Ron T.
14 days ago

Just two days ago while looking at some of my mother’s scrapbooks I re-discovered that I did write one about someone leaving trash along the road I lived on. I’d completely forgotten about it.

Gigi R
14 days ago

Written but not published.

Donald N Wright
14 days ago

Thank you for publishing my letter, which may or may not agree with you.

T Edwards
14 days ago

Lives in a town with a major east-west rail line. School board planned a new high school right up to the tracks. Worse, in the other side of the tracks a chemical company stored hydrogen in a 3 story tank. I wrote an letter to the newspaper expressing my concerns. Days after, there was a follow-up story about the board rejecting that site do to new information concerning potential “safety issues” so close to the tracks and chemical company. Nothing was mentioned about the huge hydrogen tank.

Diane M
14 days ago

Our local newspaper, the Chattanooga News Free Press, has just announced that, in order to stay afloat, they are going digital. They are going to provide every home subscriber an Apple iPad on which to read the paper. I love my morning paper, but I guess I’ll have to adjust to the new technology.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
14 days ago

I wrote to Time Magazine one time and they published my comments.

14 days ago

Our local newspaper has a section for “opinions” from readers, whether it concerns local, national or world news. I have submitted a few, mostly about local news ( biased by the reporters) or responding to articles from other readers. Nothing political though. It only opens up a can of worms.

14 days ago
Reply to  Bob

Same here. Long ago I wrote a letter to the editor that was somewhat critical of a local issue and it got published. Since then, the paper has become overly biased and political. Almost every article is more editorial than actual reporting. About 4 years ago I cancelled my subscription that was at least 40 years old. I miss the comics. I wish I could find some news media that isn’t sensationalized and biased.

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