Thursday, October 6, 2022


How many miles are on your motorhome or tow vehicle?

Unless you just bought your RV, we’re guessing your RV or tow vehicle has some pretty serious miles on it. Unless you bought it to live on a plot of land, you probably drive it around from place to place, park to park, attraction to attraction, quite a bit.

Go take a peek at the odometer, will you? If you tow your RV, check your tow vehicle, and if you have a motorhome, check that.

Report back in the poll below and let us know how many miles are on it. Thanks!


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Diane Mc
4 months ago

235,000 on our 2002 Newmar Dutchstar.

Tony D Rice
4 months ago

99 3/4 ton 4X4 Dodge with the Cummins diesel. My only tow vehicle since 1999.
Just turned 300,000 on our road trip in March/April.

Leslie Smith
4 months ago


4 months ago

45,500 miles on our 2018 LondonAire. We just spent 2 grand on diesel driving to NC and back to Texas. Our 2016 Lincoln MKX with 65,000 miles on it, the transmission casing melted. We have no idea how this happened? We have been towing this car for 6 years. It’s on a transport from Little Rock to Texas tomorrow to our dealership. BTW, we used Travelers Auto Transport and they were very reasonable, 650.00 for 350 miles. We are home safe and sound.

Sir Rob
4 months ago

2014 Ford E-450 Thor Majestic with a well maintained 130k miles. I assume it was previously a hard working business vehicle that is now enjoying retired life. We rent a spot in the mountains a couple of hours away and let her sit there for the season. I throw in a couple of fishing trips to the local reservoir early and late in the season. I think the low miles I put on it now will help even her out eventually.

4 months ago

Our 93 Itasca Sundancer has 62, 700 miles and our road a 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman has 142500. Two classics that are both fun to travel in.

4 months ago

102,000 miles on our 1995 Jayco 30′ class C with a ford 460 Runs like brand new and everything works great.

Deborah Mason
4 months ago

We used to put at least 5,000 miles per year on any current RV. But my MIL died in early 2016 and the drive from California, then later, or Colorado no longer held the draw it had when all 6 siblings would gather at Mom’s house. Moving to a more rural life also reduced the need to get away. Now, with the effects & after-effect of the COVID pandemic, we don’t find vacancies at our state parks, we think hard about the expense of the gas’ we get really lousy MPG, even for a Class A.

4 months ago

Only 2550 but I just got a new tow vehicle last year. We have about 31000 miles on our current trailer.

Maxine Hagood
4 months ago

Less than 10,000 on 2019 Clacc C Winnebago Outlook. Not sure about Tow vehicle.

Jeff Craig
4 months ago

Just went over 60k miles on our 2007 (new in 2009) Georgetown Class A.

4 months ago

Sold our 2002 Monaco Windsor recently with 112K on the odo. Then replaced it with a 2006 Monaco Dynasty with 103K on the odo.

4 months ago

“…we’re guessing your RV or tow vehicle has some pretty serious miles on it.”

Funny…I’d guess just the opposite, but my definition of “serious miles” may be substantially higher than yours. I could be wrong, but isn’t it pretty well established that the majority of RVers only use their rigs a few times per year?

100,000 miles is nothing special on a well cared for vehicle. For motorhomes, look at used ads and notice that most don’t have 100k miles, even when quite old. The poll bears this out with 80% < 100k. I'd even venture a guess that many over 100k have a lot of non-towing miles for home or business use.

4 months ago

15,000 miles on our 2020 Tiffin Allegro Bus.

4 months ago

Tow vehicle is 2002 Ram 2500 Cummins diesel, with 384,000 miles. Drove it 2,000 miles across the country last year to pickup 2003 Northwood Nash. Pulls and stops TT very well, in mountains and anywhere, without exhaust brakes, weight distributing hitch.

Last edited 4 months ago by Marc
Bob p
4 months ago

2018 Nissan Frontier 31,000, had 17,618 when we bought it in December 2020. Several trips of 500 miles with the 23’ travel trailer before a trip to FL last winter where we bought a new to us home. Now preparing for a 2000 mile trip to IL and back for a family reunion next month. The truck handles the trailer just fine, I don’t drive over 62 mph but it’s capable of keeping up with the flow of traffic any day of the week, then you can watch the race between the speedometer and gas gage to see which one reaches the end first. Lol

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
4 months ago

4500, 2022 F350

Neal Davis
4 months ago

We are just under 47,000 for our 2016 DP. It had less than 1,000 miles when we bought it in late July 2016. We have signed a purchade contract to trade it for a 2022 DP and have intentionally not traveled in order to keep the mileage under 50,000 at trade-in. We will put a few hundred more, but remain under 49,000, when we reach the dealer to actually make the trade, probably in two weeks.

James LaGasse
4 months ago

Tow vehicle is now at 100,018, not all towing but 85% of it traveling around the country.

4 months ago

121,347 miles. F 250 Powerstroke