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Have you ever given a public speech to more than 50 people?

If you have glossophobia, you have a fear of public speaking. And if you do, you’re not the only one. In fact, it’s said that about 77 percent of the entire world’s population has a fear of public speaking. That’s a large percentage! Some people have such a severe fear of public speaking they suffer from symptoms such as increased heart rate, dry mouth, difficulty breathing, nausea, headache, muscle tension and more. Yikes!

Have you ever had to give a public speech to more than 50 people? If so, were you scared to do so or did it not bother you? After you vote, leave a comment with your answers. Thanks!

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-brent (@guest_159795)
1 year ago

Yes, in nearly everything I have done. Pastor, School Board Trustee (the last several months has been a big crowd), Senate Chaplain, County tax Assessor, Commissioner, various local and statewide trainings. Always increased heart rate with first-time audiences, but it is part of the process to be ‘on your toes’.

Vanessa Simmons (@guest_159513)
1 year ago

Like many of the other commenter…Yes when in the Air Force and Army Reserves. Even appeared many times on Armed Forces TV.
However, I got started with public speaking in 4H giving demonstrations and doing other speaking engagements.
Toastmasters is another great opportunity to hone your public speaking and kids should be encouraged to do this or 4H.

Last edited 1 year ago by Vanessa Simmons
Bill (@guest_159344)
1 year ago

Started with briefings to higher ranking officers in the Navy, then presentations to Zoning Boards, City councils, etc. on land development items, public information meetings for public works improvements, condominium association president, forensic engineering presentations, and now for RVSEF. Still a little nervous, but the first time I presented to a City Council on a development project there were large very vocal groups both in opposition and support chiming in on every point every speaker made. I was so nervous I had tunnel vision, but lived to tell about it.

Roy Davis (@guest_159215)
1 year ago

As a retired pastor I’ve done that many times. There are many vocations that may require you to speak before a crowd. Being comfortable doing it is not a prerequisite but it helps.

Edward Thomas (@guest_159189)
1 year ago

While on active duty with the Navy, i routinely gave intelligence briefing to ships company, embarked squadrons, visiting dignitaries. Scared-no; nervous-yes.

Jeff Craig (@guest_159174)
1 year ago

Yes, quite often when I was in the Navy. Between training classes, public tours and Press Conferences, did it several times a month on average.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_159173)
1 year ago

I voted yes as I’ve read a speech at my brothers wedding (50+ people), used to call numbers at bingo, and acted onstage when I was in elementary school my so having stage-fright isn’t an issue. One thing I couldn’t do is be a politician and up there lying about things.

Ron Twellman (@guest_159171)
1 year ago

Got over my fear of public speaking when I was a tour guide at a railroad museum giving ninety-minute tours while walking backward on the railroad ties. As a working museum professional I gave more tours than I remember, but some involved driving an old school bus to different buildings and the bus was full so over 50 people,

Beal (@guest_159169)
1 year ago

Yes I have and was privileged to be able to do it several countries including the USA. I used interpreters sometimes and I learned before hand that you speak slower and don’t use slangs. Later I was blessed to be able to preach in a small of about 100 members. Plus at an Easter morning service at a city park.

Gary (@guest_159165)
1 year ago

I have that fear of public speaking. Increased heart rate and difficulty breathing.
Ironically, as an airline Captain, I never had a problem making announcements to 100-250 passengers.

Larry Gordon (@guest_159327)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary

Anxiety was my problem until my Dr. prescribed a beta-blocker that worked great. After a few successful speeches, I became confident and no longer needed any medication.

Steve (@guest_159164)
1 year ago

Join your local Toastmasters club if you want to be a better speaker

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY (@guest_159163)
1 year ago

We have been to a few town meetings where hundreds show up where I have voiced my opinion (speech) on certain subjects that I specifically told the town board members about The residents have voted down any new referendums on any new type of new town districts including a new garbage district. We farm out our garbage pickup to private companies who already pay the town for their permits to do so.

Tom (@guest_159162)
1 year ago

Took public speaking class at local junior college in the late 70s. I was nervous to speak in front of the class. During the later part of my working life I was a trainer and regularly taught 20 or more.

Neal Davis (@guest_159154)
1 year ago

I taught college classes for 7 years several years ago, but I don’t think any of my classes were as large as 50 people, upper 40s, but never 50.

John Harpel (@guest_159149)
1 year ago

I spoke to a crowd 2 sometimes 3 times of 50 plus on at least 50 sundays every year for 25 years. I’m a retired Lutheran Pastor 🙂 Never was a time that I wasn’t at least a little nervous no matter how well prepared.

Terry (@guest_159139)
1 year ago

Many years ago I took a public speaking class- I would literally freeze and not be able to speak in front of this small class. I did get over my fear.
I now give regular seminars and speak to large groups of several hundred attendees. I found that preparedness and subject knowledge is key to confidence in getting rid of the jitters.

kat (@guest_159135)
1 year ago

I marked yes as I have done a lot of trainings for various groups.

Marvin (@guest_159133)
1 year ago

Balloon Rally announcer – crowd estimated at 25,000

Wayne Braxton (@guest_159130)
1 year ago

For the past 12 years I have had the honor to present a Memorial Day program and several 4th of July programs at our home base campground. Attendance usually exceeds 100.

Jesse Crouse (@guest_159129)
1 year ago

Our local Plumbers assoc. has monthly meetings and as president I ran those meetings of 50 to 100 contractors.

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