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How many years in a row did you work at the same job at the same company?

What’s the longest you’ve ever worked at the same job/company? How many years was it? Did you work there for five years or less? 10 years or less? 20 years? 30 years? More than 50?! (Wow!)

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in January 2022, the median employee tenure at jobs for women was 3.8 years. For men, it was 4.3 years. The median employee tenure was higher among older working adults than younger ones.

Tell us how many years in a row you worked at your longest job. Feel free to leave a comment saying what that job was if you feel like sharing.

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Bob Weinfurt (@guest_218703)
10 months ago

I had a repair shop / used car sales business for 35 years.

TexasScout (@guest_217084)
10 months ago

10 years at an Electric wireline company (logging and perforating oil/gas wells), 15 years each at two different Oil Field Instrumentation Companies. Actually this March will be my 15th year at the second one. A true “Mom and Pop” business as the daughter, son in law, granddaughter, wife of the owner all work there. I love what I do and who I do it for. I plan to retire in two years and do, what else, RVing!

Roy Davis (@guest_216844)
10 months ago

I spent 31+ years at the same company but not the same job. I worked my way up the chain.

scott (@guest_216834)
10 months ago

15 yrs in big pharma…left to begin a career that would really matter. 11 years as a physician assistant now in cancer treatment and going to complete my career there in 4 yrs with retirement

Dave Williams (@guest_216783)
10 months ago

20+ years one place, Two partners left and started their own firm. Joined them a few years later and worked with them 20+ years, so 40+ years with those 2 particular people.

Gordon Herrmann (@guest_216782)
10 months ago

30-40 missing. I answered 40-50 but actually 35

Lindalee (@guest_216780)
10 months ago

Same State Agency for 20+ years but only in the same JOB for 10 years!

Jerome Friedman (@guest_216779)
10 months ago

What happened to 30 – 40? I’m 37 years

Jeanne (@guest_216778)
10 months ago

hubs is over 70 and we still farm. So he has worked at that for more than 60 yrs.

Last edited 10 months ago by Jeanne
Bill (@guest_216776)
10 months ago

31 years and still in the same position same place. I have been the Senior Pastor at this one church.

kat (@guest_216775)
10 months ago

Same company for 23 years, several different jobs/promotions. Last one was for 13 years, then I retired..
My husband was self-employed for those 23 years (plus one more year), until he retired.

T. Hudson (@guest_216774)
10 months ago

Operated my own company for 33 years. Drove buses for another 12 to get to retirement. Mostly enjoyed both.

Larry (@guest_216773)
10 months ago

My first job was 9 years in management. Then I went into business for myself and never looked back. I just retired last April after a great 44 years. Working for myself was the best no time clock to sign in or out. I was paid for the work I did not for the time I put in.

Dan (@guest_216771)
10 months ago

42 years. Fast paced, long hours, very technical.
I don’t miss it. Still have friends from there though.

Jim (@guest_216766)
10 months ago

32 Years on a railroad

Paul Schwengel (@guest_216764)
10 months ago

36, owned or was a partner in a sales rep agency

Left Coast Geek (@guest_216763)
10 months ago

20 years and about 6 months, that to wind down my department which was being eliminated.

Ramonmilam (@guest_216762)
10 months ago

40 years and 1 day. That 1 day added $50 a month to my retirement.

Carla (@guest_216760)
10 months ago

Over 57 years with the same employer and I’m still here. We have a family owned lumber yard and hardware store and I started dusting shelves at 5yrs old (my choice!). I have been in management since 1984 and am now President. I love my job. My fifth wheel is parked behind the store and is used as my lunch room when we aren’t traveling.

Rich (@guest_216759)
10 months ago

i had 35-yrs working in public safety with the majority in communications. the longest single stretch with the same employer was 17+ years with a regional 9-1-1 call center.

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