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Dog owners: How many dogs do you normally travel with in your RV?

If you read the “Readers’ Pet of the Day” section in our newsletters Monday-Saturday, you know that some people travel with a lot of pets in their RVs. One time a woman told us that she travels with three Great Danes in her trailer! Mostly we see cute little doggie duos, but sometimes people travel with three, four, even five or six dogs in their RV (and that’s not including cats or other pets either!).

If you’re a dog owner, how many dogs do you have and how many of them usually travel with you in your RV? If you’re an RVer who RVs with multiple dogs, please leave us a comment and tell us about it. And if you haven’t already submitted a photo of your pup, do so here for a chance to be featured.


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Kaeleen Buckingham
6 months ago

And 1 cat.

Michael Galvin, PhD
7 months ago

For comparison, how many have no dog?

7 months ago

We have four dogs and all of them love the RV. All of them have a place they like to sleep with and where on the bed. Love it the snuggles in the morning. All of our dogs are under 15 pounds. I want two more but right now need to get our new 2nd home up and running so I can. I adopt the older ones. The ones people dump off because they don’t want to deal with the old age issues.

Deborah Mason
7 months ago

We had a Golden Retriever when we got our first RV (pickup camper). She was with us as we moved to a tent-trailer and a very “educational” Class A motorhome. Then we got a Golden/Samoyed mix. Currently, we have 2 “pound puppies”. They share the couch and the bedroom floor at the foot of our bed. The dogs first traveled with us because we take our dogs and our kid (when she was living with us) when we travel. Now, we also travel to go to Agility & Rally trials with our dogs.

Jesse Crouse
7 months ago

We travel the East coast doing dog trials-Jack Russells- and my wife is also a judge. She will fly all over North America when requested to judge. She has been “doggin it” since 1979 and I am a newbie-2001. The dogs got us together. I grew up with a mixed terrier pound dog. Tiffin 40′ Phaeton to take everyone.

7 months ago

Used to have three~ two poodles & a golden retriever, one is easier though sure miss ours that have passed.

7 months ago

One 50lb wheaton terrier and he is going on 16 years old. Every time he sees the camper, he is like a puppy again

7 months ago

Favorite story – Hyder, Alaska. A new arrival to camp. 40′ MH. door opened and TWO full sized Mastifs exited! Asked owner where they slept? He said the dogs got the bed, he and the wife slept on sofa bed! Love it!

Dad Jokes
7 months ago

Two – usually. Got our 35ft Georgetown in part because we had two older German Shepherds and a teenager at home. After they passed, it was four years before we adopted a Dutch Shepherd and then a year after that, the Universe dropped yet another German Shepherd in my lap.

Neal Davis
7 months ago

A major deal with DW as we shopped for our next RV was that the dinette be on the passenger side. We soon discovered that defending that desire resulted in about a 6″ aisle when the slides are retracted. However, if we relented and accepted a driver-side dinette, then the aisle width ballooned to 16″, which would allow our dog to more easily pass through the RV. So, our dog’s comfort trumped DW’s strong preference. Guess that’s okay, it’s as much his RV as ours after all. 🙂

Bob Weinfurt
7 months ago

My Chihuahua and my girlfriends Dachshund love camping and meeting other people and their dogs. They cuddle and sleep together next to us at night.

7 months ago

We recently lost our lab/Great Dane. Now we travel with 2 female Great Danes and they absolutely love to go campin!! We have a 40 foot diesel pusher and it does get a bit crowded while traveling but, not too bad. They curl up on the couch and sleep most of the time.

7 months ago

Back in 2007 or 08 we were staying at a campground on Jekell Island and ran into a couple who had 8 rescued Grayhounds. As he would take 3 at a time for a walk, she would be at the door with replacements. Can’t imagine how dinner went.

7 months ago

We vacation with 3 Dalmatians, we have 4 but he is 16 and can’t travel. We have a pet sitter for him and our parrot. When we ordered the new motor home in 2017, we ordered 2 recliners “ fur us” and the full couch “ fur” them. Wellllllll that didn’t work out they love the recliners, so sometimes I’m sitting on the booth seat to watch TV. They definitely rule the roof. Hopefully y’all I’ll post the picture I sent someday.

Tony Grigg
7 months ago

2 cats, and it sucks.

Lisa Adcox
7 months ago

When we first started we had 5. Lab,Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier,2 dachshunds. Lab passed and recently two others. So just traveling with the 2 dachshunds. They have been a joy. They are also people magnets. People stop to pet them and they eat that up.

7 months ago

When we decided to buy an RV and follow 70° year-round, we had two Great Danes and a 7 pound mixed breed. We are committed to our pets and would not consider giving them up so we knew that we would need to buy an RV large enough for all of us to live in comfortably and would need to make some modifications so we would all have our own spaces without being in each other’s way. After more than a year of research, we bought a 40′ motorhome. We made the booth dinette into a bed and had a cushion custom made to fit the platform. I also had washable covers made out of bedspreads that match our decor. The covers slip over the cushion like a fitted sheet so they are easy to wash. Both great danes can share their raised bed so they are not taking up precious floor space so the dogs are out of our way, and they are comfortable at the same time. You can check this out on Facebook at Big Dog RV and Instagram at @BigDogRV.

7 months ago
Reply to  @BigDogRV

I should add that the dogs don’t require a lot of exercise and are great travelers. They seem love our lifestyle, especially meeting new people. They are much more outgoing now and rarely seem bored like they did before we started traveling.

kim paar
7 months ago

I have three 40# dogs and five cats but only one of the cats camps with me. All of them love to go camping.

Rosalie Magistro
7 months ago

One is enough. Good thing he doesn’t shed.

Wayne Braxton
7 months ago

We have traveled with as many as five but average is three. We are proud to now have an 11 week old puppy, Meeko. Meeko is the 10th generation of the same bloodline. In June 2022 we will have had the same bloodline for 50 years! Dachshunds are an awesome breed. Faithful, foolishly courageous and funny as he##. Can’t see life without them. They are well trained and intelligent. They travel well and love investigating new places

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