Thursday, October 6, 2022


Do you take herbal supplements for your health?

Taking herbal supplements is becoming quite popular for daily health. When you go down the pain-relief or first-aid aisles at the grocery or drug stores, you’ll probably notice many herbal supplements, tinctures, capsules and more there. More than in the past, at least.

Do you take herbal supplements for your health? They could be in the form of capsules, teas, tinctures, etc.

If so, and you’re willing to share what you take and for what in the comments, we’d love to hear. Thank you!


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Gregg G.
5 months ago

Well, I smoke an herbal supplement for my health….

Jim Roberts
5 months ago
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – place drops on temples, above bridge of nose lightly rubbed in a circle and at the nostril entrance for headache and allergy pressure in sinus. Work wonders for us!
  • CBD Oil – sublingual, under the tongue, as needed usually before bed for leg pain/discomfort from a RR accident at work; and my wife for back pain to help reduce inflammation.
5 months ago

D-Mannose, Cranberry Extract, Glucosamine/Chondroitin combo, CBD Oil, Krill Oil

Bo Walker
5 months ago

I take turmeric and vitamin C once a day. I’m 75 and healthy.

Michael Galvin, PhD
5 months ago

I’d like to see a poll on vitamin/mineral supplements. The AMA has changed its “just eat a balanced diet” tune and now recommends we all take a comprehensive supplement.

Richard Hughes
5 months ago

I can’t even take multivitamins. Every time I have tried, I became ill. The doctors finally told me, “If you hit your head with a hammer, you stop because it hurts. Why do you take vitamins when you know you will get sick?” I stopped and very seldom even catch a cold.

6 months ago

Tumeric and CBD oil…arthritis pain gone. Oh and it helps that I moved from damp cold Portland OR to sunny dry warm Pahrump NV.

6 months ago

There is an herbal product that really helps my arthritis. I save money by buying the listed ingredients separately. We also supplement certain vitamins and minerals.

6 months ago

Ashwaghanda, turmeric, hemp protein, ginseng, pomegranate extract…….
Many more.

Brian Burry
6 months ago

Yes, I can’t eat a plate full of 17 + fruits and vegetables as is in my daily “Juice Plus” Brand supplements! I too eat as balanced meals as possible, yet these have truly helped. In my case, I began taking them and by the sixth year, my eye sight improved two prescriptions, a factor my Optometrist has never seen! Last year at age 73, I was able to pass the Driver’s License Eye Exam without glasses! These type of supplements are made by dehydrating the fruits and vegetables at low temperature (107 degrees) and are not like a typical vitamin pill, that if you place in a glass of water, hours later looks the same as when dropped in the water. It is a personal decision, I choose to try it and I am energetic and helps me. You research on your own, and see what you think yourselves.

Kelly F
6 months ago

Haha, the poll asked about HERBAL supplements. The only one mentioned so far in the comments was turmeric. I eat a well balanced diet so do not feel the need for herbal supplements. I do take D3 on my Dr’s recommendation and zinc for immune health.

Rosalie Magistro
6 months ago

I take Zinc ,b12, C and magnesium

Kim Vickery
6 months ago

Along with vitamins D, B complex, and Krill Oil, I also take Vitex (Chaste Tree) for itching – atopic dermatitis. Works better than steroid cream! I also take HPA Axis daytime maintenance that my homeopathic doctor recommends to take for adrenal support along with my thyroid medication (T3 and T4 compound.)

6 months ago

I do because my wife insists. I don’t think they do anything though.

6 months ago

Vitamin D3+K12 , Shot-O- B-12,

6 months ago

Dr’s have advised not to with the medications taking. Most supplements that I would take are gotten by what foods I eat.

6 months ago

I am a controlled T2 diabetic on no medication but after having neuropathy for a few years my endocrinologist suggested Alpha lipolic Acid and Benfotiamine. No more neuropathy after about a month. At 73 I don’t take vitamins but eat healthy and exercise.

6 months ago

We do take some supplements. I always get the doctor’s approval first. Our doc is not against herbal supplements, but also advised us that some react with some prescriptions meds.

6 months ago

At 72 no Rx, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, turmeric, One a day & zinc.

Bob p
6 months ago

I don’t know if they’re herbal or not but I take 6 pills a day, 2 are prescription, 4 are what DW says I need to keep up with her, lol. Seriously since we started taking collagen in our coffee each morning I have cut back on my knee meds. My right knee was bone on bone and I’ve had 3 knee surgeons tell me I need a knee replacement. We’ve been taking the collagen for 15 months and I can tell a huge difference in my knee. It no longer hurts to walk and going up and down stairs is not painful any longer. I’m normally leery of things like this but I’m here to tell you it does work.

Robin Deane
6 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

I’m generally cautious about supplements. But I have seen and heard from family members the benefits of some supplements. I have a lot of trouble with arthritis in the CRC thumb joint and tried a variety of things. Nothing worked all that well. Then I found a combination supplement for arthritis that has worked for me. I tried stopping it a couple of times to see if I had just had a good spell without pain, but it appears that it is the supplement that works for me. Everyone is individual when it comes to what works for them. I say if it’s okay with your doctor and it seems to be helpful for you, go for it.

Jeff Grossman
6 months ago
Reply to  Robin Deane

I take Osteo Bi-Flex for arthritis. I have been taking it for years. It takes about 4-6 weeks to build up in your system but works rather well. I highly recommend it.