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How do you feel about being proven wrong in an argument?

For some people, being proven wrong in an argument can be extremely tough. It can also be tough for the person they’re arguing with.

When you get into an argument, how do you feel about being proven wrong? You can be honest. We can’t see how you answer, so there’s no need to be on your best behavior here. Are you happy to be set straight? Do you never admit when you’re wrong? Tell us the truth!


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7 months ago

I don’t engage in arguments, they are not good for one’s mental health and only serve to puff up the other person.

Diane M
7 months ago

Mostly I just feel sheepish.

7 months ago

Keep mouth shut unless I know the facts, not opinions.

7 months ago

“Fine,” she said, through clenched teeth. 😀

Diane M
7 months ago
Reply to  Lori

Mostly I just feel sheepish.

Paul B.
7 months ago

I thought I was wrong once, but as it turned out I wasn’t. 😄

bill pearson
7 months ago

30 years of marriage , never had a argument, not to say we do not have disagreements, but if you don’t let it become a competitive contest you can keep the disagreement to a rational discussion, don’t let passionate discussions become arguments, most times it does not hurt to allow the other side to be right (not win, but right). Dad told me once that it takes two to argue but only one to agree. We can agree to respectfully disagree. If it is a topic that needs to be discussed to the end, then do it with the least amount of emotion as possible, but respectfully.

Bob Palin
8 months ago

Intellectually I’m in the top choice, emotionally I’m in the third choice, theoretically I’m in the fourth choice. So I chose the second answer…

8 months ago

I learn something new every day. Sometimes it’s that I was wrong or misinformed. Sometimes I learn that I was correct! Gaining correct knowledge is a positive step to be celebrated. Don’t mourn the loss of your incorrect concept. Anger of this is a waste. If your “Loss” in an argument is lauded over you by the other, that tells you about THEIR character

8 months ago

I’d like to meet the last 8% in the poll.

8 months ago

Any married guy can tell you that even when you are right, you are wrong. ; ).

Sharon L Boehmer
8 months ago

I don’t argue. I debate, persuade and convince.

8 months ago

I would add a choice of ” I’m OK with being wrong , but who says you’re right ?” This question has been put into an answer of ” It depends on your perspective “. I’m more of a metaphysical thinker ! Being wrong in someones eyes can be a learning experience, especially on a subject you don’t know squat about.

8 months ago

i’ll let you know when, and if, it happens. o;)

8 months ago

I don’t have an issue with changing my mind once I recognize a better argument. I’ll take the best idea no matter where it comes from. I’d be stupid not to. That rule to live by, applied to all kinds of situations, has provided a great deal of satisfaction over the years. I’ve repeated it many times to my kids hoping they too adopt it. Its a cheap way to increase one’s brain power.

Wayne Braxton
8 months ago

Several years back on a return trip with my grandson we had a serious discussion on honesty and integrity. He and I often do this and he initiates the conversations as often as I do. Seems he had a friend that told less than truthful stories and never admitted he was wrong. My response was: it is a sign of weakness to be opinionated. It is great to have an opinion and shows wisdom and awareness. Always listen to someone else’s opinion and evaluate that before standing your ground on a subject . But never change your opinion if you are sure you are right.

Michael Roach
8 months ago

I can’t remember the last time I was wrong, but I have been mistaken a time or two ! LOL !

Bob p
8 months ago

I have never been ashamed to admit I’m wrong. I thought I was wrong one time but later I discovered I was right. It’s hard to be humble. LOL!

8 months ago

I am always right until I open my mouth. I have learned to stay silent but verify.

8 months ago

Only been wrong once and that was when I thought I was wrong but I wasn’t! 😉

Tony Grigg
8 months ago

I need one more option in the poll…

I don’t argue.

7 months ago
Reply to  Tony Grigg


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