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When dining out, which is more important — the taste of the food or how healthy it is?

Some people love dining out at restaurants. For some, it can be a real challenge if they have dietary restrictions or prefer only eating healthy.

When you go out to eat, which is more important to you, the taste of the food or how healthy it is? When you go out to eat do you tend to stick to salads or other healthy options like seafood or grilled meats, or do you eat whatever the heck ya feel like?

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David Stansbury
8 months ago

Seriously? At my age, I’m going for what tastes good.

Bob p
8 months ago

I enjoy my food first and use the nutrition second.

8 months ago

A friend of mine once said “if it’s good for you it tastes like cardboard”. Not exactly always a true statement. I choose healthy foods that taste good.

Pat Daubenmier
8 months ago

Pretty much any place offers healthy food, you just have to choose it. Even though I choose equally important , I’m not going back if it tastes bad more than once.

Brian Burry
8 months ago

Good tasting food doesn’t have to be healthy food at all, even though some can! Or most great French, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and other amazing restaurants would be closed, if the salad or vegan only crowd dictated what to eat! Each can choose what they enjoy, just don’t impose one way only to enjoy eating out on another!

8 months ago

My kind of food is my kind of food no matter where I eat. My folks were both brought up with little or no refrigeration other than a root cellar or sometimes ice in the ice box. Meat was either cured or well done in order to kill the worms, especially in pork. I was taught to eat meat well done and vegetables and greens from the garden. That was the way I was taught to eat and how I eat today. Salt and pepper were the only spices. I do not live to eat, I eat to live. One nutritional pill a day would suite me just fine.

Deborah Mason
8 months ago

Since we carry plenty of food on board (healthy & otherwise) dining out needs to be special – and very tasty. It’s a treat.

8 months ago

Since I’m now an “Old Timer” & no longer going to get “The Call” have mellowed so eating Healthy is a priority. Saves Ear Aches!!

Michael Galvin
8 months ago

How healthful it is.
If it is healthful, it will be healthy.

8 months ago

We don’t eat out very often because it is just too dang expensive and often the food isn’t very good and/or the service. However, if we do eat out, we go for the taste more than eating healthy since we eat healthy at home most of the time.

8 months ago
Reply to  Bob

We agree

8 months ago

Eating healthy is a daily chore. Experimenting and substituting. Dining out is a treat, I eat for pleasure.

8 months ago

We do not got out to eat often. We cook and eat well, so when we go out it is to try something we can not do easily at home. Adventure! It’s gotta taste good.

8 months ago

For the purposes of this poll does healthy = safe?

T Edwards
8 months ago

Seriously, healthy food does not have to taste bad. Healthier choices can be more expensive than less healthy ones. Unhealthy can also be as much about portion size as content.

Eating healthy also means reducing the quantity of preprocessed foods, which translates to healthier eating requires more preparation – with healthier ingredients – made to your tastes.

Our healthier eating tastes and smells much better than any “BigFood” highly processed, high salt, high fructose corn syrup laden artery clogging alternatives. Well, except for the occasional KFC or Fish-n-chips when on the road. You know, comfort food after a long day of driving that big RV thru overcrowded highways, countless traffic jams, and clueless non-RVers.

8 months ago
Reply to  T Edwards

Nothing quite like that KFC…fabulous but then guilt sets in the next day. Try to do something like that rarely but it is SOOOO good

James LaGasse
8 months ago

We seldom eat at restaurants when traveling, when we do it depends on what’s happening. If we’re traveling through we get something quick, we may go for local cuisine or choose an out of the way place that looks interesting. We eat healthy enough that the few times we eat out won’t matter much.

8 months ago

As a diabetic I am of course cautious about my diet. But, if I am paying outrageous prices ($47.00) for lunch this past Saturday for the wife and I you bet I want good tasting food. The fries and fried catfish were great!

Neal Davis
8 months ago

I don’t care to go to much trouble when it comes to food. So long as I find it edible, then that’s enough. Once that low threshold has been achieved, then I prefer volume sufficient to sate my hunger. This is particularly true with respect to ice cream.

8 months ago

Healthy food has lots of flavors, textures, sweetness, and crunch.

Glenn A
8 months ago
Reply to  Jane

Agreed. But regardless of taste and health attributes, service makes or breaks a dining experience.

8 months ago
Reply to  Glenn A

ABSOLUTELY! They should EARN any tip. It’s not OWED to them. Just delivering outrageously priced food is not “Tip worthy”. You want more money, do more.

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