Saturday, June 3, 2023


Who cuts your hair?

During the pandemic, we bet a lot of you or your partners learned how to cut hair. It was hard not being able to go to a hair salon, wasn’t it? Perhaps some of your hairdos really suffered…

Now who cuts your hair most often? Do you cut it yourself? Does your spouse or another family member do it? Do you go to a friend? A professional hair salon or barber? Or, well, maybe you don’t have any hair to cut…

As always, thanks for voting.


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7 months ago

My wife started cutting mine many years ago. I was tired of wasting time going to barbers and waiting for a simple haircut. I like it short and it is thin on top anyway. 5 minutes and she is done and looks as good as any shop I went to; very simple haircut. I do not let her get near a straight razor though!

Thomas D
7 months ago

Just last week I went to a professional barber after 2? years of not cutting it. About halfway down my back. My wife braided it every morning. (Her choice) Finally tired of combing out the snarls. Won’t do that again, but I rather enjoyed it. saved a LOT of money.

Ron L
7 months ago

Normally i do use a barber; however, during 2020 and most of 2021, my wife of 56 years made a valiant attempt and for the most part did ok. That said, I always wore a hat in public… :>)

Jeff Craig
7 months ago

Some things should be left to the professionals.

Jeff Abrams
7 months ago

I bought a FLOW BEE during the pandemic. I have never gone back to barbers. You can see it on YOUTUBE.

Neal Davis
7 months ago

I cut my own hair. In order to save mone my father cut my hair until I went to college. I went to a barber a few times and to my mother’s beautician a few times through college. Once in graduate school I began cutting my own hair with scissors to save money. This continued until 10 or 12 years ago when I tired of nipping the backs of my fingers with scissors and bought a pair of electric clippers. I like being able to cut my hair as I want it without a lengthy discussion with the barber. I also like getting my hair cut at whatever time I choose even though it also requires me doing it.

Bill Fisher
7 months ago

For 50 years my wife has cut my hair except for maybe a half dozen times when I was still in the military. I tell her to just cut it however she wants to look at it.

7 months ago

My wife cuts my hair. Has done so for many years saving the $25 from the barber’s each month. After all its only hair.

Lisa Adcox
7 months ago

Use to be my husband who is a retired hairstylist. Now since his stroke I am growing out from short haircut but did use a stylist to trim it.

7 months ago

I cut my own hair. There must be at least 4 to 500 of them! I got tired of getting fleeced at the local Supercuts. To extend my chair time and justify the charge, whoever got me in their chair was the one who had to answer the phone, sign in new customers, etc. I bought an electric trimmer and have saved $$$ and oodles of time since.

Larry Boswell
7 months ago

My Wife has cut my hair since 1967. She buzzed it in 2000 and I’ve kept it that way ever since.

7 months ago

What little is still there, gets a trip to pro barber.
Old fashioned barbershop where everyone knows your name.

Tommy Molnar
7 months ago

Wifey cut my hair for over 30 years. Then I decided to find a real barber shop (not like Super Cuts) where men hang out and swap lies and generally BS amongst themselves. It’s a fun time out.

7 months ago

Flobee cuts my hair!

7 months ago
Reply to  Doug

Same here! Over 400 cuts over the years. Think how much that has saved!

7 months ago

My hair is extremely thick and now, silver or gray. Very difficult to cut leaving no gaps or layers. I have been using the same professional stylist/barber for many years.

Sheri Ken
7 months ago

There are multiple answers that weren’t taken into consideration.
DH, Professional Barbers. Except his hair grows quickly so I do trims in between. During hot – warmer weather, I cut DH hair to almost a Buz Cut.1 or 2 on the sides, back and on top a 3 because I like it more long. DH gets his way “sometimes” with a 2 all over. Especially while RVing.
My hair, it’s naturally curly and long. I don’t get it “cut” anymore. I will do a slight trim or shape perhaps once per year, myself.

Tom E
7 months ago

I cut it short in the spring, summer, fall. I have it cut in the winter.

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