Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Would you rather an RV park have a swimming pool or a hot tub?

We know the answer to this question, would you rather an RV park have a swimming pool or a hot tub, depends greatly on the weather and temperature outside… but there’s gotta be one that you generally prefer more than the other, right?

Perhaps on a hot summer day you love jumping into a cool, refreshing pool. Or maybe you prefer to pour a glass of wine at night and step into a warm hot tub just as the temperatures outside start to cool. Which is it?


  1. If the park caters to kids and families, a pool. Gives the kiddos active things to do. In addition public hot tubs are cesspools in most cases.

  2. contaminated water ? I remember the magazine Backpacker with the cover photograph of a deer pissing in a clear mountain stream. Lots of folks spend too much time in a bubbling hot tub too. So, it’s your choice.

  3. Been to a few RV Resorts over the years, but never have had time to USE the facilities (pool, hot tub, laundry, etc…) because we are doing other things, or just stopped for the night. That said, I do have swim shorts, but not sure if I can actually fit in them any more.

  4. I saw this sign at a 5 star RV resort. “Please do not enter the pool if you have diarrhea”. Red Flag! Better watch for those brown floaters!

  5. Unless it’s my own I wouldn’t use either nor at a resort or hotel. Just plain nasty too me. Rather swin in a clear lake, river or pond.

  6. Does anyone notice that pool is spelled wrong in the poll questionnaire?
    Just curious 🤔. TYPO probably.
    Not a big deal.

  7. Both are typically over occupied. Noisy and belligerent kids in pools and in some cases noise extends throughout the campground.

  8. I voted ‘wouldn’t use either’. You have no idea how well they are maintained, filtering and chemicals. Especially, the hot tubs. small volume of water.

    • You hit the nail on the head. I cannot imagine the microbes dwelling in a hot tub that probably has infrequent maintenance or water change.

  9. Euwww! Gross. How many kids (and adults) went in there? Or why is the water so yellow? All important questions to ask before sticking your toe in a public poo! or not tub.

    Maybe a poll should ask how many of you relieve yourself in a public pool or not tub.

  10. I think a large hot tub, where people can sit and socialize. it’s the art of conversation that brings out the joys of life.

  11. I prefer a nice lake and beach, more rustic with electricity is all I want and need. With the campground showers and toilets, I can go for over two weeks on my own tanks and after two weeks, I am ready to move on.


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