Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?

Hot air balloons are so magical! Don’t you agree? Have you ever ridden in one? If so, please (oh, please!) tell us about it in the comments under this poll. We’d love to know where you were and what you thought of the experience.

Check out these incredible places (and views!) you can fly in a hot air balloon around the U.S.


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Nancy Carter
29 days ago

Sunrise Ballooning over Australia’s outback is definitely an awe inspiring trip. Hiking Ayers Rock is also a must do!

Vanessa Simmons
1 month ago

Did it twice. Once about 35 years ago with my two young sons in Park City UT and we almost came down on top of an apartment building. Lots of fun. And in May with my sister for her 72nd birthday.

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1 month ago

We lived 40 years on a small lake northeast of Seattle. Hot Air balloons “dipped” in the lake and then cleared (usually) the trees. Landing was usually at a local school about 5 blocks south of us. Our daughter loved them and would hear them long before we saw them. Great fun! We hope to get a ride sometime…

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  MrDisaster

Hi, MrDisaster. My folks, who lived in Shoreline (since the ’40s), went up in one of those balloons northeast of Seattle. They were absolutely thrilled – especially my mom! (My dad had been up in lots and lots of small seaplanes from Kenmore Air to take pictures for postcards of the Seattle area for decades.) Have a good night. 🙂 –Diane

Scott Schnelle
1 month ago

It was awesome 👍 So quiet and peaceful.

Don N
1 month ago

Not a balloon but the Good Year Blimp in 1970 over Portland and Beaverton Oregon. fun trip.

Lawrence Neely
1 month ago

your list of incredible places to fly is missing Red Rcok Park in Gallup New Mexico, one of our favorite places to fly (going in out and above Red Rock canyons). White Sands New Mexico.

1 month ago

We have made a few flights. The first was over the Serengeti and we followed giraffes one at just over head height. Next was in Cambodia over the area of many temples, in Egypt over the Valley of the Kings and in Morocco over the desert with our entire family. Each has been very different, but drifting over the ground at various heights in different winds is thrilling and watching the pilot maneuver to bring us down safely has been fascinating.

1 month ago

My wifes nephew owns one… They are GREAATT

Robert Jobson
1 month ago

never in a balloon but did a glider flight. fascinating

John Koenig
1 month ago

Twice. Once while in Orlando, FL and, a second ride while attending the Annual Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM. At the Balloon Fiesta, one morning as I walked out of my RV, I had the feeling of something “unusual”. I looked around but saw nothing. When I looked up, there was a balloon hovering about 10′ over my RV! I’d had NO idea that a balloon was SO close to my RV as, when the pilot is not doing a propane burn, the flight is silent. A ride IS expensive but, I’d recommend taking one if you ever have the opportunity. As mentioned in another post, volunteering with a ground crew may score you a free ride.

PS: on the Orlando ride, once aloft, I was VERY surprised to see how many alligators were all over the place! You DEFINITELY do NOT want to land in the wrong spot!

Ken Andrews
1 month ago

15 years ago in the middle of Dutchess County, NY ( Mid-Hudson Valley area). totally fantastic experience with seasoned pilot on a kind of overcast windy day. Landed approximately 17 miles from start in an hour. A bit of a rough landing but worth the bruise. Don’t miss the trill as there is no sensation of moving or height verses just beautiful sights to see 360 degrees.

Lawrence Neely
1 month ago

Live in Albuquerque and I am on a crew (since 1997). Fly about once a month. There are rally’s around New Mexico (the whole country/world). Use my trailer to travel to the ones in New Mexico..A wonderful experience.

1 month ago

No, I had reservations for a ride in 89. 5 days before that I was in an accident and had to cancel.

Ron T.
1 month ago

My first weekend at grad school in Lubbock, TX I volunteered to be part of a chase crew for which I was rewarded with a ride. Wonderful experience!

Lee Ann B
1 month ago

For hubby’s 50th birthday we went for a ride over the town we lived in at the time in TN. When we went over an apartment complex and people were out on balconies we were taken low enough to have a conversation which was cool. Eventually landed in a homeowner’s front yard and, of course, they had to come out and see the sight we created. All in all an unforgettable experience with beautiful panoramic views!

1 month ago

Went to the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival a few years ago. Loved it!

J v
1 month ago

When I was in Belgium with the 509th airborne. We worked with the Belgium airborne and did jumps from their zeppelin. Also with the British airborne in salsbury plains England from their zeppelins.

Ed K
1 month ago

What goes up in a controlled manner is not guaranteed to come down in a controlled manner. What has a water line above the mast is not guaranteed to surface after intentionally sinking. USN (Retired)

1 month ago

We went up with a few family members a number of years ago, drifting over the foothills of the Rockies, briefly skimming the water at Horsetooth Reservoir, then landing just outside Fort Collins. Won’t EVER forget it and would do it again in a heartbeat!

1 month ago

Try a sailplane next.