Friday, June 2, 2023


How often do you cook outside (grill, BBQ, campfire cooking, etc.)?

Cooking outside, whether it’s on a small camping stove, a big grill, a BBQ, or over a campfire, is something that goes hand-in-hand with camping and RVing. Oh, and how could we forget those deluxe outdoor kitchens some RVs have these days?

How often do you cook outside? Every night? Once a week? A few times a year? Never? After you vote in today’s poll, tell us how and what you usually cook outside. Come on, go ahead and make us hungry (we’re already hungry so it won’t be hard!).


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2 months ago

The first time we went out it was all indoors. After that is has all been outside, except for one or two side dishes.

Neal Davis
2 months ago

I grill steaks, burgers, or chicken at least monthly, so “sometimes.”

Last edited 2 months ago by Neal Davis
2 months ago

We use the bbq most every day, cooking meals outside…steak, chicken, pork chops, fish, burgers, veggies, dinner rolls…whatever! We use the microwave/convection oven when preparing breakfast & occasionally when the weather is unfavorable for bbq’ing. We don’t use the stove but we have a single burner induction cooktop that works well.

Diane M
2 months ago

I always cook outside. Cooking odors linger inside the camper for hours – can’t sleep well when we can smell those odors!

2 months ago

good ole coleman stove

Roy Davis
2 months ago

When we’re in the RV, a lot but not so much at our home base. As I grow older I tend to be less willing to BBQ but give me a campfire and I will show-off my skills. Anybody can cook on a grill but a true pioneer can cook almost anything over or in a fire. I have cast iron cookware older than a lot of campers we encounter. 😁

Jeff Craig
2 months ago

Rarely. We mainly do weekend camping, so we are either finishing off leftovers or we eat out when wo are at the Drive-in or a Casino. When we stay somewhere longer than a week, particularly in Eastern Washington, I’ll often set up our outside canopy as a portable kitchen. My two AC units are cranking hard enough to cool our rig, so cooking everything outside early in the day makes sense.

Rosalie Magistro
2 months ago

I love my Trager. I cook anything on it. I do cook in the rig also

2 months ago

With the exception of heating water, I have never cooked a meal on the stove in my motor home. I do all cooking outside… if I wanted to clean the kitchen I’d stay home. Even at home more than 50% of our meals are cooked on the large grill which has 2 side burners.

Pat D
2 months ago

Meat portion of the meal as often as possible. Gets hubby involved while I’m doing the rest. Also love foil packs that makes clean up so easy.

2 months ago

80% of the time weather dictating most of the 20%. And just cooking the RV can be messy and the cooking smell lingers on way to long for me. Brewing coffee is the biggest thing happening the RV.

Steven N
2 months ago

Originally I was thinking “All the time!” but upon reflection I ended up selecting “Pretty often”. We try to cook outside most of the time so as to not heat up the camper. My wife loves the smell of bacon cooking but not the smell that lingers after the fact. I really like cooking on the griddle because you can be cooking several things at one time making things go quicker and they are ready all at the same time if you plan things well. I have a small smoker that we really like to take along with us and I think there is nothing better than burgers cooked over an open wood fire!
But, sometimes the bugs are out in full force or you just don’t feel like being outside in the heat. If we are out doing the tourist thing we will prepare something for the crockpot to cook all day so that it’s ready when we return.

Last edited 2 months ago by Steven N
Bob p
2 months ago

Don’t like bugs in my food, you never know where that fly was walking around before it flew to your plate and started walking on your food. I did that many years ago in Vietnam where the outdoor toilets were within flying distance of the mess hall. I didn’t think much about it then as I do now. Yuck!

Jim Johnson
2 months ago

Camping, picnicking or at the sticks & bricks, we often use an outdoor cooking system … wood, charcoal, gas and we even have an electric unit.

2 months ago

While camping, we very seldom cook outside except for some quick meals. We do carry a portable propane grill for things like hamburgers and the occasional steak. No reason to stink up the trailer. Most are pre-cooked meals that we just pop into the microwave. Probably 75% of our meals are while we are out sightseeing. Mom and Pop diners are our favorites. Always leftovers for the next day or so.

2 months ago

We live in Florida so in the warm season it does not matter if we are home or in the RV we cook outside in our outdoor kitchen which I consider an essential. In the winter in the RV I cook breakfast to help warm up the RV.

2 months ago
Reply to  Sherry

When out in the RV: coffee and tea in the morning. Maybe hot soup with cold sandwiches for lunch. Dinners in a good local restaurant, outside on a propane stove, on a charcoal grill or in a smoker for the evening meal.

Carl W
2 months ago

I am guessing this question pertains to RVing, not when at home. The only time I (we) don’t cook outside is when it is raining. And on those occasions, we either prepare meals in the microwave or support the local restaurant owners. Neither one of us likes cooking in a relatively small area. It is camping, isn’t it?

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