Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Do you own a boat?


If you own an RV AND a boat, you’re one lucky sailor! Er, skipper? Er, captain? Whatever you are, you’re lucky!

Having a boat along with you on your RV travels, or just in general, can be such a wonderful way to see new places. Kayaking along the shores of beautiful alpine lakes… now that’s hard to beat! Or whale watching from your own fishing boat? Count us in!

Do you own a boat? If so, what kind? After you vote please leave a comment and tell us about your vote. And if you don’t own a boat, do you want one?

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Steven N
29 days ago

I used to own a bass boat, what a pain! My son introduced me to kayak fishing and I haven’t looked back.

Ed Thomas
29 days ago

Had a boat when we bought our first RV – a Minnie Winnie – and after a year, we had not even put the boat in the water – sold it and never looked back!

Thomas D
29 days ago

20 ft pontoon
Other than initial cost never spent a penny other than oil change and fuel
Keep it on a lift at my daughters. So no fees for storage
Better than camping because of work schedule, which will change in 2 years. Till then , don’t worry about reservations

Roy Davis
1 month ago

I was once told that boat stood for “Bust Out Another Thousand” but I don’t know that the same thing doesn’t apply to owning a diesel pusher. I have considered buying a bass boat for fishing but haven’t been fishing for years. My son-in-law however would love to have a boat that they could travel around the world on. To each their own.

Bill Coady
1 month ago

2- 18′ expedition sea kayaks
2- 10′ inexpensive fishing kayaks
1- 8′ old school river/white water kayak
Use all except the river/white water one regularly.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

I have an old 19′ Sea Breeze. It’s perfect for fishing and even folding the seats down for sleeping on overnight. I trailer it but haven’t used it in a few years.

1 month ago

Had a pontoon boat on the lake. Sold it a few years back after I was diagnosed with a cancer. Now when we get the urge we call the marina and rent one for a half day of full day. It`s a lot cheaper this way as rental on the marina slip was 1800. per year.

1 month ago

Our “boat” is an inflatable kayak, which the state counts as a watercraft requiring inspection.

Bob Gates
1 month ago

Inflatable kayak. Love it!

1 month ago

No I don’t own a boat and never want to, but I like friends who do who invite me along, the bigger the better.

Rick Edgar
1 month ago


David Stansbury
1 month ago

Pontoon boat for the family and friends on the lake, and fishing boat for the river.

Jim Johnson
1 month ago

The clan has a lakeside cottage with jointly owned canoes and rowboats. Paid for, no annual registrations, next to no maintenance. Darn near everything else represents a hole in the water into which you toss money. … well, I guess RVs aren’t that different. LOL

1 month ago

My wife and I each have a kayak. We also have bicycles, golf clubs, hiking gear, gardening equipment, a travel trailer ………. The unfortunate thing is that time is limited and we must choose what to do. We do not kayak very often.

Retired Traveling Teachers
1 month ago

We have two folding kayaks that work perfectly for us!

Tom H.
1 month ago

We have an inflatable kayak. Does that count?

Timothy Johnson
1 month ago

I have a kayak and i enjoy it as much as i can

1 month ago

No longer have a boat as I sold our 42 foot sailboat 20 years ago and bought our first motorhome. Now not happy with the current direction the campground reservation system is at and also going forward in the near future where the fuel issue will be. So we are thinking of getting another sailboat and will try to sell the MH before the market completely falls out! I think the most diesel we ever bought for the boat was about 75 gallons for the year and that was taking a summer trip from the Baltimore Maryland area to Newfoundland and back with plenty of stops and opportunities to run the engine!

1 month ago

I have two canoes and two kayaks (one kayak is inflatable). I spend an extended period of time in Florida on the Gulf and camp in a Lance 1475. There are way too many beautiful places to paddle and fish. Hooking a 26 inch snook while in a 12 foot kayak is a thrill ride! The canoe is so Bobby, my dog can come along while I’m paddling. The inflatable kayak is for the camper van. I use the camper van for “exploration trips”. Those trips are the kind of trip that I will be staying for a few nights, exploring the area at the campsite, and won’t leave the campsite.
Wish me luck with the camper van. I just bought a Ram ProMaster high top and it is now cleaned out and ready to start wiring and insulation.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Cindy

Good luck with the camper van, Cindy! Sounds like you lead a very interesting and adventuresome life. Way to go! Have a great day. 😀 –Diane

1 month ago

12′ fishing boat, 9.9 up plus kayaks. Part of that hunting and fishing life.