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Have you ever been elected to a public office?

We’re curious to know if you’ve ever been elected to a public office. If so, for what position and what was the experience like? Are you still serving? Any plans to be a future President?

If you’re willing to share in the comments (you don’t have to give details or even reveal your real name if you don’t want to!) we’d love to hear from you.


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1 year ago

Union president, union vice president, union steward. 23 years total. Committee member boy Scouts. Appointed MIC3 “military interstate compact” advisory board. President NCOA local. Have avoided local or state legislation as having worked 23 years at state level education the politics are to under handed to my liking.

John Koenig
1 year ago

I don’t count it as a “Public Position” but, I was elected as Volunteer Fire Department Company Secretary/ Treasurer, then Company Lieutenant and finally a Company Captain. Basically, if you failed to attend a November meeting, you got “saddled” with a position.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

My mother-in-law ran for a county office twice and won both times. Me? No, never had the slightest interest in being a politician.

1 year ago

Was elected as a City Council Member. Served one four year term. Kept tabs on RV decisions and made sure that the city didn’t try to outlaw RV parking and take away RV’ers rights. Still fighting them from the outside. They would love to see me leave town. I do know where the skeletons are buried.

1 year ago

I never vote for judges, sanitary district leaders, school boards and some others. I’ve written myself in many times- my kids get a kick out of that.

1 year ago

I was initially elected as Township Clerk. Then added the Zoning Admin. and Flood Plain Admin. and Assessor. Finally dropped the Assessor part after the County assumed that duty. I still retain the other 3 “positions” – let’s see I have been re-elected every two years for the past 48 or 50 years! (…and still no sight of the proverbial gold watch!)

I was also elected as Chairman of the Board of our Subdivision but dropped that after 10 years! (No gold watch there either!).

Diane Mc
1 year ago

No. But I was elected Secretary Treasurer, twice, in high school😂.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

A few friends suggested that I try running for mayor in the small village I live in back in 2007. I got a late start so wasn’t able to get a high enough amount of signatures to get on the ballot. With what happened in 2008, glad I didn’t get in.

1 year ago

I ran and was twice elected to my (formerly) local school board of education. I highly recommend the experience of serving. It was educational, interesting, illuminating, and, at times, fun! It was definitely an exercise in team building. My experience proved that with the right mix of personalities and motivations, and lack of personal agendas, a team of genuinely dedicated people can accomplish a lot. I also found that one person with a personal agenda that is different from the rest of the group’s, can really cause the group to become ineffective.

1 year ago

Elected to our city council one term an lost second reelection. Was a real learning experience. Think more people that think they know it all and it is easy should try it one time

1 year ago

Yes, two terms on our local school board. It was eye-opening and at times very frustrating. I did learn a lot, though, but I’ll never do it again.

1 year ago

Elected to the Board of Commissioners for my fire district. Re-elected for a second term. Very rewarding service to my community. Served on many county and state groups for the fire service.

1 year ago

Years ago, I was asked to run for a term as president of our condo association. I turned them down. I told them they needed a president, not a king.
Never heard another thing about it.

George B
1 year ago

12 years (four terms) on a public airport Board of Directors and 21 years (seven terms) on a major State law enforcement labor union. All elected positions and none of them ever came easy. Very satisfying, although very frustrating at times. I found many fellow airport board members professed to be fiscal conservatives, until they became elected and then it was someone else’s money to spend. For skeptics, I did this in addition to a real full-time job.

Last edited 1 year ago by George B
Tony Grigg
1 year ago

If election to the board of a condo complex counts, then yes. The public certainly gave me plenty of … feedback.

MN Anon
1 year ago

Yes, I was elected twice and served as Mayor, then as County Commissioner. It was the most rewarding and most challenging work I’ve ever done. Grateful I was able to serve in this capacity.

1 year ago

No way I would ever have the patience to deal with the know it all attitude of the general public. It was bad enough keeping the members of social organizations happy when I was an elected officer in three different clubs at different times.

1 year ago

Politician equal professional liar. They run to be elected, run again to be re-elected. Anything done in between those two dates doesn’t matter.

1 year ago

no. i always had a real job.

Michael Galvin
1 year ago
Reply to  Rich

Most who serve in public office are dedicated and serve for low pay. Most who criticize are ignorant of the situation.

Tom Hodge
1 year ago

I spent 11 very long months on a subdivision association board which taught me I don’t want any of that. Wow! You know too much when you get into those positions and with the corruption I witnessed in that little board I can only image it on a larger scale. No thanks!!

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