Saturday, September 23, 2023


Have you ever eaten caviar?

How do you spell luxury? C A V I A R. Why are fish eggs, typically sturgeon fish eggs, to be exact, associated with luxury? Well, actually… we’re not sure.

Even though all female fish lay eggs to reproduce, not all roe is considered cavier. You know the little tiny eggs you eat on top of your sushi? Yeah, no, that’s not caviar. Caviar is roe from the sturgeon family of fish. Sturgeons can grow to be up to 3,000 pounds (but usually they average around 60 pounds). The most prized caviar comes from both the beluga and ossetra varieties of sturgeon.

Classic caviar is served on a bed of ice with a special caviar spoon, traditionally made of either pearl or bone (now that’s fancy!).

Have you ever eaten real caviar? Tell us in the poll below. Thanks! And happy eating!


  1. I said no but I am open to trying almost anything. I have eaten rattlesnake, bear, horse meat,(didn’t know what it was) groundhog, opossum, locusts and fried grasshopper.

  2. Yes! I loved it. I had no idea what it was but it was just delicious. When I went home after the dinner, I told my wealthy roommate how it tasted and how awesome it was. She said, “you just ate caviar!”

  3. I answered no and then remembered that I had lobster roe in Canada when participating in a program at the bay of Fundy National Park on what is Edible from the bay. I would say the lobster roe was delicious!

  4. Yes, every birthday and every Mothers’ Day. My husband makes me crab cakes Benedict topped with black lumpfish caviar. He has been doing this for 45 years. I love caviar and I love him!

  5. Yes, my parents were both european, so we ate it sparingly at home. Then, when we spent 6 years in europe ourselves, we took several cruises and it was available on board ship, so I ate my fair share.

  6. I lived in Siberia for 2 years (1995-96 ) and ate fresh caviar by the mixing bowl ! It was never salted and was delicious. I have had canned caviar, heavily salted, don’t like it, as it masks the true taste.

  7. Tried and not impressed the same with roe. But that’s why they drink plenty of alcohol because it kills the taste and makes you think you’re posh.

  8. The one thing that is really nice is when on board a ship, you get to try many items you normally would not try. Caviar was one of them and will never try that again! Not sure why people pay that kind of money for something so horrible in taste!


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