Thursday, February 2, 2023


Do you plan to ski this winter?

Skiing is a wonderful activity for RVers. Skis are small and flat, so you can store them pretty much anywhere. They’re not bulky like other sporting accessories. Now, the only issue is getting the rig up the snowy mountains to the ski resorts…

Do you plan to ski this winter? If so, will it be downhill skiing or cross-country skiing? A few members of our staff love to ski – maybe they’ll see you on the slopes!


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Steven N
2 months ago

No way; the water is too cold for that! 😉

Jeff Craig
2 months ago

Haven’t been able to ski in two decades. Maybe if the VA approves me getting new knees, I’ll try doing it again.

2 months ago

Been skiing for over 60 years and living in ski country at 82 guess we will continue. Mostly back country, cross country not much alpine downhill, too crowded, different clientele now. Results of poll tell a lot about readers of the newsletter!

2 months ago
Reply to  Peter

Forgot to mention lots of Snow Fat Biking also.

2 months ago

Your title, :”Do you plan to ski this winter?” did not take into consideration those of us in Florida who have that liquified stage of snow. We ski on water down here. I say WE, but I do not mean ME. I did ski a couple of times in Illinois and Wisconsin 64 years ago, and it was DOWN HILL the entire way, for me. Put me on ice skates and I was pretty good.

Leslie Smith
2 months ago

No, those days are past.

George B
2 months ago

Living in a ski resort, adjacent to a major ski resort, I skied my first 50 years ….. then I got old. Besides, boarders mostly ruined the downhill skiing resorts. Much different crowd.
But I did manage to teach my kids and grandkids to ski.

Last edited 2 months ago by George B
2 months ago

Remember Wide World of Sports? “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” as the guy tumbles off the side of the ski jump…and I’m still downhill and cc skiing.

2 months ago

Skied Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington and Oregon. Loved the sport but hung up the poles about 10 years ago before we needed to join the “Broken Bones Club”. Miss the hot spiced wine.

2 months ago

We skied for several years when our 2 sons were kids and we were younger. We haven’t skied now for many years and still miss it but it has gotten way too expensive and at our age we can’t take the chance of hurting ourselves. Sport activities simply have to stop at a certain age, that’s one of the reasons we got into rving 20 yrs ago.

Neal Davis
2 months ago

I had a snow skiing class my freshman year in college (winter of 1976). That is the only time I’ve gone skiing.

Gary G
2 months ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Yep, I was ahead of you by 6 years.

2 months ago

When I was in High School, we used to ski almost every weekend. That was until I had on mishap because of another skier crossing in front of me while going down a steep slope. When I tried to avoid hitting him, I seriously crashed and burned injuring my back. Ski patrol had to bring me down the mountain. Nothing broken, but months of rehab. I still have pain from that accident.

Kaeleen Buckingham
2 months ago

I’m a Colorado native and still live in Colorado and to a lot of people’s disbelief I do not ski.

Wayne Caldwell
2 months ago

Haven’t been skiing in almost 72 years. Don’t plan to start now.

Terry Colquhoun
2 months ago

Water sking should have been a choice.

2 months ago

I don’t believe in going that fast out ofcontrol. Think Sonny Bono. No thanks.

2 months ago

I skied for 50+ years and was level 3 PSIA (Professional Ski Instructor of America) for many of those years. I met my wife skiing and she was certified with the National Ski Patrol (NSP). I would teach people to fall and she would scrape them up! Our children grew up skiing starting at about 2 years old and still ski. We have hung up the skis for the traveling to the warmth and sunshine. However, if circumstances change and we end up staying home for the winter I would dust them off. My wife had both knees replaced so it would be just me, all alone on the chairlift. I do miss the thrill!

Gene Bjerke
2 months ago

Being of Norwegian extraction and coming from Wisconsin, it’s weird that I never learned to ski.

2 months ago

I would cross country ski in northern Michigan before we decided to spend our winters in the warmth. Should we go back for some unknown reason, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Joe Allen
2 months ago

I was always a big down hill skier and really miss the sport but have not skied now in about 15 years. Wife does not like the cold or skiing, so guess the answer is no for now!

2 months ago

Used to do a fair amount of skiing a few decades ago, now golf!

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