Sunday, December 3, 2023


When was the last time you finished a book?

You might be reading a book right now, but that’s not what we’re asking about here. We want to know when you last finished a book. Was it this week? Last week? Last month? Last year?

We’re big readers here at (really, our whole staff!), so we always enjoy talking about books and reading. If you just finished a book that you like and would recommend, please tell us about it in the comments. We’ll be excited to look through them. Thanks!

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Cathi (@guest_171366)
1 year ago

I finished listening to a Jack Reacher – Sentinel by Lee and Andrew Child. I really like how the books seem to bring in some of the more current issues in life. Jack actually used a phone for texting in this book. Now I am listening to a SciFi and reading a historical fiction based in Ireland.

travilenman (@guest_171301)
1 year ago

Still reading the Bible

Susan M Hoffman Losinger (@guest_170629)
1 year ago

Just last night. Will start another soon

Dale Gilbert (@guest_170615)
1 year ago

high school was the last time

martin a (@guest_170613)
1 year ago

In high school 40+ years ago, easiest A+ I ever got required reading about 5,000 pages and reporting on them per quarter. Teacher had a photographic memory and had read every book we could choose from, he would ask the most detailed and obscure questions. If you didnt get the answer correct you had to stop what you were on and re read it and try the verbal interview again. One of my favorite teachers too!

Bill Jergins (@guest_170606)
1 year ago

My wife is an avid reader. She reads fast with 100% comprehension. Always a recipe for success. She reads books fast and furiously.All she needs is words on a page to be happy. I am much more picky to what interest me and prefer being actively doing something in the outdoors.

Lynn (@guest_170596)
1 year ago

I’m reading 2 books and listening to one. This is fairly typical for me, i get through 4 to 6 books a month

Lori (@guest_170594)
1 year ago

A re-read of LotR and The Hobbit. 🙂

Kathy (@guest_170579)
1 year ago

Recently finished Laptop from Hell by Miranda Devine. Recommend it to anyone interested in current events.

Joe (@guest_170575)
1 year ago

Just finished the autobiography of Martin Luther King. Actually written after his death. Corvette Scott King gave all of his papers, notes, and etc to Claiborne Carson for the book. Great read and hard to put down

Impavid (@guest_170570)
1 year ago

I think the title of the last book I read was “See Dick and Jane chase Spot”.

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Impavid

I don’t remember that particular title, Impavid. Hey, you could listen to audio books while out golfing. I just double-checked the poll question and it says “finished” a book, not “finished reading a book.” So I think that would count. Have a great day! 😀 –Diane

KellyR (@guest_170599)
1 year ago
Reply to  Impavid

Impavid, same here, along with How to Build a Birdhouse – which at age 6 sent me on to the field of carpentry. David Copperfield, in college, somehow screwed me up.

Mary (@guest_170569)
1 year ago

I am an avid reader. I average 5 books per week on my Kindle. We don’t have TV and don’t miss it.

Jeff Craig (@guest_170566)
1 year ago

Been about three months since I finished the ‘CODA’ series in the Star Trek Litverse. I normally read prolifically, but the last few months have been busy and haven’t had much time to read for leisure.

Billyb (@guest_170565)
1 year ago

HRH reads via e-Reader between telling me How to Live Life….. Me; I have to have a “Hard Cover” but, what I really like is the Peace & Quiet that Reading provides.
I do read a lot of Books!!

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_170562)
1 year ago

I haven’t read a book from cover to cover in decades. The books I look into are usually repair manuals or contain specific information I’m looking for.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_170560)
1 year ago

The Real Anthony Fauci.

Tom (@guest_170578)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Must love fiction

Tommy Molnar (@guest_170583)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom

I do, but this book is NOT fiction. There is backup information for everything the author states. And btw, did you notice who is not in the news anymore?

Bugsy (@guest_170558)
1 year ago

Quartzsite end of January! Perfect for sitting outside enjoying my book.

Ron (@guest_170550)
1 year ago

James Garner bio.

Neal Davis (@guest_170549)
1 year ago

I finished a book the last time that we traveled, which was early January. It was the Sal Maglie Story and was published while he was still pitching with the New York Giants baseball team

Donald N Wright (@guest_170547)
1 year ago

The book was “Who gave Pinta to the Santa Maria?” as I have been interested in the diseases the American Indians had before the Europeans showed up.

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