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How satisfied are you with your life today compared to 10 years ago?

Think about where you were 10 years ago. Do you remember? How old were you? Think about your life back then. Was it so different from what it is now?

Do you think you’re more or less satisfied with your life as it is right now than you were 10 years ago?

After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us why you’re more or less satisfied, if you’re willing to share. We’re curious to hear some of your stories.


  1. If asked this last fall I would of said HAPPIER, now not so much. Had to give up full time RVing due to husband’s major stroke. Life changed. Happy he is still with me but it’s not like it use to be.

  2. Ten years ago I was still working at a place that was not a good work plus I was taking university classes at the same time. The place I had worked for 30+ years had gone bankrupt so I was working and studying to get a better job.

  3. I clicked on “less satisfied.” My life is ok; I’m currently healthy; my son and family are close by with the grandkids; and I am still taking my travel trailer out occasionally, although closer to home. Less satisfied because my DH passed away in 2017, which brought our travel adventures to a halt. Yes, my life goes on and I am making the best of it that I can. But life was better living and traveling with my other half.

  4. 10 years ago I have a satisfying life. I was working at a job I enjoyed and where I was appreciated. I had fun in my garden and a dog to keep me and my DH entertained. Now I live in an RV full time with the same DH, I am retired and enjoying our lifestyle. I am more satisfied now than I was then.

  5. i’ve always been very satisfied with my life. I’ve been happily, ecstatically happily married to my high school sweetheart for 52+ year; i had a very satisfying career; through hard work, financial discipline and a tiny bit of luck my wife and i retired early at 55; even though it’s coming to an end we’ve enjoyed motorhoming for 36-seasons; we have good friends and every new day is a joy.

  6. In 2012, I was retired, but my wife was still working. We had our travel trailer, but could only spend weekends and vacations using it. By 2013, my wife had retired and we celebrated by taking a 3-month, 9,000-mile RV round trip from Colorado to western Canada and Alaska. Now, we can hop in the motorhome and take off for new destinations anytime, so our RV life is much better than 10 years ago!

  7. Ten years ago we were traveling constantly, seeing wondrous things of North America. DW’s failing health has caused us to cut back to snow birding and now contemplating a S/B house. Not happy. Whatta ya gonna do?

  8. We have been full-timers for about a year and a half and I think we are extremely satisfied and happy with our new life. We are retired teachers from Georgia and do not miss the paperwork, meetings and after hours work. We have been able to visit places in the US that we only dreamed of. We also have been able to see our children more often because they live all over the US. We hope to be able to continue our travels for a number of years.

  9. I am pretty satisfied with our life today. We actually spent the last ten years making sure we got out of debt, (1st thing was get rid of ALL credit cards) also in the last 4 years we purchased 2 new vehicles, and our RV, and worked very hard and did without to pay them off as quickly as possible. We just retired, and are living well, and enjoying our retirement.

    • Not carrying a balance on credit cards is a very good place to be, but you might find it helpful to have a card or two so you can book reservations on line and pay for emergency repairs without having to move money between banking accounts.

  10. I’m more satisfied with a caveat….
    We lost our 107 year old farm house in 2017 to Hurricane Harvey. It was very sad. However our insurance did us right and we are not living in a new bigger brick home we dearly love. Up until the last election we were rolling along, now not so much. If I take my satisfaction over the last 10 years into consideration, yes, I’m better off. As for the future, not so much.

      • Yes, my wife just retired (less income), living expenses are through the roof. I worry for the pitiful state of this country and it’s future. It’s more of an attitude of despair.

        • Yes; My Income is Lower!! However, my Quality of Life is Better!!. Enjoy Smiling & Laffing More!!
          Everyday is Green Side Up!!

      • I’m pretty sure it was a typo (which you caught, too). But now that you responded and TexasScout replied to your response, I’ll leave it as is. Have a great day. 😀 -Diane

  11. I am basically satisfied. The only thing now is I have back problems stemming from the type of work I did all the years before retirement. It has gotten worse this past year. I have been in PT an it is helping, but the damage is already done. Surgery is a last option, but that would limit me even more.

  12. life is great!!! Married 46 years. We are both retired in good health and loving it. Two wonderful sons a super grandson (!) Still traveling in the 5th wheel despite fuel prices (shorter trips, longer stays).

  13. Much happier! 10 years ago I was married to a mentally ill woman who wouldn’t take her medication making everyone around her miserable, she passed away from lung cancer. Now I’m married to the greatest woman I’ve ever known, we have so much in common we often joke about whether we may have been siblings at birth separated into 2 different families to grow up. Lol! Now I’m the happiest man on earth, even with all the bad things we see everyday we still look at each other and smile. We have so much laughter in our lives, that’s what it takes for a happy marriage, laughter!

  14. I loved my job, almost every single day for 40 years. I couldn’t wait to get to work. Retired, and now I can’t wait to get on the road. Despite all the ups and downs of economy, people and crowded camp grounds it is still a good RVing life. Good then, good now

  15. While life is good. The out of control economy, price of gas plus the craziness in America.has but a crunch on life. Just got back from a 10 day camping trip which cost $500. for gas that two years ago would have cost half. Had to back off traveling to farmers markets due to the price of gas. Everything is going up drastically except our retirement pensions and investments.

    • Yep, Tom, I should have checked my warranty, as it seems to be running out on some of my parts too. lol I guess I should have looked into one of those extended warranties for my body. However, my “mechanic” has been able to keep this old classic running so far. Life has always been great, and still is. The old bod still runs, just a little slower than it used to. I shouldn’t have revved it past the red line when I was younger. Live n Learn n keep on Livin’.

  16. Ten years ago I was in a great job with numerous opportunities. Then along came Covid. I decided it was best that I retire. Also ten years ago we were RV traveling regularly. 3-4 week trips a couple times a year and regular trips in between. Then along came Covid, crowded campgrounds and people who would not observe minimal common sense protocol for safety and courtesy. Then came the turbulent 2017-2020 timeframe of political upheaval. Then the threat to democracy on Jan 6 2021. Left me wondering “what next”

  17. Considering the fact I was still working 50+ hours a week 10 years ago, I’m a whole lot happier now than I was then. I did love my job, but I love not getting up at 4:30 everyday so much more!

  18. I had to retire at 58 due to being injured on a job that I totally enjoyed. I am now 68 and have had 3 additional surgeries that I hope have finally fixed the problem. Satisfied with my life; no, if not for the injury I might be able to walk 1 mile without pain.


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