Saturday, December 10, 2022


Truck owners: How important was good gas/diesel mileage to your purchase?


Nowadays it would seem silly for someone to buy a vehicle without looking to see what its gas mileage is like. Who wants to buy a gas or diesel hog? Not us! And especially not with the current fuel prices. Yikes!

For you truck owners, when you bought your truck, how important was getting good gas/diesel mileage? Did it affect your purchase? Are you pleased with the gas/diesel mileage it gets? (Well, hey, anything looks great up against RV gas/diesel mileage.) Feel free to answer those questions in the comment section below the poll.

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Richard Hughes
17 days ago

Switching from a Ford V10 to diesel, I didn’t give it much thought. I knew I would get better mileage and even with the added cost of diesel, I came out ahead.

Leslie Smith
17 days ago

It is always important. In reality you are not going to see great fuel mileage with the weights we haul. It seems to me if you can get ten miles per gallon with gas you are doing great. That goes up or down with size. There is a wider difference with diesel. It too depends on size. You can pretty much know going in what you can expect. Of course terrain has a lot to do with fuel mileage too.

17 days ago

More Power! Hey hey hey

Jeff A
17 days ago

Mileage matters as range is increased. So fuel capacity x mileage = distance. Getting fuel in 55 foot rig is not convenient .

17 days ago

Towing capacity, safety then comfort. You can equate mpg in using a tow vehicle are all average of 2-3 mpg from one another.

17 days ago

Towing mileage was not a big concern. Daily driving did have a lot to do with what I wanted. I knew the MPG would drop with the trailer behind me. It ended up being about half of what my daily driving was. Not a big concern.

17 days ago

I’m dragging a house down the road. Purchasing based on fuel consumption would be absurd. All vehicles will use virtually the same amount of BTU to drag the same house.

Steven N
17 days ago

Towing capacity was the most important thing when looking for our truck. You don’t drive these beasts for their fuel economy!

T & S
17 days ago

Safety and stability to pull our 43 ft toy hauler were priority for us. We knew what we were getting for mileage.

17 days ago

We knew the miles per gallon wouldn’t be wonderful on our F250, we were more interested in the towing capacity.

17 days ago

You should always purchase equipment (Tow Vehicle) to do the job properly and safely first and foremost.

IF the operational costs (Fuel in this situation) of that piece of equipment will be a burden to YOU then YOU cannot afford to own/operate that piece of equipment. Pretty simple!

“But I Want It! I Deserve It”

Those most famous words of BROKE PEOPLE all across the USA!

In many situations “Buying That High Dollar” item is the EASY PART!

It’s that “Owning That High Dollar Item” part of the equation that is the EXPENSIVE part!

A concept that BROKE PEOPLE never understand.

Maybe that’s why they are ALWAYS BROKE!

Last edited 17 days ago by bull
17 days ago
Reply to  bull

Agreed. The TV is teaching the absurb notion that everyone who qualifies deserves what they offer, regardless of merit and often made avialable thru government subsidy.

17 days ago
Reply to  bull

Yes, there is a difference between having the money to buy something and being able to afford it.

Bob p
17 days ago

BBB when gas was $2 a gallon cheaper it didn’t weigh on my mind that much, now it does. We just traded the Nissan Frontier at 12-13 mpg in on a Toyota Camry hybrid getting 52mpg in town and 47.8 on the interstate at 75 mph.

Leonard Rempel
17 days ago

Towing capacity and safety, period. My Chevy 3500 dually diesel pulls our 35′ fifth wheel like it wasn’t there. Too many 3/4 tons towing on the extreme limit. Don’t do it folks!

17 days ago
Reply to  Leonard Rempel

I agree, towing capacity and safety.

17 days ago

Mileage was certainly a concern when I bought present diesel. But all in all towing capacity and reliability mattered more.