Friday, October 7, 2022


What’s your favorite beverage to quench your thirst on a hot day?

Picture this: It’s a hot day and you’re sitting outside in the shade at your campsite. You suddenly realize a cold beverage sounds good, so you head into the RV to grab something. What will you grab? A class of water? A soda? A beer? Some orange juice? Iced tea or lemonade?

We’re making ourselves thirsty just thinking about all these drinks! And we’re also wishing we were sitting by the water in that photo with that yummy-looking drink. Ugh!


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Joe & Helen
7 months ago

Snapple Iced Tea for Joe
Water for Helen

7 months ago

I said “beer” but, it has to be ice cold – otherwise just lemonade-flavored ice water.

7 months ago


Gordy B
7 months ago


7 months ago

Depends on my mood sometimes water sometimes Vodka but both on the rocks. 🤔

Roy Davis
7 months ago

I guess I am boring because I drink between 72 to 96 ozs. of ice water a day. No added flavor or anything else. This attributes to my rarely getting sick. However it didn’t prevent me from getting Covid, but I really wasn’t very sick. I’m so boring I even ask for water when we go out to eat. I do enjoy my morning coffee but I take my water with me every where.

Neal Davis
7 months ago

Gatorade or Mountain Dew are my favorites to take along during a day of farmwork/industrial-strength yardwork.

Seann Fox
7 months ago

COFFEE not iced!!

7 months ago

Iced Tea one slice lemon and nothing else. I picked up drinking iced tea some 35+ years ago while living in New Mexico and have drank it ever since year round. Good old sun tea nothing beats it.

Chuck Bonelli
7 months ago

Used to be beer… especially after a sweaty day of yard work, now I’ve found cold champagne to be more refreshing!

Tommy Molnar
7 months ago
Reply to  Chuck Bonelli

I like your style, Chuck.

7 months ago

I like flavored water drinks. Bai brand is my favorite.

Dad Jokes
7 months ago

I prefer to have a nice glass of sweet iced tea with a lot of lemon on a hot summer day, but if it’s cold, I’ll probably drink it.

Last edited 7 months ago by Dad Jokes
Thomas D
7 months ago

What is making soda so expensive? $6.30 a 12 pack for name brand. Each increase means I drink a little less soda and more water.probably better for me worse for them. And I dont buy bottled water. I have r.o. In my home and rv.

7 months ago

nothing better than iced water!

Kyle Petree
7 months ago

Trick quesiton – water for thirst quenching, but you’re much more likely to find a frosty beer in my hand.

7 months ago

Air conditioning. It is not in my vision to work hard, be too hot, or get thirsty .. 🙂

7 months ago

A nice, cold, High Life. If beered out, a tall Smirnoff, tonic, with lime. Yum!

Kelly F
7 months ago
Reply to  Glenn

I’ll drink a glass of water for thirst then either a Mtn Dew or a gin (Tanqueray) and tonic with lime, if the campground allows alcohol!

Leslie Schofield
7 months ago

A margarita

Rosalie Magistro
7 months ago

Water during the day and it depends after that,maybe a bourbon on the rocks or iced coffee.

John R. Wilkins
7 months ago

Unsweetened iced tea with a lemon.