Sunday, October 2, 2022


What’s too much to routinely pay for a dinner entree at a restaurant?

This is for you quatorzième! Don’t know what that is? You’ll have to read Monday’s trivia to find out! Anyway, for the quatorzième in the audience… when you go out to eat, what do you think is too much to routinely pay for a dinner entrée at a restaurant?

Do you think $10 or less? What about $20 or $30? $40? $50? More than $50? We know $40 or $50 might seem like a lot, but hey, some people really really like a good, big steak.


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7 months ago

I think some people missed the question for it was asking for entree not the whole meal drink(s) dessert are not include in an entree. $20 is my entree limit so that usually means a burger or chicken or a steak at Texas Road House. My meal cost about $25.

7 months ago

I guess when eating at a restaurant gives some of these responders gas. That’s how this survey goes from price at a restaurant to price at the pump.

Roy Davis
7 months ago

I said $30 but, with the way prices are going up, I may have to rethink that soon. If you’re eating fast food it’s one thing but fine dining is another, and I am not talking Olive Garden. What is the current market price for lobster or filet mignon?

John M
7 months ago

It is almost cheaper to go to a sit-down dinner than fast food now days. We went to Sizzler for Valentines and paid less than when we went to Arby’s a couple of weeks ago.

Jeff Craig
7 months ago

We used to eat out often, but since I retired I’ve had time (and energy) to cook a lot more at home. Usually $20-$30 when we go out (but it’s expensive here in the Puget Sound), and we try to support small, independent restaurants.

7 months ago

some folks live to eat…we eat to live. the fanciest place we like is Olive Garden. two dinners, no alcohol…<$20. we do tip generously.

Last edited 7 months ago by Rich
7 months ago

We don’t eat out very often unless it’s a special occasion or we are on the road.
We are 30 mins from a city that has nice restaurants. We very seldom eat fast food or chain restaurants. Unless starving to death. My husband loves to cook when we are home, and we eat out at nice restaurants when traveling. So I would say with wine , dessert and dinner it could be about $ 150.00 – $200.00 with tip, we always tip. Being a vegetarian, I try to find upscale restaurants that will accommodate me.

7 months ago

Any place like Chili’s etc., if we can get a meal for less than $20 per I call it a win. I tip, but at my own rate. I don’t OWE anybody a tip. Fast food hovers around $10 per. We don’t do rest. on any kind of regular basis due to diet constraints and covid silliness.

7 months ago

On Saturday my wife & daughter were out doing errands & called to see if I wanted a burger so they went to Carls & ordered 1 complete meal with a large drink & 2 chicken sandwiches & 2 fries. To begin with I don’t like getting take out food, as when you get home its cold or even not what you ordered. WOW $36.39 for that lousy meal, thats seems to be what the going rate is.

Bob M
7 months ago

By the time you pay for your meal and the 20 percent tip they want. It’s not worth going out to eat. Then for breakfast some don’t open early like they did. 8:00 is too late for me to order breakfast. Then some fast food restaurants like Wendy’s, Dunkin Donut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, etc., don’t allow you to eat in the restaurant. So I stopped going. This makes things hard when traveling.

Charlie Sullivan
7 months ago
Reply to  Bob M

Try patronizing mom and pop restaurants rather than chain restaurants. Better food, better service, and you keep your money in the local economy.

Ramon Milam
7 months ago

Nothing beats a fried bologna sandwich and a glass of sweet tea. I can afford the restuarant price but I would rather put the money in my gas tank.

Montgomery D Bonner
7 months ago

Get ready the price of meals at McDonalds is also going to increase. MCD has started providing college costs and guaranteed 35,000 annual for full time. Your burger is going to cost 15 each soon, so inflation, supply side issues, are going to kill the restaurant industry. Last good estimate (before ******* killed it) was 46,000,000 million people employed in that area. Can economy stand a loss of 46 million jobs, the next crash is going to be worse than the black plague in the 15th century. I suggest you prepare now.

Deborah Mason
7 months ago

It’s getting hard to find many dinner offerings that aren’t $20 or close to it. Even a burger in a sit-down restaurant is $15 or more. Just last week had a $14 burger in a bar. It was good, but it was a rare occasion.

Ed K
7 months ago

With the wife & me, $20-$25 is our goal. Special Occasions like the Birthday dinner in March and the Anniversary, we splurge up to $40-$50, but that is only if on the road as we don’t have any restaurants in our area that I know of that are that expensive that I could get into in everyday clothes.

Wayne Braxton
7 months ago

Restaurants have become ridiculous in their pricing yet they tell us they need our support. A former favorite place has increased prices over 10 percent. And, my wife cooks better than most restaurants.

The Lazy Q
7 months ago

I don’t think you can get two McDonald’s happy meals for less than $30 anymore.

7 months ago

I went with $30, although I hate to pay that much. Routinely for some means 5-7 days a week! What keeps Denny’s open, right!

No I sneak up to $30 because the DW & I always share a meal (and there is still leftovers).

When we share a meal I always tip double so the waitress is getting paid to take care of two picky people!

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