Tuesday, July 5, 2022


How do you feel about your RVer neighbors hanging out wind chimes?

Wind chimes, you either love ’em or ya hate ’em. What’s your stance?

If you pulled into your campsite, got all set up, and finally sat down to relax with a book and a nice beverage only to suddenly hear the sound of your neighbor’s wind chimes, would you be okay with it or would you be upset about it?

If you do love the sound of wind chimes, we highly recommend you take a look at this. Even if you don’t like wind chimes you’ll still find it cute, we just know it.


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23 days ago

I want to hear nature, not artificial noise. Save the wind chimes for when you are home. Listen to nature while you can.

Bob p
23 days ago

All the ones that complain about wind chimes must be camping in the north, since I moved south in 1985 my A/C drowns out any outside noises. The only time I hear a wind chime is when I’m walking from the air conditioned RV to the air conditioned truck. Lol, have a great day.

Jake Valentine
27 days ago

The only wind chimes I’ve ever owned have been in my backyard at home, but it seems odd to have a strong negative opinion when wind chimes are on RVs when loud, irritating music and loud, obnoxious people are exponentially bigger problems. I can’t remember ever being irritated by wind chimes while away from home. Music and people though? Countless times.

28 days ago

I don’t mind the wind chimes if they don’t mind the tuba!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
28 days ago
Reply to  MrDisaster

😆 There ya go, MrDisaster. Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

Jeff Craig
28 days ago

Not a fan, but as long as they aren’t out at night I can live with it.

28 days ago

Whatever happened to the courtesy of saying “would you mind taking your wind chimes down at night, they keep me awak, not presuming you have the right to cut them down?

Kathryn Turner-Arsenault
28 days ago

I LOVE windchimes. I’m the neighbor that hangs them out.

20 days ago

You are welcome to park close to me!

Bob Weinfurt
28 days ago

I kinda enjoy them during the day if they’re not loud but don’t want to hear any at night.

28 days ago

I rather wind chimes than a boom box or outdoor TV

20 days ago
Reply to  Tom

For sure!

John Koenig
28 days ago

As long as the “Chimers” can keep the noise from leaving their site, I’d be OK with it.

Same thing with smokers, as long as they don’t exhale, smoke away.

28 days ago

I love wind chimes but when they are outside your bedroom window and you are at a site for 3 months it gets really irritating especially when you are in a windy place!

28 days ago

I have a “Hangover” it is random flip flop hanging from a board. Does not make a sound.

28 days ago

I don’t mind wind chimes one way or the other, but I have a hilarious story about a single man that camped next to us and when he “entertained” young ladies in his trailer, he clearly did not know his outside wind chime collection gave away his very active and rambunctious “inside activities”! LOL

20 days ago
Reply to  Marcy

That’s funny!

28 days ago

I have a collection of wind chimes and they are hanging – in my RV. I know some people find them bothersome but mine all have special memories. Open windows allow for soft sounds occasionally and my cats bat them once in a while for a little sound.

28 days ago

I’d be okay if it’s only a matter of a few days but, for me, I enjoy sitting outside the rig to enjoy the nature. Hearing the water in the creek, the birds singing, the wind in the trees, even just the quiet in a remote area is a big part of what rv living is about.

Glenda Alexander
28 days ago

I don’t mind hearing them IF they are tuned so that they actually make music. Those that are not tuned are just a bunch of noise.

Tom B
28 days ago

depends. How do they feel about me using a scissors to cut them down? (J/K!)

Diane M
28 days ago
Reply to  Tom B

I’m right there with you!

28 days ago

I am fine with it, but my DH would prefer to not hear them. But a nice chime is better than some of the other loud noises that occasionally can be heard and have been very well detailed by other commenters

28 days ago

I like music but, Those are not music. So if its my choice,
Not no but, heck no! Extremely annoying. Just a personal thing. I wouldn’t say anything to the neighbor though.

28 days ago

Some chimes are worse than others. If I have to hear them, I prefer the bamboo ones over metal tubes.

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