Friday, October 7, 2022


Have you ever had to take your RV in because of a recall on it?

There are a lot of RV recalls. There are also a lot of recalls on other vehicles too, like maybe your tow vehicle. Did you know we publish almost every major RV-related recall? We even have a newsletter dedicated to it. Well, it’s more of a list of every recall than an actual newsletter, but it does the job so you’re always in the know.

Have you ever had to take your RV in for service because of a recall on it? We’re not talking about your car or tow vehicle here in today’s poll, just your RV.

After you vote please leave a comment and tell us about your experience. Thanks!


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Paul Schwengel
6 months ago

not yet…..

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
6 months ago

Not that I recall. LOL sorry.

6 months ago

Received recall letter from Chevy for the chassis of my Roadtrek for an air-bag something. Took it to the dealer, they checked it, and it was already completed. That “repair” lasted all of 10 min. lol

Darla VanAlphen
6 months ago

This is why I own a coach built 22 years ago. All quality fittings,fixtures and construction. Built like a tank and should last another 22 years.

6 months ago

Had to take my truck into the dealer due to recalls several times, but it was my tow vehicle, not my RV. I currently have a recall letter on my motorhome, but there is not yet an “approved fix” for the problem. When a fix is available, I will take it in for repairs.

6 months ago

We have a Jayco Greyhawk 2019. Recall for leveler reservoir brackets was done. But then had to take it back because Jayco didn’t inform the dealer when replacing the ground wire to put it on bare metal.

6 months ago

Recall due to the Freightliner rear turn signal power distribution module issues. My PDM unit was not produced in the date range.

Bob p
6 months ago

Recall on LP regulator, called dealer 50 miles away luckily not on the recall list. If it were I’d rather they mail the replacement and id install it but I doubt they’d do that. Tow over 100 miles for a 10 minute job, that’s $50 in gas for a $30 part. I’d just buy a new regulator myself, today you have to weigh what it’s going to cost to drive there and back compared to doing yourself.

6 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

Glad I’m not the only one that feels this way…….

6 months ago

There was a recall on the Cummins engine so we had to take it to Cummins for service.

6 months ago

The only recall I’ve had was for Michelin tires on my Class C that had been recalled. A Ford truck garage replaced all seven tires (spare included) at no cost to me.

Neal Davis
6 months ago

I may have misanswered in saying “once.” We have had at least two different things done to our 9-liter Cummins diesel engine. Cummins calls such things, “campaigns,” so I am not sure that they are recalls so much as updates. However, at least one of the “campaigns” required a Cummins technician to replace or tweak some part of the engine, which seems in the direction of a recall. As far as the RV side of things, we have had no recalls by REV on our 2016 American Revolution 42T (built on a Freightliner chassis).

The Lazy Q
6 months ago

Recently for Propane regulator.

Linda Fried
6 months ago

Ford recalled our A class for a possible faulty rear axle. We had to take it to a Ford truck center because the regular Ford dealer couldn’t accommodate a 35′ A class motorhome.

6 months ago

Mercedes Benz Sprinter motorhome; once for passenger air bag, later for driver airbag and now for emissions under terms of a class action lawsuit. Unfortunately, the warranty shop is 140 miles away.

Wayne Braxton
6 months ago

The one I had with a recall was the mistake of buying from Camping World. Naturally I did not send it there to never return land. Paid a local trusted RV tech to fix it it. Had it back in less than one week.

Frank Lampe
6 months ago

Stay away from Thor products.they refuse to back up even their manufacturer warranty. We paid 2300$ out of pocket for living expenses that we were not compensated for.Piece of S….t product.

Deborah Mason
6 months ago

There was a recall on the bolts securing the hitch & an issue with the steps. Since the recall was issued right as we were moving (Colorado to Montana) we had to cross our fingers for the move, then find an authorized dealer in Montana who would fix it for us.

Mike Hancock
6 months ago

We have a recall on our Dometic oven. It would be great if somebody would actually do the work. Every Dometic “service center” either is not interested in doing it or they simply refuse. Some have said that Dometic does not pay enough to justify the effort. One other says that they have done warranty work for them and were not paid at all.

Leslie Schofield
6 months ago

Yes, have a recall on our 5th wheel as we speak. It is the second or 3rd one. Dreading it because the service department for our Grand Design is miserable to deal with. We are looking for a new place to have our rig serviced.

6 months ago

I have had to twice, but both were chassis recalls.

One many years ago where the Ford air intake would suck in rain water and the other, more recently, a Freightliner DPF upgrade due to California claiming the emissions systems weren’t meeting air standards when under load.

The No-Cold refrig recall for the thermal issue (eg: fires) was done on a used unit I had before I bought it, so I did not personally have to take care of that one.