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Do you set an alarm in the morning to wake up?

Do you usually set an alarm on your phone or an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning? If so, do you set one every day or just sometimes? Just for special occasions? Or do you just wake up naturally every day and not need an alarm at all?

Oh, and in case you need a lot of help getting up in the morning, perhaps this will do

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21 days ago

I don’t set an alarm but my wife does so she can play pickleball

21 days ago

When I worked for a living, it seems that my day started at a different time every morning. So, I needed the alarm. Now though, I am retired, and as the saying goes, every day is Saturday. I no longer get up to an alarm. But I still don’t get to sleep in, our dog makes sure of that.

21 days ago
Reply to  Gary

Should have read the article earlier then I would have been first with the “dog alarm”! I got up to an alarm every day for over 40 years (Mon-Fri). I’m retired now and (except for early morning doctor appointments) I don’t use an alarm!!

21 days ago

Have ALWAYS needed an alarm and it has to be set clear across the room so I have to get out of bed to shut it off or if on the night stand, I can just shut it off in my sleep. I wish I was a person that would just wake up early in the AM. Before retirement I was on-call 24/7, so got used to getting sleep any time I could. To bed between 3 and 5 am and up between noon and 1:00 pm if there is no alarm. When we are on the road, we do however get out before check-out time. Used to have to be at work at 5:00 AM. The wife however, just needs to be up before the Chitown Cubs game starts.

21 days ago

I set an alarm for 8am daily. Otherwise I’d sleep until 11am much to the chagrin (and often wrath) of my wife.

Roy Davis
22 days ago

I will set an alarm when I have to be some place early, like at a repair facility, but am almost always awake and up before it goes off. I am an early riser.

Brian Burry
22 days ago

Not needed, Vada, our White and Orange American Brittany wakes us up ever so sweetly with a quiet little cry, at around 7:00 AM every morning!🐶. That is such a cute and gentle little wake-up, far less annoying than any alarm clock 😀

22 days ago

Maggie the Wonder Beagle usually wakes me around 7 but i’ll set an alarm when i MUST be up.

22 days ago

After 35 years of waking up to a screeching 4:45 AM alarm I refuse to set one now unless we have an early appointment or need to be up early for a road trip or catch a plane. Only a good reason will get me out of bed now before 8:00 AM.

Gary G
21 days ago
Reply to  Mary

Yep, us also, only for special appointments. Any worst I’m up by 8 DW is up by 9 or
10, but her working 10-12 hour shifts in the ER she has a right to rest.

22 days ago

Yes but it almost never wakes me up. I wake up early and turn it off.

22 days ago

No alarm now that we are retired, I do set a reminder for doctors appointment.

22 days ago

We have alarm cats. “Feed me now” is announced every morning.

Over Twenty years military service, I really don’t need or want an actual alarm. The World can wait for me.

Last edited 22 days ago by Tom
22 days ago

At home, most every day, but when we are on a trip in our motorhome, hardly ever.

Winnebago Bob
22 days ago

I’m retired. I had to set alarms for thirty-years to go to work. I only set one for doctors appointments or funerals!

Judith Roales
22 days ago

I don’t have to “set” it. My alarm clock jumps up on the bed, start’s combing my hair with her claws, and purrs sweet nothings in my ear. 5 a.m. sharp, everyday.

22 days ago

Even though I’m retired I set the alarm for 6AM, however I’m usually awake 15 minutes before it goes off. It took me almost a year to get use to sleeping in from my 4:30AM work time.

22 days ago

When I need to be someplace before 10 AM I set an alarm on my phone, then I have to remember to place it near me.

L Beal
22 days ago

This poll should specify if it is for the working or the retired.
By the results so far I’d guess most readers are retired and have no need for an alarm but there are still many of us that work 9-5 jobs from the RV, for whom an alarm is still needed.
There should be two separate polls for this question.

Debie Johnson
22 days ago

I only set an alarm if I have an early morning appointment. I also quit wearing a watch when I retired after 45 years as an RN.

22 days ago

If you have fur babies why do you need an alarm clock? Our buddies have been trained to get up at 0530 hrs, every day. On our days off and any other day mama and I can sleep in. Same routine every day. But we love em.

James LaGasse
22 days ago

I have a dog who wants out no later than 6am and once I wake up I can’t go back to sleep. If I have to be up early for something I will set an alarm for the extremely rare occasion the dog sleeps in but I haven’t needed it.

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