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Do you sometimes stay in a hotel/motel on a long RV trip?


Sure, RVing is like being on vacation; however, it’s still your home with your things… including your bed. Doesn’t everyone get excited to go on vacation and sleep in a nice, fluffy, crispy-clean hotel bed? Plus, continental breakfasts are fun (even though the food is a little, um, disappointing, shall we say…), and the kids always enjoy the hotel pools and other amenities.

Do you ever stay at a hotel or a motel on a long RV trip? If so, is it just for fun/because you feel like it, or is it usually only when your RV or tow vehicle is in the shop for a repair? Or for another reason? Please feel free to answer those questions in the comments below.

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4 months ago

We never use hotels/motels. This is why we have a fifth wheel instead of a Class A. Two other couples who retired a couple of years before we did have Class As. When the motor, transmission, etc. needs attention, their entire house goes into the shop and they have nowhere to live!

Neal Davis
4 months ago

The thought to stay at a hotel/motel while RVing has never occurred to me.

Diane Mc
4 months ago

We stayed a night when the brakes on motorhome were being replaced. Very lucky Freightliner (2 miles from RV park!) got us in and only took 2 days. We would not have been able to drive it home…3K miles. Second time for our anniversary. Stayed one night at a beautiful hotel in Key West with a restaurant within walking distance. No worries drinking & driving. We were staying at an park 20 miles away.

4 months ago

Seldom now that we are occasional RVers, but often when we full-timed. On cross country trips we liked to stay in major destinations three to five weeks. We would often pack a bag and explore the surrounding area in our toad for two or three days, staying in motels.

Jeff Craig
4 months ago

We do when we go through the SF Bay area (unless we are going to Sonoma Raceway). Since my wife works for a large chain hotel, we can stay on the ’employee rate’ for less than we would pay for any of the RV parks.

Judy G
4 months ago

Only once with 5er in repair shop and I volunteered to pick up the needed part in a nearby town.

4 months ago

A year or so back, a couple had their truck and fifth wheel stolen in Missouri while they stayed at a hotel. They had just bought both after selling their home. I thought it was strange to stay in a hotel and not in their RV.

Warren G
4 months ago

Have a couple of times when it was too cold to de-winterize.

4 months ago

Why would I when I have R HOME with us!

4 months ago

Not with my toy hauler, but we have done it when pulling my small pop-up with my motorcycle. More convenient than setting up the pop-up just for one night.

4 months ago

Have in the Past, but travelling with pets complicates the issue.

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