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How many pets travel with you in your RV?

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish! One dog, two cats, brown dog, white cat! Isn’t that how it goes?

Anyway, we know a lot of you (dare we say, most of you?) travel with pets in your RV. We run a pet of the day Monday-Saturday and we’re STILL sorting through submissions. You have a lot of pets!

But the question remains: How many pets travel with you in your RV? One dog? One cat? Two dogs? Two cats? Three dogs and three cats? A bird? A bunny? A lizard? Come on, tell us!


  1. My Abbey passed away 9 years ago, but still travels with me everyday no matter where I go. I had her cremated and bought an urn necklace to place some of her ashes. When I am gone, she will still be with me.

  2. Clicked five, but if it’s just a weekend at the State Park we only take our two dogs. The three cats can stay at home (we have security cameras, robot litter box and automatic feeders) for up to five days. However, we only leave them at home for three days max. All five of them love going in the RV, so when we take longer trips, they know the routine and have their spots to lay and look at the world go by.

  3. My little ol’ lady, Sweetie (10 years old) and my wild child, Cooper (6 months old). Both are dogs. Sweetie gets a little nervous when we’re on the road. Cooper just loves to ride.

  4. I don’t and the people that do are usually very rude don’t understand that some people are allergic or just down right afraid of dogs (bad experience as a child) I don’t want your dogs sniffing me, jumping on me, whining because the people that love them leave them in a hot rv all day alone. Or they take them everywhere including grocery stores and restaurants where they don’t belong! There used to be laws against these things I think they still are but people are just afraid to uphold them! Service animals are a whole nother story that people are taking advantage of! Oh and also please clean your dog hair out of the washer and dryer don’t you do that at home, why wouldn’t you do it at a public laundry!

  5. We started with 5 dogs. 4 small and one big. Big one passed away. Then had 4 for 3 years. Two passed last year. Now we have just two. They are great travelers. Love to greet people and get belly rubs.

  6. When I try to vote, it says I already voted but I hadn’t. We travel with our cat Cooper. Leashed if he ever wants to go outside but prefers to watch the world from inside the Moho.

  7. Shortly after getting our trailer a burglar left a tuxedo kitten in the house. (Burglary is an unpermitted entry. Theft is an additional charge. We didn’t have anything taken-just the kitten dropped off) We added him to the 3 adult housecats we traveled with. The 2 yard cats had a person come once daily to feed them. Then by the time the kitten was 1 yr old, he developed carsickness and would throw up or have diarrhea whenever we drove further than the vet’s office. During a no-camping year (both DH & I having cardiac issues) our oldest cat, whom we had raised on a bottle since he was 48 hrs old& dumped in our yard, died. Now we are 2 cats travelling and 3 yard cats being fed once a day by a petsitter. Our burglar cat is always happy to see us so he can get back in the house and the ever full bowls of dry food. I would miss my kitties if we went without them.

  8. For years it was just two dachshunds. Since November we’ve added the tenth generation of the same bloodline so now we have three. If campgrounds don’t accept three, we shrug it off and find one that does.


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