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When RVing, how often do you cook food over a campfire?


Oh, come on. Is camping even fun without a campfire? Right, right. I forgot. Some of us hardly “camp” anymore. Plus, who wants to take the time to make the fire and spend hours cooking over it… the smoke in your eyes, the “hangry” drooling family members…

Oh, wait… that’s part of “camping!” And guess what? It’s still fun! Well, we think so, at least.

When you’re RVing, how often do you cook over a campfire? Once a week? Once a month? Rarely? Never?

After you vote, please share your favorite campfire recipes with us in the comments. And if you’re thinking about cooking your Thanksgiving turkey over a campfire, here’s a great video about how to do so. Enjoy!

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Roy Davis
15 days ago

I have been camping for 60+ years so I grew up when every thing was cooked over a campfire. I learned to cook over a fire at a young age and enjoy it. However we have encountered so many fire bans over the past 10 years it has become a lot less frequent.

Dennis Johnson
15 days ago

I really like chicken pieces cooked on an adjustable tripod grill over Birch embers (not flaming wood). Tried it once by accident. The campground had birch firewood instead of pine as is often the case. Now I try to find birch if possible. Otherwise I use lump charcoal.

Last edited 15 days ago by Dennis Johnson
Russ Warren
15 days ago

Well I cook on a open fire every time I go camping ! I even got a fire ring at home just to cook on ! 1great tip for all have your Bacon cut thick and put it over the open flame ! ITS FANTASTIC ! Use any of the hardwood ! You’ll never have it any other way !

Deborah Mason
15 days ago

We carry a Cobb charcoal grill. I don’t want pine or fir “stuff” in my food. I I have alder or another cooking/smoking wood, that’s a different story.

Leslie Smith
16 days ago

Never, when camping we keep meals as simple as we can. We use a small gas grill to cook most meats.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
16 days ago

Does a marsh mellow count ?

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
16 days ago

I don’t think so, Kurt. That’s probably why they put at the top of the poll “Don’t count marshmallow roasting.” 😆 Have a great day and a terrific Thanksgiving. 😀 –Diane

Michal Vorkapich
16 days ago

So far the places we have traveled have had a burn ban. And those that don’t have a burn ban require purchasing wood on-site, which is not seasoned and causes a lot of smoke. Sometimes I grill outside on my small propane grill. But mostly inside.

Jeff Arthur
16 days ago

years ago carried large deck box full of clean seasoned oak ,apple ,cherry & hickory. Did breakfast & dinner every day. Due to laws made by people that caused the diseases to come to our forests I changed to charcoal

16 days ago

Gee we’ve been cooking over a campfire ever since we started camping in 1969! I mean our whole group did it, but at that time no one had campers to cook in! {LOL}. Not only was it fun the camaraderie was just awesome! Wasn’t till 1999 that we got our Winnebago motor home, but we still cooked over the camp fire, unless it was just too windy or raining! Today we have a Forest River 2016 diesel, usually have hook ups, but still cook over the fire if there aren’t any fire restrictions.

16 days ago

So many places we have been traveling have burn bans. Then, of course, if fires are allowed, we need to purchase local wood which never seems to be cured. I cannot stand the smoke. And we do not need to be contributing to campground pollution or fire danger. We have a gas fire pit but have decided we do not really need a fire to enjoy camping. Therefore I occasionally use cast iron over charcoal ( on my special table), a Blackstone, or a butane burner— or (more often) the kitchen in the trailer.

Robert Champlin
16 days ago

What happened to the link to see voting results?

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
15 days ago

Sorry, Robert. When the poll was set up, the person doing it inadvertently didn’t check that option. It’s been checked now. In any case, the results will show after a person votes. But we’re supposed to check the box to allow anyone to see the results even if they don’t vote. Have a great day, and a terrific Thanksgiving. 😀 –Diane

16 days ago

I never cook over a fire because I don’t think FIRES should be allowed anywhere!!!

16 days ago

When RVing, never. When camping, every day.

16 days ago

I never cook over a fire….not counting the occasional S’more.

My adult daughter, on the other hand, loves to cook all kinds of things…even pizza and cookies…over a camp fire for her family. We camp with them two times per year so get to share in the feast.

Timothy Johnson
16 days ago

We cook at least one thing over a fire every night

Last edited 16 days ago by Timothy Johnson
Neal Davis
16 days ago

Never. We rarely make a fire when traveling/camping. I guess our annual number of campfires fluctuates between one and two (over an estimated 50 nights annually). Our cooking over one has steadily held at none over the same time period — 6 years and counting.

16 days ago

Never, The smoke will put me into a coughing fit!

Joe Allen
16 days ago

In over 9 years of full time living, have never even started a fire let alone cooked over one. Now, when I was in the cub scouts and boy scouts, yes, but not since full time RVing!

Ann Pullin
16 days ago

We cook most of our meals over an open fire, its part of the fun of being out there. I learned how to use my cast iron Dutch oven for baking from the Boy Scouts website, and that really increased our options – think meatloaf, pineapple upside down cake, giant chocolate chip cookies. The meal prep is fun and you can socialize while dinner cooks! I highly recommend it.

16 days ago

Cooking our food over the camp fire is one of the things we like most about camping! We do it every time we camp. LOVE it!!

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