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Do you call your spouse or significant other “Honey”?

Before you continue reading, we’re requiring that you click here and play this song while you vote! It just makes it more fun…

Do you call your spouse or significant other “Honey”? A fun survey by The Black Tux breaks down the most popular pet names (like “Babe,” “Honey” or “Dear”) in each state. According to the 5,000 responses they got, the most popular pet name across the U.S. is “Babe” followed by “Honey.” You can see the full list broken down by geographic location here. It’s fun!

If you don’t call them “Honey,” what do you call them? Tell us in the comments after you vote. Don’t be embarrassed!


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Roy Davis
1 month ago

I call her “dear” more than honey.

Larry Lee
1 month ago

Sweetheart or wife. She calls me husband and lots of other nice words. The grandkids call us Papou and Yiayia (Greek) so we use those sometimes too. We have no Greek background, but our daughter picked our names after the other grandparents insisted on being called grandpa and grandma. One of our good friends told us “Those kids could call you anything and you would still buy them ice cream”.

1 month ago

Just like a gangster wannabe, I’ve called my girl “Doll” for the last fifty years and will continue to do so. But, her real name is “Beautiful”.

Dying Inside
1 month ago

I only call my husband ‘Honey’ when I forget who I am talking to when I’m distracted. He made it quite clear decades ago that he didn’t like pet names or terms of endearment. I think we’ve been married 420 years, at least it seems like it having to remember all the rules I mustn’t break.

1 month ago

Bud, sweetie, sweetheart

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

Yes, and lots of other things.

Greg Bryant
1 month ago

I call her “Beauty”!

1 month ago

We are from Maryland, where “Hon” is used often, by many. Including me 🙂

Leslie Smith
1 month ago


Don N
1 month ago

Carol has been her name for 66 years and married 62 years.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Don N

Hi, Don. You married Carol when she was 4? Talk about “robbing the cradle.” 😆 Have a good afternoon/evening. 🙂 –Diane

Kaeleen Buckingham
1 month ago

My hubby told me in no uncertain terms when we got married that he does not like terms of endearment.

Gene Bjerke
1 month ago

I don’t call her “Honey,” but she sometimes calls me that.

1 month ago

“Yes Dear”

Kelly F
1 month ago

I call her beautiful because she is!

1 month ago

“Honey” is the only name I can print here.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago
Reply to  Richard

Same here

Ron L
1 month ago

Depends upon what type of mood she is in.

Sheryl Hendrix
1 month ago

But mainly I call him Sweetie!

Rosalie Magistro
1 month ago

I call him babe,he calls me sweetheart or Nona if we’re around the grandkids..
It means grandma in Italian.

1 month ago

My sweetheart calls me babe!

1 month ago

I normally call her cup cake . Other times I call her my squeeze.

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