Friday, March 24, 2023


Have you ever replaced any of the furniture in your RV?

Replacing the furniture in your RV can be a great idea if:

  • Your furniture is no longer comfortable or is worn, torn, or stained
  • Your furniture no longer suits your needs
  • Your RV furniture is dated
  • You want to sell your RV and give it a new design look
  • Or a combo of any or all of the above!

Replacing your RV’s furniture may seem like a big task, but once you get started we know it will be so worth it. It’s not as hard as it seems!

Have you ever replaced any of the furniture in your RV? We’re talking big pieces here like your bed, your dinette, couch, chairs, etc. If so, please tell us about it in the comments below today’s poll. We’re curious!


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Peg N
27 days ago

We replaced the sofa and loveseat in our brand new Solitude with a Lazy Boy Loveseat and two swivel-rocker recliners. Very comfortable year around. RV furniture is not comfortable.

Cheri Sicard
1 month ago

Replaced the captain’s chairs in my old Class B and reupholstered everything in my current TT (does that count?).

Tom Macfarlane
1 month ago

Replaced one recliner, and had the other recovered (the old recliner was more comfortable) and had dining chairs recovered with more padding. This was after 8 years of moderate use.

Roy Davis
1 month ago

I didn’t even consider the mattress because RV mattresses are crap. I have replaced couches and rebuilt a bed. I did the bed to add reinforcement.

1 month ago

We bought used. First to go was mattress 4 months in, changed to Sleep Number because we had one for 15 years in the sticks n bricks. About a year later we ditched the sofa, we never liked it and it was worn, no replacement. The next year we replaced the recliners which we liked but were 6 years old. Then we replaced them again because the new ones were crap (full refund). Right now we’re waiting for delivery on the wife’s new Lazy Boy. Pretty sure there will be another Lazy Boy after that, but we have to wait until we’re in another long term spot, unless we get lucky and find a store that has what we want in stock. Custom orders can take up to two months. I left out the recliners we ordered but never unboxed because of color.

1 month ago

Sorta~ replaced the booth foam cushions for much firmer ones. Should have done it years ago…

1 month ago

Remodel in 2017. 17 years full time. 2 sofas; both cockpit chairs; dinette; counter tops; floor. NIGHTMARE of an ordeal.

Deborah Mason
1 month ago

No, but … Our first class A was a disaster. We bought it cheap, sight unseen. Husband’s uncle had assured his sister (husband’s mom) it was in great shape, just couldn’t be smog certified in CA, where it was located. We bought it. Turned out ANYTHING that had broken/failed had been removed. Black tank & dump valve. A barrel chair. Etc. The list of issues turned into a “higher education” in RV maintenance, repair, ownership ….

Marie Beschen
1 month ago

We replaced the whole booth style dinette with a buffet, table and chairs; replaced kitchen shelves with a slide out style shelf; changed the mattress; changed all the window treatments and changed all the flooring from carpet to hardwood throughout.

Thomas D
1 month ago

Mattress,hide a bed ,swivel rocker and the foam in all the cushions. What a waste. If I ever bought another rv, id order without furniture if possible instead of contributing to some landfill. PURE JUNK.

Stu Mathison
1 month ago

We only replaced the mattress with a Sleep Number mattress.

1 month ago
Reply to  Stu Mathison

same here, donated the queen mattress and sleep like a baby. Use a Jackery for the pump since we dry camp

Neal Davis
1 month ago

No furniture replacement on a 2016 MH we bought new in July 2016 and traded in July 2022. Ditto for the 2022 MH we bought new in July 2022. We have met many RVers over the years who have replaced furniture or cabinets. One day we may as well, but we are far short of doing do now.

Paul Schwengel
1 month ago

replaced slippery, uncomfortable theater seats in our 316RLS with fabric covered recliners from Target.
Big improvement, sold replaced theater seats in a day on FB

Cheryl Robinson
1 month ago

Our dining table was on a pedestal. It wobbled all the time. Took apart and back together numerous times didn’t fix it. Went garage sales and found table works perfect. Also we had a HUGE sofa with king size bed inside. Never used it. Took sofa out and made a craft area for myself. Opened up our living area. We love it!

Jim Johnson
1 month ago

Temporary change out… Removed one recliner and put into storage. In its place I created a full featured micro office complete with dual monitors, video conferencing, desktop keyboard, mouse and printer/scanner. Plus my own robust internet connection. I was still working full-time our first two years of seasonal RVing.

When I retired, the recliner was restored and I substantially downsized my computing footprint.

However the crap fake leather on living area furniture is looking shabby and we plan on either reupholstering with a good fabric or replacing the furniture. What I am finding is the same size furniture used by the RV manufacturer is next to impossible to find. The retail catalogs for the RV furniture manufacturer only list larger sizes (which won’t fit) – and yet a recent trip to an RV Expo shows the same sized furniture pieces are still in common use by RV manufacturers.

1 month ago

Table and booth seats became table & chairs and moved them to back of trailer (were in slide out). Uncomfortable sleeper couch became 2 person reclining love seat in slide out (couch was in slide out). Took out a cupboard we didn’t use next to slide out. Put in shoe cubby/shelves and counter top for radio/iPod player, books, etc. Did lots of remodeling in our 2006 Four Winds travel trailer!

1 month ago

Didn’t change any furniture out, but we did replace the crappy foam in the dining chairs with a quality product. Now we are no longer sitting on the springs! Even higher end RV’s are built so cheap, that these modifications are necessary for us.

1 month ago

We replaced our wall mounted, slideout dining table with a found dropleaf table that allows us to comfortably seat four without banging elbows. We also replaced a child-size jacknife bed/sofa with two power recliners in our Holiday Rambler motorhome.

Dennis K
1 month ago

While I haven’t replaced any furniture I have modified the drivers and passengers seat positions to suit my needs.

Sarah Miller
1 month ago

Replaced the “plastic leather” rockers with lazyboys and WE reupholstered the L shaped sofa with a better fabric! Now its perfect!

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