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Do you or your partner use a sleep apnea (CPAP) machine?

CPAP machines provide an effective solution to obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts.

We know many RVers use these devices, but we wonder how many. One concern with using the machine while RVing is maintaining a dependable source of electricity, which can be a problem. A few inexpensive RVs may not even have electric plugs near the bed, making it an extra challenge to use the machines.

What about you and/or your partner? Do you use a CPAP machine?


  1. I use a CPAP machine nightly and have done so for about seven years. Falling asleep during the day is now a distant memory. I have no problems with the mask and using it I have vivid dreams (REM sleep). I love it.

  2. I’ve used it almost every night for almost 20 years. Losing weight didn’t make a bit of difference. I was so sleep deprived that I had to take a nap halfway through a 100 mile drive or run off the road.

  3. I added a 12v power outlet above bed, use a 12v power pack since that was the output of my 120v power pack.
    I have 50w solar panel and batteries are full charge by 11am each day.

  4. My wife is on O2 at nite. She was diagnosed with apnea coupled with emphysema. We have a portable O2 concentrator -120v, 12v, batt backup. She uses the small nasal cannula which has been working for several years now – as opposed to the face mask assembly. (If you smoke – STOP NOW!).

  5. I got my CPAP last October and have used it every night. My wife says I haven’t snored one time and hasn’t noticed me not breathing either. And, I rarely get up more than once, and half the time not at all.

  6. My confidence in the actual level of NEED for CPAP machines is low. Another “Med” being pushed b Big Pharm. And yes, there ARE people who need and benefit from CPAP.

    • I agree. Tried to get my Dad supplemental O2 for at night. They said he had sleep apnea and put him on a CPAP. It ruined his lungs.

  7. It’s been my feeling that if you go to a doctor to inquire about a cpap you WILL be the owner of one. Seems everyone gets it then. Meducare pays, so doctors get a sale. Remember the ads for Scooters Free, no cost to you. No longer. My wife wakes me up with the sound of a 747 taking off. She never hears it

  8. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea back in the early 2000’s. I tried every mask known, I could put one on and go to sleep only to pull it off sometime during the night.

  9. I tried for a couple of years to use a CPAP. Never could get used to it, ripping it off in a flurry of 3:00-a.m. cussing. Have had an Inspire implanted apnea treatment device for a couple of years. Still not without its issues, but a vast improvement over the CPAP.

  10. Answered no. We both use too but the lifetime solution was to lose weight. We were lucky we were able to do that. Many people cannot. This is not a just do it post it is just our story.

    Once our weight got to a ‘normal’ range the sleep apnea went away.

    • I have often wondered if weight was the biggest contributing factor. I have been trying to trim a few pounds for other reasons hopefully I will start getting better sleep. Currently I only can manage to get about 5 to 6 hours before I am wide awake and can no longer sleep.

  11. I just completed testing of a solar generator type battery setup using both the DC-to-DC adapter and the AC adapter (to be able to use the humidifier) for my CPAP/VPAP machine. I am in middle of writeup of it for my blog, etc.

    Let me know if you are interested in the testing.


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